This is the same as the other one that I published earlier today and got the answer format wrong. (sorry everyone)

I'll add a two word phrase below, then the person after me needs to reply to me using my last word in the two word phrase and add a new word after it to make another two word phrase. Each person after that will click the reply button to me, but you need to look at the last person's entry and use their last word and add a word of your own to make another two word phrase. (Please make sure you use the second word of the member who last posted.)

Attention Players: Complaints have been brought to my attention regarding the playing rules for this game, and I must say I agree with the complaints. Please, from now on, when you play your two word phrase, wait for another player to play their phrase before you submit another phrase. Please do not play more than one time in a row. After another player submits their phrase you are welcome to submit your next new 2 word phrase off of their last word. I want this game to be fun for everyone. You all know that, up until now, there has only been one major rule in playing on this game blog, and that is the content must be child appropriate. If a player comes on and is not aware of this change, please feel free to courteously let them know the change. Thanks everyone, and I hope you will continue to enjoy playing here. Have a great day!

Rules for playing
1. Content of phrase must be child appropriate & non-offensive.
2. After you play your phrase please wait until another player has had time to play before you submit a new phrase.
3. Absolutely NO politics allowed.
4. Please limit your chit-chat. There are many regulars who come here and love to say hello and that kind of thing. That is still ok to do, but please try to limit your entries as it can cause confusion on the game blog. Also, there is to be no calling out on the game blog. If you have a problem with another player, either email them, ignore them, or if need be contact the blog owner (ONLY if it cannot be resolved.)

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