Movie trailers ruin the whole movie?

flaca BN-0 2011/04/28 01:13:54
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What's with Hollywood? Are their movies so poor they have to give away every funny bit, every plot line, in the trailer just to get you to go see it?

Isn't it true that nowadays you can watch a trailer and pretty much fill in the blanks yourself. What good is that? Why would you go see it when you already know the plotline?

Mystery is one of the things humans are drawn to. They love it. But Hollywood is so dense they haven't even figured this out. i guess it's true: hollywood is controlled by accountants.
What would they know?
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  • mindfreakloyal1 2011/04/28 16:28:05
    No. They give away just enough to get you interested. Not too much at all.
  • shywink 2011/04/28 13:51:30
    I try to only see *just enough* to figure out if I want to see the movie or not. If I think I do I jam my fingers in my ears and close my eyes so I won't see anything that I think might spoil it all when I go and see the movie. Yeah, they show WAY too much in the previews/trailers/commericals.
  • flaca BN-0 shywink 2011/04/28 18:24:59
    flaca BN-0
    that's what I do too! If you took a photo in a movie theater you'd probably see a bunch of folks doing it!
  • Concerned Voter 2011/04/28 05:28:38
    Concerned Voter
    I hear you. Since the movie previews are advertisements that serve to sell the movie and inform the pbulic what the movie is generally about. But I do agrr that the trailer should not give the whole story away. I personnally think that if it is in the later half or the last quater of the film, the rule of thumb should be not to use it in the trailer. Just use the story hook and leave the audeince wondering what is going to happen. Aka, leave them with a sence of mystery but still just enough information so the audeince can decide if they would want to see the film or not.
  • John 2011/04/28 01:23:43
    It's all a vicious cycle. What is the biggest signifier of the success of a movie (not counting the outliers that become timeless)?

    It's how much money it makes on opening day, and how could the number of people which pay for a movie knowing nothing about it or hearing how it was from other people signify the actual quality of the movie?

    The only way to boost box office sales is have a good trailer, sometimes at the expense of the movie.
  • NarcolepticGoat 2011/04/28 01:23:15
    I hate the overblown previews. On the other hand, I'm not very fond of the overly cryptic ones either. There *must* be a happy medium. Right?

  • M.C 2011/04/28 01:18:19
    sometimes but not always.
  • melliemark. 2011/04/28 01:15:33
    well sometimes but other times the trailer just makes the movie look better than it is

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