New Study Says Violent Video Games Can Be Good for You: Believable or Bogus?

News 2012/09/08 19:18:10
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For years, people have argued that violent video games are bad for society because they can increase aggression and violence among youth. But, according to a new study by Keele University, playing violent games may actually help you by increasing your pain tolerance.

The study by Keele tested 40 volunteers and found that they had a higher threshold for pain after playing a first-person shooter game, as opposed to a non-violent golf game. Each group played for 10 minutes and had their pain tolerance tested by placing one hand in ice-cold water to see how long they could last without withdrawing. The study states that 65 percent of the participants kept their hands in ice water longer after playing the violent video game compared to the golf-playing group of volunteers.

So how does this work? Apparently, while playing violent video games your body goes into a form of 'fight or flight' mode. Your heart rate increases, awareness rises, and you are desensitized from at least some pain, since you are essentially playing a simulation of a dangerous and violent scenario one would realistically never want to be a part of in real life. As a result, the study suggests that violent video games may be a helpful way to cope with pain in the short term. Whether you believe the study's effectiveness or not, shooting game fans now have a new excuse to keep playing on.

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  • TKramar stranger 2012/09/19 00:37:00
    I didn't say video games are more real life than martial arts. Anywhere. You're not logical, and you're bad at spelling.
  • Airhead stranger 2012/09/17 21:30:19
    What about westerns? So you don't think westerns were violent?
  • stranger Airhead 2012/09/17 21:31:51
    k so violent movies with absolutely no meaning i hate! if the western is meaningless i won't like it.

    liek i said those where not aroudn for ever! movies and tv are very recent in the scheme of things!
  • Airhead stranger 2012/09/17 21:04:58 (edited)
    That is where you are wrong. Video games are an art of fiction much like horror movies or your basic action film. It takes place in the imagination, not in a real world where people can be hurt. The pixels on the screen are not alive, but are artist renditions like a painting or comic drawing. Quentin Tarantino defending violence in his film Kill Bill is a perfect explanation on the difference between reality and fantasy, and the basic human capacity to separate the two.
  • stranger Airhead 2012/09/17 21:07:47
    tell thst to the innocent victims who fell victim to the ones who used them as the enemy in their own reality acted out in real life
  • Airhead stranger 2012/09/17 21:33:26
    Sure, because the mobsters always got their ideas from video games....
  • stranger Airhead 2012/09/17 21:35:51
    im not talking about mobsters. im talking about phsycopaths who use and kill victims in the same way they do on video games
  • Airhead stranger 2012/09/17 21:40:15
    Because nobody has ever killed before a video game. If someone plays a video game it makes them go kill someone because after all a picture on a screen is real life right? I shouldn't even be dignifying your lunacy with conversation. You are an idiot and have no logic understanding of reality. Maybe I was wrong, maybe people like you cant equate real life from fiction. Your an idiot.
  • stranger Airhead 2012/09/17 21:51:19
    obviously! people killed before video games, thats not my argument! im not talking about all people who play violent games, but some! well there is evidence and studies that prove my points, and you know full well there is!
    yes some people do go and kill people because they where taugth violence!

    i can relate real life from fiction, apperantly so can you! that doen't mean where the majority!
  • Airhead stranger 2012/09/18 01:14:47
    Those people are going to do violent things no matter what. Stop trying to take my rights away. Violent games are a good escape for most people. America is becoming less about artistic freedom every day. If you don't like it then you don't have to look at it, plain and simple. For every amount of evidence you can pull out of your ass I can give you just as much to prove my point. This is because the evidence is flawed on both sides. It is usually comprised of some rhetoric backed by nonsense statistics that in reality prove nothing. The only truth is if you ban violent games people will just find another excuse. Also, the biggest absurdity in this whole debate is if violent games cause so much violence then why has violent crime plummeted since the 80's, the birth of violent games?
  • TKramar Airhead 2012/09/18 10:16:47
  • stranger Airhead 2012/09/18 13:11:43
    if your an adult then go for the games, im not trying to take your rights away! all i am trying to say is kids should not be playing it! a non violent adult probably won't be mor eviolent by the game because our brains are more fully developed, but kids they are still very easily affected by things, and violent video games can turn kids into killers when they grow up!
  • bye stranger 2012/09/17 02:16:56
    Well parents have to watch what their kids are playing.
  • XQNP stranger 2012/09/17 04:13:33
    Narvaez, in her article, both admits to bias and, in the case of the claim of reduction of cognitive brain activity, provides a bad link (probably not her fault, but it hurts your argument). Both articles (though the first is slightly better) ignore a vast majority of research debunking claims of video-game caused damage, like the following:


    Now prove your links are better than mine.
  • bye stranger 2012/09/17 02:15:53
    Oh you better not think a few moves on the video game are going to help you against a real bad guy that would be a real bad move with no reset button!
  • The Reaper stranger 2012/09/20 06:15:42 (edited)
    The Reaper
    Actually, the US Army once used a video game simulator called America's Army (now available on consoles, was PC only) as a training simulator for real time combat. Video games, especially first person shooter, greatly increase your hand eye coordination. Thus meaning with a rifle in hand the hand of a game as opposed to a rifle in the hand of a non-gamer, both with no gun experience at all, the gamer will have much better reflexes and know slightly more about aiming, trajectory fall, and conserving ammunition. Video games today are far more than just games, they're simulators preparing the next generation for what could possibly be their real world experiences.
  • stranger The Reaper 2012/09/20 12:12:18
    and thus why kids should NEVER play them because it teaches violence
  • The Reaper stranger 2012/09/20 13:31:51
    The Reaper
    Everyday life teaches violence. Watching the news teaches violence. We live in a crazy world. You're welcome to cower and hide, where I prefer myself and my family be ready. But it is funny you say that because I have 3 of the calmest little girls anyone could ask for and my oldest loves playing Battlefield 3 AND shes a pretty good shot with a crossbow (under supervision of course).
  • TKramar stranger 2012/09/17 15:33:27
    Would you prefer people blow digitized people away...or real ones? One can supplant the other.
  • nerak611 2012/09/15 01:10:01
    What about the hours spent on the games long term. Then look up effects of being in the fight or flight mode has on a body long term/over time. Actually, if it increases insensitivity to pain, is not also increasing insensitivity to violence??
  • nerak611 nerak611 2012/09/15 01:14:47
    Has our fascination with these types of video games, movies, and television had any correlation to the rise of violence in our nation? Just asking!
  • Darth B... nerak611 2012/09/15 15:58:08
    Darth Bane - Libertarian 4 Life
    No. Video games have just given Politicians something to blame for children's outbursts. As an avid Gamer who has done research back in College about this very subject, the majority of children who do some sort of Emotional Outburst that results in violence, including school shootings, is the result of not video games, but harassment and bullying. That's what happened with both Columbine as well as several other school shootings that have happened over the past 20 years.
  • nerak611 Darth B... 2012/09/15 21:47:02
    Back in college? How long ago? Question specifies CORRELATION, not cause.
  • Darth B... nerak611 2012/09/17 03:43:39
    Darth Bane - Libertarian 4 Life
    That would have been 7 years ago. Out of all the School Shootings as well as other incidents of violence in schools are correlation to bullying. Less than 1% of all school shootings are related to video games, but those who did it already had some sort of mental disorder.
  • John Wa... Darth B... 2012/09/16 06:35:33
    John Walker II
    Jack Thomson, (yea, that one..) originally blamed video games for the columbine shootings.. until he found out that the kids involved either didn't HAVE video games at home or otherwise had no access.

    Video Games by themselves do not lend to incidents like that, but the environment as a WHOLE.

    Video games can not cause that behavior by themselves, but could add to what's already there.. so if video games can push that someone over the line? Then that guy was too dangerously close to the line to begin with!
  • bye Darth B... 2012/09/17 02:18:32
    Hey lets have one where they chase the politicians! Ah that would just be some type of lemmings game.
  • TKramar Darth B... 2012/09/17 21:11:44
    I find it strange that 20 years ago, the bullied kids would have been shooting themselves, not others. I just wonder why they're pushing it outside themselves, instead of continuing to commit suicide.
  • Darth B... TKramar 2012/09/19 06:39:10
    Darth Bane - Libertarian 4 Life
    Because this generation of parents are teaching their kids to "stand up for themselves", which to these kids who are being bullied means get a gun and shoot the bullies.
  • TKramar Darth B... 2012/09/19 07:10:55
    No, my generation was taught that too. Most of us did so too. Now there's a zero tolerance policy in most schools regarding violence, and you aren't allowed to stand up for yourself.
  • Steampu... nerak611 2012/09/16 04:58:48
    Steampunk King
  • bye nerak611 2012/09/17 02:17:35
    good question
  • nerak611 bye 2012/09/18 03:00:19
    Thanks! I like how this site stimulates thinking in a broader sense!
  • Airhead nerak611 2012/09/18 14:15:20
    I have no idea where you are getting this rise of violence from (oh wait I know, the media and news) because violent crime is actually lower than it has been in a long time. Right now America is one of the safest places you can live and our rate of violent crime has been steadily dropping over the past 20 years, almost akin to the 1950's crime rate.
  • nerak611 Airhead 2012/09/18 20:02:39
    Airhead, there have been people studying this concept for some time now! I don't know where you live, but I grew up close to York, PA where there has been 37 gangs in a city that is 5x5 mile square radius! I moved out of the suburbs because the violence was increasing and spreading! A child was killed as a result of teenage gang rivalry! There are shootings almost weekly! The violence where I am now has grown over time! Baltimore is horrible! It's not uncommon to hear gunshots on a regular basis! Baltimore is about 50 miles form where I grew up! Both cities have developed the blue light shot spotters for police to identify when and where shots are fired. Not a sign of decline to me.
  • Airhead nerak611 2012/09/18 22:20:28 (edited)
    Crime in Baltimore City has been high for quite some time, but that does not represent the US as a whole. Baltimore is the 2nd most dangerous city and lives up to it's reputation, I know that city far too well. The rate of violent crime has been on a steady decline since the 80's and is reaching a record low according to FBI reports.
  • nerak611 Airhead 2012/09/18 22:42:51
    South Central?, New York city? Detroit? Cleveland? Declining or not, it's enough to make some people raise the question of violence in the media and in games. There are actually places that are getting worse, cause the violence just moves to different locations. Look at Spike TV and Bio, and documentaries about Gangs - Spike has one ongoing called gangland. It may not effect all the same way, but it's the young, impressional minds, the kids who live in big cities and are exposed to a lot of violence, young teens adult in gangs. Many have addictions to drugs and can't distinguish the difference between reality. What some are trying to ask, is the population of those who cannot distinguish reality enough for some to look at the issue?
  • John 2012/09/14 21:15:34
    at least for the makers. They can make a bunch of money
  • ddd 2012/09/14 01:47:38
    Ignoring the obvious arguments of stress REDUCTION and anger REDUCTION, i have a better argument.

    Try L.A. Noire, the facial recognition technology really helps people with A.S., like me.

    Video games are like movies, they can help you, but usually they are entertainment. If people enjoy playing violent video games, then boom they are good for you. Personally i have never seen the difference between violent video games and violent movies like Rambo or any superhero movie ever.
  • OhSoNiceMe 2012/09/13 21:49:24
    if we can't shoot people up in real life..might as well shoot them in a video game
  • nerak611 OhSoNiceMe 2012/09/15 21:48:05

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