Most Inspirational Speech I've Heard

This was said by Nicholas Jonas during one of the Jonas Brothers concerts. It was in the ford center in Oklahoma last July. The Jonas Brothers started to perform 'A Little Bit Longer' which is the song that Nick Jonas wrote about his diabetes. After the inital song ended Nick continued to play the piano and gave this speech. He then asked the crowd to sing the rest of the song with him. It was very inspirational because this song relates to more than just being diagnosed with diabetes. My aunt was diagnosed about four months ago and there's a high chance that I'm going to get diagnosed with diabetes too. To be diagnosed with something as serious as diabetes and then have the strength to talk about it, is simply amazing. Whenever I'm in a bind or having a hard time, I turn on my iPod and search for this song. After listening to it I'll feel a lot better. To be committed to something so strongly and perservere through the tough times and to be able to spread your message through a few words with instruments in the background is truly remarkable. Nick Jonas is an inspiration to many.

How many of you here tonight, have gone through a hard time at one point in your life?
I had one of those moments when life throws you an unexpected curveball.
I had one of those moments about two and a half years, ago when I got diagnosed with diabetes.
It turned my whole world upsidedown.
We were on tour and I found out.
I was havin one of those days when things just werent going my way about six months ago so I sat down and I wrote this song.
I've met a lot of people recently who have told me that me telling my story has inspired them.
To all of you out there thank you, because you are my inspiration.
Now, this song, this song is for every broken heart, every lost dream, for every high, and for every low.
But tonight, this song, is for you.
When I was in the hospital that night,
I made a commitment to myself that I wouldnt let it slow me down.
Let me tell you,
it hasn't."
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  • Nadrasta 2009/05/12 22:38:35
    Oh please this shit, God i can't see why people find this inspirational
  • des Nadrasta 2009/05/13 19:15:43
    well to some people it is inspiring and to some people (like you) its not. you think its shit, go right ahead and think that its shit. i dont care what you say about anything, to me it is and thats all that matters.
  • Nadrasta des 2009/05/13 20:30:49
    Fine it is shit, let me ask you a question, do you have diabetes??? If you don't then how is it inspiring to you???
  • des Nadrasta 2009/05/16 15:22:18
    first off, it doesn't have to be just diabetes. and i said that my aunt has diabetes so i know what its like to know someone who's close to you and important to you who has to struggle with it. and just by showing his strength to fight against a hardship, its the same thing with fighting against an issue in your life. don't give up hope and keep perservering and you'll eventually work things out. you dont have to feel the same, or believe me, but thats how it is for me.
  • Nadrasta des 2009/05/16 16:16:24 (edited)
    first off you never said your aunt has diabetes. Second my brother has diabetes so trust me i know about it. There are many famous musicians, artists, actors/actresses who have diabetes but you don't see everyone caring about them the way they do about Nick jonas. It's bullshit, just beuase girls think he's "cute" they all start to care. And when they find a cure for diabetes i'm sure Nick jonas will be one of the first people in line to get it and then there are people like my brother who won't be able to get it since it will be so expensive, (okay sorry about the aunt thing i read it over and saw you said she had it)
  • des Nadrasta 2009/05/18 19:47:13
    look im not trying to sound mean at all but he's the only one that i've listened to that has diabetes and has spoken about it. if i'd heard other celebrities talking about it, I would think that its inspiring too. And i understand the whole thing about finding a cure and not being able to get it because it'll be too expensive. Trust me, my family is poor. My mom hardly makes $100 a week. And honestly the fact that Nick Jonas is "cute" has nothing to do with the fact that he spoke about his diabetes. Like I said, if I'd heard someone else who's famous talking about how they struggle through diabetes or some other kind of disease, I'd mention it in my blog too. But I haven't so that's why its Nick Jonas. And as to why people really only care about Nick Jonas is because most of their fans are teenage girls who aren't level headed. Sure I'm a fan, but i know how to keep it real and underwrap. I'm level headed and can actually comprehend half the political and economical issue happening in the world. I'm not letting my hormones get the best of me whenever a Jonas looks at them. I don't mean to offend you at all by this. Sorry if I had.
  • Nadrasta des 2009/05/18 20:58:10 (edited)
    You didn't really offend me. I just get pissed when jonas fans say they care so much about diabetes, but I'm just not sure if they actually care about the diabetes or only care about it because Nick jonas has it. You actually do seem level headed unlike all the other jonas fans i met so thatnk you for that
  • des Nadrasta 2009/05/19 18:58:53
    no problem. i mean i am a fan of them and i like their music, but diabetes is on both my mom's and my dad's sides of the family so theres a really high risk that i may get it. so i've cared bout diabetes my whole life. and im just level headed by nature, there's no need to thank me. im just not someone to throw myself at someones feet to suffice their ego, ya know? its demoralizing.
  • Nadrasta des 2009/05/19 20:42:33
    yeah i know, i get pissed at those girls, they try and shove the jonas brothers down my throat and can't accept the fact that people have different tastes, i'm glad your not like that
  • des Nadrasta 2009/05/20 10:31:26
    yeah i totally know what you mean. a lot of people think im weird because i listen to like everything from soft rock to pop to rap to heavy metal to country, so people are always like "you can't like rap and country at the same time, it just doesn't work" i don't know i just like everything really. but i'm curious, i checked out your profile and you said that you really hate the jonas brothers, just curious as to why you do?
  • Nadrasta des 2009/05/21 02:29:25
    i just get really sick of them all over i think they get more attention then they deserve and it just pisses me off, thats basically the main reason, i also hate their music along with many other things i dislike about them but theres too much to name. i don't think your weird for liking all those different genres your just really into music and thats cool. i only like rock music but i like all types except for alot of glam metal and that indie stuff
  • des Nadrasta 2009/05/21 10:45:20
    yeah i think the whole fame is kind of getting to them now. but i mean besides the fame and glory shit, they're actually as nice as they are on cameras as they are in real life. they played at my school back in 2005 when they first started out and they're really cool guys. like joe gave this girl his leather band with his name engraved in it and he autographed it, but then about a year later she lost it. haha her lost. with as many fans as they have it could have sold for a lot of money on ebay. but yeah rock isn't too bad, i'm probably more of a pop-rock r&b; type of person. and music is everything lol i would die without it.
  • Nadrasta des 2009/05/21 14:26:23
    Me too i don't know what i would do without music it basically made me who i am today. haha she lost it
  • des Nadrasta 2009/05/22 23:19:32
    yeah i agree with the music comment. lol yeah she lost it. i was pissed because i could have sold it for a lot of money on ebay and then maybe i'd have the ipod i want =/ mine can only hold 404 songs and it depends on which ones too so it sucks.
  • Nadrasta des 2009/05/22 23:21:31
    ohh i don't even know how many mine holds but its 30 gigs
  • des Nadrasta 2009/05/22 23:29:38
    lol mine's only 1.8 gigs =( and the one that i want is like 80 gigs i think, the iPod Touch and its better because i have over 170+ artist with at least 10 songs each so thats already 1700 songs, a lot more than mine holds
  • Nadrasta des 2009/05/22 23:33:54
    yeah that sounds cool, so did you already fill up the number of sings you can hold on your I pod?
  • des Nadrasta 2009/05/22 23:47:49
    yeah it holds from 390-404 depending on what songs i put on there. if i put on longer songs then it holds less so if i put songs that aren't so long i can hold more. its stupid really
  • Nadrasta des 2009/05/22 23:49:41
    yeah that does suck, i have some pretty long songs on my I pod so i wouldn't be able to have that type of an I pod
  • des Nadrasta 2009/05/23 00:08:32
    well the longest i have is either Stairway to Heaven or It's All Coming Back To Me Now which are both like 7-9 minutes long. and it sucks i got it two years ago when i graduated 8th grade.

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