Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network?

BustinJieber 2010/06/23 03:06:35
Cartoon Nework !!
Ni ni nick na nick nick nick Nickelodeon!
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  • ♥Glenna Marie ♥'s HP♥ 2010/09/22 18:43:25 (edited)
    Ni ni nick na nick nick nick Nickelodeon!
    ♥Glenna Marie ♥'s HP♥
    I grew up watching Nickelodeon. I will admit that it isnt as good as it use to be. I rarely watch it anymore but I think it is still better than Cartoon Network. I mostly watch Disney, other than iCarly and, Occasionally, Spongebob, Jimmy Neutron, and Fairly Odd Parents.
  • classicdisney1 2010/09/18 17:32:27
    Ni ni nick na nick nick nick Nickelodeon!
    actually, since that they are both going downhill, neither! I chose Nick because there wasn't a 'neither' option
  • Paranormal♥Spirit 2010/06/23 15:00:15
    Ni ni nick na nick nick nick Nickelodeon!
    Nickeldeon....i HATE cartoon network. They show the most retarded shows. All the cartoons do on there is burp, fart, and do gross things. Its stupid. I wish that station would burn down.
  • Janet Paranor... 2010/06/28 16:17:57
    There are also live-action shows (shows with real humans) on Cartoon Network that are good.
  • Paranor... Janet 2010/06/28 22:38:13
    Not really......I don't like any of those show on there.
  • classic... Janet 2010/09/18 17:35:44
    WHAT?!?! How can you say that there are GOOD live action shows on CARTOON network???!!!!!! R u insane?!?!??!?!?!? im not trying to be rude, but there is nothing good on either cartoon network or Disney channel, nor nickelodeon!!! They have ALL gone Downhill!!! Im not the only one who feels like this, there are many others who feel the same as me. Im not trying to question your opinion, but this is how i feel about all three of the channels. sorry if i came off a bit rude
  • Janet classic... 2010/09/18 17:43:20
    I'm not insane.I just like shows that have real humans (with the exception of Spongebob and Avatar:The Last Airbender).
  • classic... Janet 2010/09/18 17:52:18
    oh well i am not a fan of this stuff that they have on now because its not the real stuff that i knew and loved
  • Janet classic... 2010/09/18 18:18:58
    Do you watch things with real people.It can be on any network.Maybe the reason why CN is putting on things that go against its name is because they have observed what has happend to AMC.I think AMC stands for American movie channel.It is only supposed to show movies,but,their show "Mad Men" has improved their ratings and has just won its third emmy.They have even made a new show called Rubicon,which I think is terrible. channel supposed moviesbuttheir mad improved ratings won emmy rubiconwhich terrible http://download-mad-men.sequd... moviesbuttheir mad improved ratings won emmy rubiconwhich terrible httpdownload-mad-men sequd Thanks for tellimg me that you disagree politely.Because SOME people on SH don't know how to do that.You get a rave.
  • classic... Janet 2010/09/19 19:45:17
    thanks:D and yeah i do watch reality shows, but having them on a CARTOON channel drives me off the wall. Do you see where im getting at?
  • Janet classic... 2010/12/23 17:10:20
  • Mecynogea 2010/06/23 03:40:17
    Cartoon Nework !!
  • Jenna~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2010/06/23 03:19:12
    Cartoon Nework !!
  • wolf sloan 2010/06/23 03:13:35
    Cartoon Nework !!
    wolf sloan
  • Gavin 2010/06/23 03:11:31
    Cartoon Nework !!
    neither..adult swim cartoon nework adult swim
    though they are kinda a cartoon network thing
  • LouOlson 2010/06/23 03:07:57
    Cartoon Nework !!
    so much better
  • BUNNIES 2010/06/23 03:07:24
    Cartoon Nework !!
    ...11 years ago.

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