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Fergie 2012/07/13 18:00:00
Meet SodaHead's new favorite artist of the week! Last week we introduced you to up-and-coming British singer-songwriter Alex Clare, and this week we've been loving us some Saint Motel. Saint Motel's debut full length album "Voyeur" was released this Tuesday, and we already can't get their infectious melodies out of our heads. The album is full of fun, quirky indie pop songs, our favorite of which is "Puzzle Pieces." Check out the video below and let us know what you are listening to this week!

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  • Mysticbean 2012/08/06 15:51:10
    The vomiting was a bit much in the video, but I did enjoy the tune. Thanks for the great post.
  • KB 2012/07/18 03:50:56
    TheBunnyTheBear, Blood On the Dance Floor, and ill Nino.
  • Retard Buggsy 2012/07/17 11:52:57
    Retard Buggsy
    My Chemical Romance, Asking Alexandria and Good Charlotte...
  • Mysticbean 2012/07/16 21:30:50
  • Matthew Marek 2012/07/16 17:00:57
    Matthew Marek
    Eric Church... just got his CD Chief last week
  • Jaguar 2012/07/15 13:12:49
    Up and coming rock band: The Knights Of The Realm

    Their first single, America, is due for HUGE release in a week or so... And they are playing at the 100 Club in London on Thursday 19th July which will determine how quickly they sky rocket to fame... Hard Fi are talking to them about a tour, Deborah Azzopardi is letting them use her art for their album (being released later in the year) and merchandise, the reporters from the BIG magazines will be writing articles and Jamie Lumley will be taking professional pictures and possibly dragging is mother, Joanna Lumley along too...

    And if that wasn't amazing enough... What a great way to spend my 24th birthday :)

  • Cunning Stunts 2012/07/15 10:08:07
    Cunning Stunts
    Periphery II (as Sumerian Records releases it on Youtube pre album release).

  • sean 2012/07/15 05:54:14
  • BeingMe<3 2012/07/15 04:19:09
  • Aly Hart 2012/07/15 03:57:45
    Aly Hart
    Marina and the Diamonds.
  • Platinum Fangs 2012/07/15 01:46:16 (edited)
  • Jaguar Platinu... 2012/07/15 13:18:22
    Looking at your music choices, you might like Touchstone... Have a search on YouTube for other songs :)

  • ♣Tanor Zeta Fa'ux♣ 2012/07/14 23:57:00
    ♣Tanor Zeta Fa'ux♣
    Delerium...is the one I've been listening to recently <3 dark, ambient and awesome. It brings out the Ambiekinesis effect. Here's 3 songs: one from their first album, two from much later albums. Done by these two: dark ambient awesome brings ambiekinesis effect 3 songs album albums

  • lmnlme10921 2012/07/14 21:28:22 (edited)
    Coming Down- Five Finger Death Punch
  • Skylaris Alanis 2012/07/14 21:07:58
    Skylaris Alanis
    Chasing the Sun by The Wanted.. I just can't get it out of my head.

    chasing the sun

    And also, Timebomb by Kylie Minogue

    timebomb kylie minogue
  • boss hawg 2012/07/14 21:03:17
    boss hawg
    mostly rock, a little rap mixed in just keep it interestin
  • stevegtexas@aol.com 2012/07/14 20:59:29
  • Monica 2012/07/14 20:52:48
    I can't get enough of this trip hop by Massive Attack...Mezzanine
  • Fergie Monica 2012/07/16 16:55:12
    Used to be obsessed with that album!
  • SJG 2012/07/14 20:39:35
    The voices in my head!
  • SJG 2012/07/14 20:39:15
    The voices in my head!
  • dream-hair! 2012/07/14 20:36:32
    good init, we are listening to medieval choons dis weekened
  • jacob crim 2012/07/14 19:05:40
    jacob crim
    The new Ty Segall

  • Rob Williams 2012/07/14 18:20:01
    Rob Williams
    Pizzicato Five
  • Devil's Advocate 2012/07/14 16:47:42
    Devil's Advocate
    I have been mostly listening to Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds this week. And my new band; we have recordings of our latest rehearsal and Ive been listening to it so I can finalise my lyrics and melodies.
  • dear•LT13☻ 2012/07/14 16:45:21
  • Chelsey 2012/07/14 15:15:38
    Neon Trees!
  • waternymphxD 2012/07/14 14:29:44
    Stooshe black heart:)
  • Boo! 2012/07/14 12:13:59
    Eminem! as always atm
  • brea_xoxo 2012/07/14 06:36:36
    I've been listening to Linkin Park a lot lately...their new album in particular.

    ive listening linkin park album
  • ~TheDreamer~ 2012/07/14 04:24:13
    Lately I've been going crazy listening to Radiohead. My marching band is doing a show based off of 4 Radiohead songs...and the only song I heard by them before now was Creep. So I've been listening to them nonstop!!
  • Fergie ~TheDre... 2012/07/14 06:09:18
    sooo good!
  • ~TheDre... Fergie 2012/07/14 06:10:34
    Codex is my personal favorite!! It's so pretty!!
  • Devil's... ~TheDre... 2012/07/14 16:49:47
    Devil's Advocate
    I think all of the tracks off of The Bends are the best Radiohead tracks although I cant choose between them
  • ~TheDre... Devil's... 2012/07/22 05:30:23
    I've been listening to them so much lately! Eventually I will probably love every single album! XD
  • frequent–antagonist 2012/07/14 03:36:20
  • Ferηαηdo 夢 ɗəɑʇɦ ɗəʃɪəʀ ʘʃ ρɦɑəʇ
    Frank Ocean

    channel orange
  • Flyaway 2012/07/13 23:56:16 (edited)
  • Tabitha 2012/07/13 22:28:23
    Blood On The Dance Floor blood on the dance floor evolution
  • Hellyn Danitta 2012/07/13 22:07:33
    Hellyn Danitta
    Linkin park

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