My mom is makin me b a sissy girl she wants me to become her little girl and im a boy

find out 2009/05/23 02:12:34
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  • jerrbear 2009/05/25 00:54:18
    Time to call social services,u need 2 tell ur dad about this
  • [Stevens.Wifey] 2009/05/24 16:33:17
    thats funny how humiliating
    then get a sex change!*yawns*
  • find out [Steven... 2009/06/27 07:21:55
    find out
    no i like being a boy
  • Jon 2009/05/23 21:38:46
    You must be joking.
    undecided joking
  • find out Jon 2009/05/24 18:55:13
    find out
    no im not jokin
  • Jon find out 2009/06/01 02:59:47
    if you say so. I once knew a girl, who everyone said looked like a boy. I knew they didn't mean her face, but she didn't. Or at least, she acted as if she didn't. I told her, "Darlene, they don't mean your face, but your hair due."
  • find out Jon 2009/06/27 07:22:30
    find out
    i dont look like a girl
  • Jon find out 2009/06/28 22:32:25 (edited)
    If you say so. But that sillouet you use instead of a pic, does look like a girl. But really, I suspect you're misunderstanding what I said about Darelene. And since you didn't suspect or say it, I will- I left out some details.
  • find out Jon 2009/06/29 03:27:43
    find out
    but i do act like 1
  • Jon find out 2009/07/26 03:56:10
    That admittance of yours, should serve as a hint.
  • find out Jon 2009/06/27 07:22:12
    find out
    no im not
  • Jon find out 2009/07/26 03:56:47
    I think you are, in appearance. But it don't matter to me. I'll never meet you.
  • find out Jon 2009/06/29 06:03:14
    find out

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