Michael J. Fox has been sick for about a year and is dieing. What do you think about him possibly dieing.

littlelexiix3 2010/04/01 03:21:58
He is a great actor I love him and I cannot belive he s gonna die.
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  • dzynrbob 2010/04/02 07:21:33
    It happens. My brother in law has Parkinsons Disease. He's a retired fireman. He shakes more and more each month. It will take him down some day. And it's tragic. I'm sure to Mr. Fox's family it's tragic as well. For now, I don't think of Mr. Fox, instead I concentrate on my brother in law.
  • jerrbear 2010/04/02 02:58:48
    That would be sad, But he's not ashamed to talk about what he's got wrong with him.
  • Kennedy1st 2010/04/01 21:31:42
    He's been sick alot longer then a year.
    Kennedy1st sick alot year kennedy1st sick alot year kennedy1st
  • Dain Oakendrill 2010/04/01 03:25:03 (edited)
    Dain Oakendrill
    now this unlike the lindsey lohan (sp) is actually rather sad because unlike her he was actually trying to do good for the whole world not just kill himself with drugs
  • littlel... Dain Oa... 2010/04/01 03:27:34
    yes but what happened to Lindsay is sad too.
  • Dain Oa... littlel... 2010/04/01 03:30:41
    Dain Oakendrill
    she did it to herself some would say she deserves it
  • littlel... Dain Oa... 2010/04/01 03:32:31
    why would she deserve it though?
  • Dain Oa... littlel... 2010/04/01 03:35:10
    Dain Oakendrill
    because of everything she let control her life such as drugs and alcohol..... she was offered multiple times help but it just was for her.. so because she did all this to make herself sick she kinda deserves it in my opinion
  • littlel... Dain Oa... 2010/04/01 13:20:36
    Okay, u make a good point.
  • Dain Oa... littlel... 2010/04/01 19:31:19
    Dain Oakendrill
    sorry its just how i think
  • littlel... Dain Oa... 2010/04/01 22:34:06
    no need to be sorry.
  • Dain Oa... littlel... 2010/04/01 22:35:25
    Dain Oakendrill
  • littlel... Dain Oa... 2010/04/01 22:43:15
    yup....uh, bye lol
  • Andrew ~ PWCM 2010/04/01 03:24:44 (edited)
    Andrew ~ PWCM
    He's just going back to the future.

    future future

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