Nintendo WiiU...What do you think?

Phant4sy 2011/06/07 20:34:24
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Did anyone else watch E3 this morning? Press conference for Nintendo releasing information on their upcoming new, is it safe to say console? I wasn't sure what to expect....but for what they have shown I have to say, pretty effin sweet! Leave your thoughts....
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  • John 2011/06/08 02:31:54
    Well, I think....
    Nintendo has really amazing ideas...however they throw those ideas at us as soon as they make them. They should have waited to incorporate the Wii-U into a new system, but I guess they were in need of a sales boost.

    Same with the 3DS before that. I felt it was a wonderful idea, just released at the wrong time. It all just feels like minor upgrades instead of a new system. But maybe Nintendo will make something like a hologram projector upgrade for the Wii next. That would rock!
  • EliteAmongOutcasts 2011/06/07 22:10:29
  • Phant4sy EliteAm... 2011/06/08 12:43:09
    I am a Mom and a wife, therefor I can appreciate a console like this. I put this in it's own category. Because yes, I agree....we need some cutting edge breakthrough games. That is my one big complaint.
  • Linkums 2011/06/07 20:38:30
    So far, so good....looking forward to the rest.
    I'm pretty hyped. Almost as much as when they showed the Wii for the first time... but this probably has even more potential than the Wii. I'm looking forward to seeing some first party games on it. Even a new Mario Party game would seem fresh on it, and that's saying something.
  • Phant4sy Linkums 2011/06/07 20:42:47
    I am pretty stoked too. More than with the first console. This just sets the bar with it innovative style. Seems like this is their round 2 and I like how they are taking care of what they didn't on round one. I just wish they would come out with new ground breaking games. Although we all love all the old school games that started it all, it would just be nice for a change to make a game for the console that is brand spanking new.

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