More stupid teen shows coming your way

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Oh my gosh, this show is so funny because it has a laugh track!!! lol!!!!! i love this!!!

that is stupid. "wow it has a laugh track to dumb-ass shit, how hilarious" i hate that.

think about it. ALL of the disney teen shows have laugh tracks, which ruins the jokes if they were funny at all. and icarly the gayist shit alive does a webcast actually GET that popular to where the news talks about it? no it doesn't. victorious and icarly and blandly the same show with a little diffrence in sceene and plot, and all of the disney characters and showsare the same way. and all they show during the day is that sassy bitch. i mean, come on!

the only shows that i know of that have no laugh track but are so hilaroius are big time rush and ned's declassified(i miss u ned) and i wish more teen shows talked more about real life situations than just a mean girl or boy in their class or friends or boyfriends or stuff that doesn't matter, degrassi does that, so why doesn't everything else?
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  • jamie:] 2010/07/23 05:47:51
    i totally agree with you! i dont mind big time rush and i used to love neds declassified but then they stopped making it:/
  • LoveLara92 2010/07/22 23:50:23
    i agree 100% with you.....
  • ++evanescence++ 2010/07/22 22:06:34
    veronica mars is the only teen show i ever really liked...well life with dereck isn't that bad actually.
  • disinter 2010/07/22 18:22:28
    Supply and demand. Boobus isn't very bright.

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