Miley Cyrus was exploited. Who do you blame?

Gossip 2008/04/29 00:45:57
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Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana recently posed for a Vanity Fair Magazine spread by the famous photographer Annie Leibovitz. Miley is barely covered by a sheet in some of the pictures and many are calling her them suggestive and in poor taste. Was Miley Cyrus being exploited? Who was exploiting her?
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  • squidz 2008/04/29 17:31:52
    No one; this was a publicity stunt.
    How about none of the above.

    The Leibovitz photos are nothing. What, all 15 year old girls don't have backs? She's totally covered...more than she would be at the swimming pool.

    Her own photos of herself are more revealing AND STILL they are the same photos that nearly every 15 year old takes of themselves.

    This whole thing is created by the media to sell FAKE NEWS. The girls should tell all the critics to take a flying leap.

    Just a crock of ridiculous crap.

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  • Roylee 2008/04/29 01:21:16
    No one; this was a publicity stunt.
    If you're dumb enough to do it, you're dumb enough to get caught. (And thus exploited and humiliated.)
  • Distorted 2008/04/29 01:08:38
    No one; this was a publicity stunt.
    I wouldnt say she was exploited, just let down. She herself, but moreso her parents should have realized that sexualizing a 15 year old disney icon might be regrettable.
  • grovel Distorted 2008/05/05 02:36:35
    Her parents had left the photo shoot with about 10 minutes left of it. Entertainment Tonight showed her Dad leaving with their youngest daughter. After they were gone, only Miley's teacher and Grandmother were there. That is when Annie Photographer had her take her shirt off and wrap in a stole.
  • Trinity 2008/04/29 01:06:48
  • Anjirocks 2008/04/29 00:50:50
    No one; this was a publicity stunt.
    it was her choice and although she ended up having to apologise to her fans she was happy with the way the photos turned out.

    although they were apparently done in good taste i don't think it was right; take the sheet away and it would have been child pornography.
  • Ed© 2008/04/29 00:48:01
    No one; this was a publicity stunt.
    herself and herself only... LOL I was going to say your mom but its just too old of a joke

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