NY Post Pokes Fun at Derek Jeter's Weight: Is He Out of Shape?

Sports 2012/12/01 19:49:27
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The New York Post is known for its unique and outrageous headlines that spare no celebrity. The latest celeb to be targeted in a negative New York Post headline was New York Yankees shortstop and top baseball star Derek Jeter. The New York Post cover featured the athlete walking in South Beach with the headline "Derek Eater," poking fun at the Yankees team captain's recent weight gain.

The publication also called him "Captain Munch." Yankees general manager Brian Cashman says he doesn't believe Jeter is currently out of shape, but if he was, the team shouldn't be worried because he's Derek Jeter and his track record proves he'll be in shape come baseball season. It should be noted that even if Jeter is out of shape, it's not like he can do much exercising just yet.

Baseball fans will remember that Jeter broke his ankle in Game 1 of the American League Championship Series, which helped put the Yankees in an even bigger tailspin, before their eventual elimination from the playoffs. Since then, Jeter has been recovering and can't workout until his ankle gets close to 100-percent. Yankee fans might worry though after this past season's disappointment and because of the fact that Jeter isn't exactly a youngster anymore at age 38.

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  • DavidK 2012/12/05 15:41:05 (edited)
    Roy Nelson is one of the best UFC fighters in the world. I guess a few extra pounds isn't going to hurt Jeter either!




    Babe Ruth wasn't the thinnest either, but look at where it got him.

  • codie.paul 2012/12/05 04:20:44
    I dont think so. I think he is just getting old. And maybe he could do some more exercising but not too much. And maybe he shouldnt go for plays that werent playable to begin with that resulted in him getting injured and taken out for the season. Look forward to seeing him back next season though. He has always been my favorite Yankee and player.
  • wamcalif 2012/12/05 03:40:57
    So what, it's the off season. He's an adult.
  • Ravenna Nepenthe 2012/12/04 21:38:34
    Ravenna Nepenthe
    He's a professional baseball player, how could he be out of shape? Just another proof that people always criticize others just because they're better (at something) than they are.
  • moiraregis 2012/12/04 21:17:23
    he is an injured athlete who can't move around enough yet because his injuries are still healing and impeding his movement. people tend to gain a little weight when this happens, particularly when they've been used to working out five or six hours a day when intact. leave him alone, all who delight in making fun of him; he wasn't put on this on earth just to be a baseball-playing machine. he has delighted me as a player for many years now, and he doesn't owe me, or any other fan, a thing. he's given me thrills, a peek at grace under pressure, an ever seemly way of conducting himself and an otherworldly relationship with the mysteries and intricacies of a fine sport. all while being extremely cute! Now leave him be!
  • sokoyah 2012/12/04 17:57:59
    not to me
  • ready46xwu 2012/12/04 11:28:57
  • Gingah Bread 2012/12/04 11:24:53
    Gingah Bread
    NY has terrible fans. This is the star player on the Yankees, playing since the 90's, and they make fun of him. Good job guys, you hit a new low.
  • moiraregis Gingah ... 2012/12/04 21:19:45
    hey, include me out of that group of lowlifes; i think derek jeter is a good person and a great baseball player, who knows that the game is bigger than he is; I'm a lifelong NYer and i don't believe in kicking people when they're down--
  • Dick Nixon 2012/12/04 11:22:40
    Dick Nixon
    I think so. He and his employer has let his reputation do his workouts. Reputation only goes for so many years in sports. Age sets in and you cant just be as active coming off of the couch...
  • moiraregis Dick Nixon 2012/12/04 21:22:23
    hey, dick [good name choice, ahem]: the guy shattered his ankle on the field; i'm sure he has never slacked off his workouts and works out even now, albeit with a physical therapist; you plainly don't know what you're talking about; age happens to everyone, so stop using it as a weapon to attack a man you're obviously jealous of--
  • Dick Nixon moiraregis 2012/12/06 10:34:27
    Dick Nixon
    Wow do you always call people names? whats up bud? You didnt get enough hugs when you were little? Daddy beat you? i am sure you are one of those that got beat up a lot and you resort to the internet with keyboard courage. You are a real piece of work.
  • Tom Dick Nixon 2012/12/04 22:38:14
    When 740 plate appearances, 99 runs scored, 216 hits, 32 doubles, and 15 home runs is a sign of getting old we'll all be happy to become a senior citizen.
  • Dick Nixon Tom 2012/12/06 10:35:41
    Dick Nixon
    Face it... He is getting older and a little slower... Grow old gracefully...
  • disclaimer 2012/12/04 06:14:57
    But come on--it's the New York Post we're talking about.
  • Dick Nixon disclaimer 2012/12/06 10:41:39
    Dick Nixon
    Its New York's population in general... You take any pro team in New York and if that teams leader has a bad couple games, the fans are screaming for the backup; ie TEBOW... Its the New York attitude... No patience in that city what so ever... Another prime example is The Giants... tom Coughlin won 2 Superbowls and both of those years after a few losses the Giants fans and office were ready to fire coach and this guy will end up in the hall of fame for his accomplishments in New York...
  • disclaimer Dick Nixon 2012/12/06 14:50:04
    That's not New York, that's any big city.
  • Dick Nixon disclaimer 2012/12/07 20:22:50
    Dick Nixon
    I live in Indianapolis and really its not like like that...
  • disclaimer Dick Nixon 2012/12/08 07:54:54
  • Dick Nixon disclaimer 2012/12/09 17:37:30 (edited)
    Dick Nixon
    Cleveland huh? Ive been there many times. Indianapolis is much bigger... Indy is in the top 15 to 20 of the biggest cities in the USA... Cleveland, LoL... Indianapolis is a huge market in sports... The Colts (Peyton Manning put them on the map when he was there), The Indianapolis 500 is the most prestige Indy League race there is with the Brickyard 400 following probably the Daytona 500... The Pacers... Not a big Market? You are just a hater... Where does the NFL hold its combine every year??? Let me help you... The answer is Indianapolis... Where have the NCAA final four been held more times than I remember??? Indianapolis... Keep telling yourself that... I have to laugh again... Cleveland, LoL... You were joking right?
  • disclaimer Dick Nixon 2012/12/09 21:38:48
    No, I wasn't. Remember what happened when LeBron went to the Heat?
  • Dick Nixon disclaimer 2012/12/10 11:27:15
    Dick Nixon
    Yes I do. All of Cleveland hated him and he got his ring 2 years later. Face it "Cleveland" is not a big market. Lebron went there because it was his hometown and that's what he wanted. Figuring Cleveland would have built a better team around him and never did. They were always a piece or two away from being champs but just didn't have the pull. He had every right to go to Miami. 9 years and no ring with a man of his caliber deserves at least one ring. Just like the Pacers. Reggie went all those years with no ring. The Pacers had the team to go all the way. Especially if the would have ever gotten home court advantage during the Jordan years. Neither Chicago or Indiana could win a playoff game on the road. Now the year 2000 when the Pacers played the Lakers in the finals, that was over before it ever started. No one was going to beat young Kobe Bryant and a young Shaq. Just wasn't going to happen. I think the NBA should make it more fair by saying "you can't stack teams". It gets boring watching the Lakers, Miami, and the Celts dominate. This is why the NFL made changes way back when the NFC doominated about every year. Its kaos.
  • disclaimer Dick Nixon 2012/12/14 01:31:35
    Cleveland is still a fairly large city by midwestern standards. I completely support LeBron's decision to leave the Cavaliers--they couldn't give him the support he needed to get his ring. My point is that any big city will be heavily scrutinizing of their sports stars.
  • Claudia 2012/12/04 05:31:46
  • rocker1446 2012/12/04 05:29:53
    He is aging. That doesn't mean he is out of shape.
  • Dick Nixon rocker1446 2012/12/20 10:36:08
    Dick Nixon
    Yes I know but the older you get, the harder "LIFE" in general gets. Body parts tend to malfunction. Trust me I am 43 years old and I walk or jog at least 10 miles per day. It was easy when I started doing it at 21 years old but if you relax a little too much in your 40s, It gets harder to get back into shape. I am still trying to get back where I was and its very difficult. So I will end this reply with words of wisdom. "If you rest, you rust"... Its hard to shake off the rust in your 40s. Why do you think most NBA or NFL stars retire between 38 and 40. Larry Bird is a prime example. Too many jet rides, jet lag, and a bad back...
  • rocker1446 Dick Nixon 2012/12/20 16:21:19
    I couldn't agree more. I was just saying that he isn't necessarily out of shape. Rather, his age is catching up and his body is doing just as you said it does. Metabolism decreases and things start to wear out.
  • Dick Nixon rocker1446 2012/12/25 13:44:27
    Dick Nixon
    Thank You!!!
  • KateMarcoux1 2012/12/04 03:01:11
  • Sue MacDonald Kyak 2012/12/04 01:40:52
    Sue MacDonald Kyak
    He'll be in tip top shape when the season starts.
  • Chaguy 2012/12/04 01:11:29
    Since he can't run I wouldn't be surprised and probably believe that picture
    But I'm confident that he will be in shape for March
  • David (oYo) 2012/12/03 22:19:09
  • Sue Mac... David (... 2012/12/04 01:41:39
    Sue MacDonald Kyak
    He can't, he's injured!!!
  • David (... Sue Mac... 2012/12/04 09:46:22
  • Dick Nixon Sue Mac... 2012/12/20 10:38:05
    Dick Nixon
    Steve McNair played football with a broken leg and played thru too many serious injuries to list... Jeter is just too soft...
  • Sue Mac... Dick Nixon 2012/12/20 11:48:02
    Sue MacDonald Kyak
    Nah, why risk a permanent injury while playing hurt.
  • Dick Nixon Sue Mac... 2012/12/25 14:25:14
    Dick Nixon
    That's why he "gets paid the big bucks". I'm not sure what his contract is but I do know he is a top paid player. When u get a multilillion dollar contract, you are "very expected" to overlook some injuries and just play.I would giveup a knee for half his money. In the NFL, Ed Reed makes almost a half million per game. Now if he didn't get on the firld with a sprained ankle and a broken finger, he would not only piss off the fans but he would piss off the coach, the front office, the owner, and the GM possibly looking for a job the next season.
  • moiraregis David (... 2012/12/04 21:26:28
    i'd love to know what YOU must weigh; you are so jealous of him you are thrilled that he's a bit out of shape after what must have been a bad-ass injury. let him alone.
  • David (... moiraregis 2012/12/05 11:55:45
  • jay 2012/12/03 22:00:25
    Just stand outside 1211 Sixth Avenue during lunch hour. It's a good bet that anyone with a fat ass walking in or out of that building works for The Post.

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