NFL Schedule: Green Bay Packers or Chicago Bears?

Canto 2011/04/20 18:54:19
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The NFL released its schedule for upcoming games in 2011 and it's looking good people!

Here are the good ones:

Week 1: Dallas Cowboys & New York Jets
Week 7: Indianapolis Colts & New Orleans Saints
Week 9: Baltimore Ravens & Pittsburgh Steelers
Week 16: Chicago Bears & Green Bay Packers

I'm probably most excited about the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears.

It's all about the Chicago Bears, baby.

Who do you want to win?

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  • lossere 2011/09/08 05:50:45
  • udagawa 2011/04/23 10:36:29
  • Dark Knight 2011/04/20 19:07:11
    Chicago Bears
    Dark Knight
    I'm a longtime Bears fan. After that, gimme' Seattle, another place that I've lived. And, after those two, any team that's playing the Queen Boy Pokers.
  • Junior the Outer Space Musi... 2011/04/20 18:59:45
    Dallas Cowboys
    Junior the Outer Space Music Man
    Maybe because that is my local team, but it won't matter if the lockout continues, which I believe it will.

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