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Fergie 2012/08/03 18:00:00
Meet SodaHead's new favorite artists of the week! Last week we introduced you to Milo Greene, but this week we couldn't narrow it down to just one. Brooklyn's Twin Shadow and Orange County's Hindu Pirates have been in constant rotation here at SodaHead Headquarters, so I'd like to introduce you to both of them.

Whenever I listen to Twin Shadow (aka George Lewis Jr) on my commute home I get distracted and miss my exit. Every time. But I keep listening because 1) I'm somewhat addicted and 2) sitting in LA traffic for longer is bearable if I'm blasting "Run My Heart" on repeat. Check out the track off of his newest album Confess below. It's a synth heavy anti-love song that is at times reminiscent of The Police and sounds like it should belong in an arena à la Bruce Springsteen. For me it evokes a sense of nostalgia that makes me think I've been singing it my whole life.

Coincidentally, the other song I can't get enough of this week also has "my heart" in the title. "Feel My Heart" by Hindu Pirates reminds me of Arcade Fire if they were a surf band. They're a somewhat new band, but they've already been embraced by the surf community (they recorded their latest songs in the Hurley studio and played the US Open of Surfing this week.) However, their music is a different, better brand of surf; it has soul and some grittiness that their contemporaries usually lack. You can download the track for free here, and make sure to watch out for these boys because they only have great things in store for them in the future. What are you listening to this week, SodaHeads?
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  • Deadbeat Day 2012/08/09 14:52:50 (edited)
    Deadbeat Day
    The Damned the damned
  • DP 2012/08/08 04:32:44
    Kimbra's album "Vows" is what I've been listening to.
  • Fergie DP 2012/08/08 18:37:27
    love it!
  • VintageLys 2012/08/07 23:59:39
    new order
  • Lady Katze 2012/08/07 07:36:39
    Lady Katze
    Jimmy Eat World.
  • Sharni 2012/08/07 07:22:13
    My tunes i'v been listening to are 'You me at six","Falling in reverse" and "Escape the Fate'
  • Lolita666 2012/08/07 06:48:28
  • joe mauro 2012/08/07 03:23:50
    joe mauro
    eminem and sinatra
  • Death On Two Legs 2012/08/07 01:38:28 (edited)
    Death On Two Legs
    I just got a new CD at Target :D the strange case of

    The Strange Case Of... by Halestorm
  • :3 nyan derpy 2012/08/06 21:44:54
    :3 nyan derpy
  • Jaguar 2012/08/06 17:41:40
    The Knights Of The Realm
    They have a single coming out on August 12th called 'America' and it's awesome... If you like it, it is available to download from Amazon :)

  • Gia 2012/08/06 16:48:21 (edited)
    Sade & Michael Jackson Photo of Michael Jackson   Sade
  • icebatty3 2012/08/06 10:20:49
    Am listen to The scientists by coldplay ...Breath into me by red....Goodnight moon by the radio and .... Burn it down by Linking park
  • Kingarthurup 2012/08/06 08:52:09
    The Olympic Theme Song
  • ellomotto 2012/08/06 05:35:38 (edited)
    just went to their concert they're awesome and so nice!

    *Edit forgot the E in awesome*
  • Flambou... ellomotto 2012/08/07 18:56:56
    This cd is so much better than crits are giving it credit.
  • ellomotto Flambou... 2012/08/07 23:21:46
    That's why I don't usually listen to critics :)
  • john doe 2012/08/06 04:16:30
    john doe
    Rage against the machine
  • Flyaway 2012/08/06 02:49:52
    Now, Now
  • Lauren 2012/08/06 02:12:51

    Just a couple of the best ♥
  • Ozymandias 2012/08/05 21:27:10
  • DP Ozymandias 2012/08/08 04:33:31
    "Smoke and Mirrors" is my favorite song from the Making Mirrors album.
  • stardust 2012/08/05 18:43:26
    I've been on a 90s binge lately so:

    My Bloody Valentine:




    Ecstasy of St. Theresa
  • Bob 2012/08/05 13:40:19 (edited)
    Derek and the Dominoes, White Zombie, etc etc.
  • Luana 2012/08/05 10:17:55
  • Resp 2012/08/05 08:51:35
    I'm sorry. But both of these acts are wannabes and truly suck. My ears are bleeding.
  • bolaidhar 2012/08/05 04:27:57
    Let's go Travis Barker features Busta Rhymes, Twista, Yelawolf
  • KB 2012/08/05 02:24:41
  • santais... KB 2012/08/07 17:28:28
    Jeffre star would be a perfect Bandy Alexander in the book by chuck Palinuck - Invisible Monster..... if they were to ever make a movie.
  • KB santais... 2012/08/08 00:58:05
    I bet so as well.
  • Cinna 2012/08/05 00:45:11
    Violent Femmes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Dead Milkmen, Hole and The Wallflowers
  • merslix. Cinna 2012/08/05 01:49:35
    RHCP for the WIN YUP YUP!
  • Katie1234 2012/08/04 23:14:21
    lots of stuff: Tears for Fears, Richard Marx, Spin Doctors, Glass Tiger, Duran Duran tears for fears richard marx spin doctors glass tiger duran duran album cover
  • merslix. 2012/08/04 22:38:53
    Still a lot of

  • Farbiger merslix. 2012/08/05 01:35:02
    The Gorrilaz be like that.
    me gusta
  • Farbiger 2012/08/04 22:26:52
    A little mash up of The Beetles, Queen, and Def Leppard.... Jesus my dad's music tastes have affected me.(<---Inside joke between my dad and I. Sorry.)lol

    The beetles


    Def Leopard
  • Katie1234 Farbiger 2012/08/04 23:15:14
    def leppard?! YEAH!
  • Farbiger Katie1234 2012/08/05 01:34:31
    Lol My dad got me hooked a couple years ago.
  • Katie1234 Farbiger 2012/08/05 03:28:53
    awesome! they are a really cool band.
  • Farbiger Katie1234 2012/08/05 05:55:02
    Yeah they are. And Led Zepplin!

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