New Kids On the Block, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men To Tour Together: Which is Your Favorite?

Fergie 2013/01/30 01:00:00
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This summer, New Kids On the Block, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men will be embarking on a North American Tour they're calling "The Package Tour." Yep. That might almost be too much for the (30-something) ladies to handle. Check out the dates here, and let us know which boy band is your favorite.

New Kids On the Block, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men are teaming up for a summer tour.

ap kids block 98 degrees boyz ii teaming summer tour

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  • TheAsianDiva85 2013/10/03 23:34:42
    98 Degrees
    New Kids On The Block aka NKOTB and 98 Degrees are mine's #1 Faves Pop Music Boys-Bands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
  • Sharon Angel of Death 2013/02/11 16:59:13
    New Kids On the Block
    Sharon Angel of Death
    Nt dis at all me likes bvb botdf askin alexandria nd music like dat
  • Alacrity 2013/02/09 05:50:08
    New Kids On the Block
    Who are they and what do they sound like? I dunno
  • ANNABETH CHASE 2013/02/03 01:33:50
    Boyz II Men
  • SUPREME COSMIC POWER, (SCOPO) 2013/02/03 01:18:37
    New Kids On the Block
    New Kids on the Block, I suppose...
  • MayaDirectioner 2013/02/02 21:12:41
    Boyz II Men
    Oh gross... I don't like any of them. There should've been an 'Other' option.
  • Alice Burrows 2013/02/02 16:17:01
    Boyz II Men
    Alice Burrows
    Tokio Hotel :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  • Tiger!! 2013/02/01 18:22:32
    Boyz II Men
    i still listen to boys 2 men!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jerry.alan.carroll 2013/02/01 14:21:41
    Boyz II Men
    NKOTB was never a real band....an embarrassment to BeanTown
  • pantagruella 2013/01/31 22:01:45
    New Kids On the Block
    I have heard of this band. I don't like boy bands. I like a band with twin leads, something like Judas Priest or Iron Maiden.
  • Gem (Gembo) Stearny 2013/01/31 21:26:11
    New Kids On the Block
    Gem (Gembo) Stearny
    I don't really like any of them but I love Donnie Wahlberg, he's so much nicer than his brother Mark
  • Kitty 2013/01/31 19:32:01
    98 Degrees
    The Backstreet Boys were my favorite boy band.
  • Kenny 2013/01/31 19:31:01
    Boyz II Men
    ehhh they all dead anyway
  • Kenny Kenny 2013/01/31 19:31:18
    musical wise anyway
  • Alexis82 2013/01/31 17:43:36
    Boyz II Men
    All toward the 'End of The Road '.
  • rah-rah 2013/01/31 17:38:43
    Boyz II Men
    They are
    my favorite!
  • Ashley 2013/01/31 17:01:00
    98 Degrees
    Not a fan of any of them really.
  • Hazel 2013/01/31 15:09:36
    New Kids On the Block
    None of them. Ever heard of One Direction?????!!!!! Lol!!!
  • Linda 2013/01/31 13:53:52
  • sneekyfoot 2013/01/31 12:54:44
    Boyz II Men
    the beach boys
  • David (oYo) 2013/01/31 11:26:50
  • Kyra 2013/01/31 09:05:31
    New Kids On the Block
    NKOTB..... Joey was my FAV!
    Joe Mcintyre
  • Icon 2013/01/31 06:43:40
    Boyz II Men
  • Rude I3itch 2013/01/31 06:21:04
    98 Degrees
    Rude I3itch
    nick lacheys kinda cute
  • CocaColaCandy 2013/01/31 03:41:16
    Boyz II Men
    I never liked the boy bands, but I always put these guys in a different league. They can really sing! They remind me more of some of the classic R&B; vocal groups than the overpackaged undertalented computer synthesized clones in "boy bands".
  • MLor 2013/01/31 02:54:27
    Boyz II Men
  • elizabeth.okoro.90 2013/01/31 02:01:18
    Boyz II Men
    Forget these guys. I love current boybands like Super Junior or Shinee. C.NBlue is the best. Before Exp and B.A.P
  • some idiot who thinks he kn... 2013/01/31 01:52:05
    Boyz II Men
    some idiot who thinks he knows everything
    Well if that isn't like asking what's the worst way to get hit in the balls. They're all bad.
  • NYCbrit 2013/01/30 20:59:36
    New Kids On the Block
    My niece was a fan. I'm not a fan of any of them.
  • LawMan5150 2013/01/30 17:22:38
    Boyz II Men
    New kids on the block got a pass from drug therapy. That's great. Boyz 2 men are a very talented singing group, the others were pretty faces thrown into contracts.
  • iamco2000 2013/01/30 16:54:36
    Boyz II Men
    Without question had the best talent, are undeniably still talented, all have clean reputations and demeanor and are great examples of role models...can't say the same for the other boy bands but its hard to break the original...considering the other two bands looked to BIIM as their role model.

    Grace to you, Glory to God!
  • nat75 iamco2000 2013/01/31 02:09:03
    sorry, cant say which is the better band, but new kids on the block were around before boys to men
  • SuperCee 2013/01/30 16:54:33
    Boyz II Men

    My favorite collection of their music!
  • glass_butterfly ~YSU~ 2013/01/30 16:34:52
    Boyz II Men
    glass_butterfly ~YSU~
    Their harmonies are AMAZING! RnB at its best! None of those other bands can hold a flame to BIIM Boys 2 men GIF
  • Michaelene 2013/01/30 15:31:32
    Boyz II Men
    Boys II Men can sing without any equipment to adjust their voices. I've know them since they were teens in Philly's CAPA H.S. and know they will outshine the other two groups of syntheticly enhanced vocals.
  • harasnicole 2013/01/30 15:26:41
    98 Degrees
    Aside from being a lifelong NSYNC fan-girl, I was also in love with Nick Lachey. Still am, actually.
  • baxter 2013/01/30 13:41:03
    New Kids On the Block
    New kids on the Block
  • YourCompanionCube 2013/01/30 13:17:44
    New Kids On the Block
    ......Whatever happened to the Backstreet Boys???
  • David (... YourCom... 2013/01/31 11:28:51
  • Splinter76 2013/01/30 12:45:35
    Boyz II Men
    In my opinion, Boyz II Men (actually... it should be Men II Grandpas pretty soon), are the only ones that are any good.

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