Natalie Portman Named 'Best Actor for the Buck': Is She Under Appreciated?

Film 2012/12/27 19:00:00
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It may be the big blockbusters that seem to pull in the biggest crowds, but sometimes a small movie can bring in the biggest profit. Such is the case with "Black Swan," which brought in $329 million gross from a $13 million budget, and bagged Natalie Portman an Academy Award -- and now, a spot atop Forbes' "Best Actors for the Buck" list.

Based on her last three films ("Black Swan," "No Strings Attached" and "Your Highness"), Forbes calculated that Portman returns $42.70 for every dollar that she's paid, even though "Your Highness" actually lost money.

Others who featured high on the list are all three of the "Twilight" stars -- Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner -- who all collected reasonably large paychecks but still brought in a huge return on the investment.

In addition, "Transformers" star Shia LeBouef and "Harry Potter" lead Daniel Radcliffe (who also scored a hit with "The Woman in Black") both brought in a return of over $30 for each dollar paid. Do you think that Natalie Portman is an under-appreciated actress?
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  • Eh Politico 2012/12/27 21:35:14
    Eh Politico
    I love Natalie Portman. She's talented, smart, clever, generous, beautiful, kind and thoughtful. I could go on... But I wouldn't call her under appreciated. She's an A-lister. She's an Oscar winner. When there's a really really good script floating around and it's being cast, Natalie's got first dibs.(though Jennifer Lawrence is giving every young woman in hollywood a run for their money at the moment). So, No. Not under appreciated.

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  • Nia 2013/01/12 20:35:34
    Okay. Can we all stop for a moment and think about those who have no jobs or no homes or no food? When we get to them THEN I'll talk about under appreciation.
  • Serenity Guru of lurve *wink* 2013/01/05 10:16:32
    Serenity  Guru of lurve *wink*
    Loved her since her unforgettable performance in Leon with Jean Reno the lovable hit man, unlike many child actors she really was the full package and has gone on to be A list actress now. Talented, beautiful and she has that screen presence that many actors are missing . Good actress lights up the screen with more than just her beauty.
  • S* 2013/01/05 07:33:53
    not by me.
  • Ki 2013/01/05 07:25:42
    she is fabulous!
  • JAR HEAD 2012/12/31 16:41:35
    i appreciated her hotness as well
  • OneLastWord 2012/12/31 15:49:48
    Uh……, as an accomplished dirty old man I could in younger years show her some real “hot” appreciations.
  • Mya Faire 2012/12/31 15:37:43
    Mya Faire
    If she just received an accolade, how can she be under-appreciated?
  • dranet 2012/12/31 15:36:13
    I think she's overrated.
  • MarinerFH 2012/12/31 15:31:05
  • mickeyfingers 2012/12/31 15:19:32
    She stunning thats for sure
  • Avi Rosen 2012/12/31 13:13:53
    Avi Rosen
    Black Swan was the proof
  • castronitus 2012/12/31 13:04:01
    Natalie Portman: Under-Appreciated?
    tumblr nodding yes
    Natalie Portman: Over-Appreciated?
    tumblr nodding yes
  • Y.B. 2012/12/31 12:07:54
  • Сергей Темноходов 2012/12/31 10:16:17
    Сергей Темноходов
  • Tre 2012/12/31 06:41:17
    She is hot too.
  • sundance 2012/12/31 04:59:08
    I think her depth may be a bit overlooked. She has excelled in every facet of acting she has cast. Though her recognition is growing, I think that she, and others deserve more recognition for their extraordinary talents...Just a thought...
  • Tom Trojan 2012/12/31 04:18:46
    Tom Trojan
    I appreciate her....
  • Raymond 2012/12/31 04:16:17
    Hey, Genius?! It's "Actress," not "Actor." That's of course she's not telling us something that we should know about! :-)
  • sundance Raymond 2012/12/31 04:53:59
    Hey genius, because of the stigma of sexism in Hollywood, and the stigma always placed on woman in general, the general acting community stopped calling woman "actresses" quite a while ago. They felt it put a degree of separation between the sexes that was unfair, and categorizing. Woman, like their male counterparts, are now recognized as being fellow actors, and not labeled by gender...Just a thought...

    PS...Your rhetorical comment, is the very reason, they now refer to each other in general as actors. The traditional stereotype is dead and gone...
  • Raymond sundance 2012/12/31 05:49:41 (edited)
    I don't believe nor practice "political correctness" for anyone. Least of all for You! I also make it a practice of expressing my own opinions in my own way. That's Hollywood's trademark, "Cheap, easy, sneaky, and creepy. They are legends in their own minds and each others." (My Quote) Actors and actresses of the past didn't seem have problem with it. Also, if you're going to have that type of attitude, I'd suggest that you contact the Academy Awards. Why? Last time I checked, the still have "Best Actress" category, "Best Supporting Actress" category, etc. for the "Oscars." If you're going to start correcting someone, I'd suggest that You start with them. I'm sure that they'll give You the same advice (suggestion) that I just gave you! However, I guess that would be too simple for You to contact them, huh?
  • macy Raymond 2013/01/04 03:00:52
    Some people call actresses actors, including professionals in the acting business. Who cares?
  • Ramón 2012/12/31 04:12:35
  • Jesferkicks 2012/12/31 03:22:41
    I remember her from "The Professional" where as a littl'un she was phenomenal.
  • codenamev 2012/12/31 02:36:52
    Just because her salary isn't an accurate reflection of her talent doesn't mean she's under-appreciated. I think that most actors are able to work for close to scale and still live well enough. The only time that I can accept a big star getting a huge payday for just one film is if they're using that salary to finance their own low-budget film, like Mel Gibson getting $30 million for THE PATRIOT so that he could finance PASSION OF THE CHRIST.
  • SW 2012/12/30 22:47:43 (edited)
    Not by me she's not! ROWR!
  • Carlos 2012/12/30 22:30:43
    Yes she's a very good actress....
  • Oli 2012/12/30 21:38:24
    Actress. Not actor.
  • sundance Oli 2012/12/31 05:00:38
    Actually, they refer to each other as actors. Stifles type and gender casting...Just a thought..
  • Garland Bennett 2012/12/30 20:28:55
    Garland Bennett
    In the number of movies that she's been in, I don't think a lot of people that I talk to really think she's under-appreciated.
    She's just doing what she does best and she gets attention for it. Enough said there.
  • ★☆Ams★☆ 2012/12/30 16:38:14
    Not at all. As an actress, she's actually kind of overrated.
  • Karen 2012/12/30 13:56:32
  • Kiki,Pixie,Worm 2012/12/30 06:58:14
    In a way.
  • Darr247 2012/12/30 05:02:15
    I first noticed her in Beautiful Girls, and was delighted when she was chosen to play Luke and Leia's mom. Black Swan was great, but I can't say I've seen No Strings Attached or Your Highness.
  • john.keenan.792 2012/12/30 03:52:35
    hell sh is a stunner no two ways about it, natalie if yuo see this "MARRY ME" i love you the way you walk and conduct yourself blows me away and in the channelle ad god love i fancy the dress off you babes, johnny xxx
  • Papillon 2012/12/30 03:32:27
  • kateisgod 2012/12/30 02:52:45
    Natalie Portman is... so many wonderful things. Seriously.
    Under appreciated is among the list for me.
  • EmoMusicPanda 2012/12/29 23:08:46
    She is quite under appreciated. It might just be me not reading all the celeb gossip (because it's all crap) but I haven't heard anything about her. Ever!
  • GeorginafrankO 2012/12/29 22:52:52
  • I NEED A HORSE 2012/12/29 22:44:34
  • Carlo 2012/12/29 22:12:43
    No she knows her worth. Playing pretend may be a difficult thing to do and might take more practice for some than others, but to think these gods you make of them deserve astronomical amounts of money for doing so is just ridiculous.

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