Metallica to Play in Antarctica: Pretty Cool or Pretty Crazy?

Peter Charles 2013/10/30 18:00:00
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Legendary rock group Metallica announced that they're set to play their seventh continent: Antarctica. The show comes courtesy of Coca-Cola Zero and will take place in a dome on the Argentine Antarctic Base Carlini. Residents in Argentina, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico and Colombia will have the opportunity to enter a contest for an Antarctic cruise, which will make a Dec. 8 stop in Carlini for the concert.

haak78 / Shutterstock.com

In addition to its location, the concert is breaking other new ground for the group. According to Metallica's official press release, "The show will be transmitted to the audience via headphones with no amplification." Latin American fans unable to attend will be able to view a live stream of the concert, while fans around the world will gain access to the live video recording at a later time.

What's your take, SodaHeads? Is Metallica's icy, innovative show an exciting breakthrough in music -- or is it a useless product promotion? Do you think the concert is likely to strengthen or even expand the group's fan base?

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  • IC Freeley 2013/10/30 22:07:04
    Pretty cool
    IC Freeley
    That's awesome for Metallica. I hope that while they're there, they manage to find a portal to the Hereafter (Heaven, Nirvana, call it what you will) and bring this guy back...

    awesome metallica hope manage portal heaven nirvana guy

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  • Faceless and Disposable 2013/11/12 17:58:48
    Pretty crazy
    Faceless and Disposable
    Missing a few options. "Pretty stupid". "Pretty desperate". "Pretty jumped-the-shark".
  • b-a88 2013/11/09 03:30:20
    Pretty crazy
    Pretty crazy and Pretty cool are both the same thing in this context, how about an option for Pretty stupid... Sounds gimmicky, the headphone thing is just stupid... The biggest reason for going to a concert is for the feeling of the music vibrating through you, so you actually feel the music but with headphones... That's just stupid, so innovative? I hope not.
  • The Amazin' Guru of Chibis 2013/11/08 18:40:13
    Pretty cool
    The Amazin' Guru of Chibis
    Cool? Sounds pretty f'n cold, if you ask me.
  • MasterLibertarian 2013/11/08 17:38:32
    Pretty cool
    Do you know what happens when hot metal cools rapidly?
  • Junior the Outer Space Musi... 2013/11/04 19:11:49
    Pretty cool
    Junior the Outer Space Music Man
    More power to them.
  • BigD_U.S.M."HD"Vet. 2013/11/03 17:06:27
    Pretty crazy
    certain penguins might LIKE rockin' out to 'em...
  • vj.toms.dayly 2013/11/03 13:00:51
    Pretty crazy
    neither, i don't like
  • Pretty cool
    Now if they could build a time machine to go back and get the Metallica that was worth a damn live!
  • Dave 007 2013/11/02 12:13:36
    Pretty crazy
    Dave 007
    I hope the polar bears enjoy it.
  • ale.m.f... Dave 007 2013/11/08 17:49:24
    that's why they will be using headphones to transmit the concert... read the article first...
  • cranejumper 2013/11/02 02:11:47
    Pretty cool
  • Lord of None~PWCM~JLA 2013/11/02 01:48:12
    Pretty cool
    Lord of None~PWCM~JLA
    actually....fuc*in' cold!!!!
  • S' TIRTA 2013/11/02 00:32:59
    Pretty cool
    S' TIRTA
    sensation of the entertainment world alone
  • Bratty b 2013/11/01 16:49:08
    Pretty cool
    Bratty b
    that's rad
  • Maleficent 2013/11/01 16:38:28
    Pretty crazy
    too cold for my liking...
  • FlyGalsMom 2013/11/01 09:56:48
    Pretty cool
    I said Cool Because they are going to freeze their BIPPYS off LOL~
  • abubincrazy 2013/11/01 03:49:15
    Pretty cool
    That's just COLD!
  • Marnie3 2013/11/01 03:25:31
    Pretty cool
    Pretty cool and pretty crazy! I would love to attend, it would be wild!
  • Fally GM 2013/11/01 03:20:31
    Pretty cool
    Fally GM
  • Cat 2013/11/01 00:38:09
    Pretty cool
    "cool" is a macro-understatement.
  • kzb75 2013/10/31 23:56:28
    Pretty crazy
    Uh. does anybody remember Metallica, Napster the RIAA MP3-Piracy ??? I will never give 1 rusty cent to Metallica, the most sellout whiney band on Earth, Fk'em!!! Their lawsuit is probably one of the biggest reasons why the Govt. spies on us today.
  • KevinDobbs 2013/10/31 18:20:04
    Pretty crazy
    But that's what makes it cool
    antarctica map
  • spike66 2013/10/31 16:26:17
    Pretty crazy
    Pretty stupid
  • jj.hantsch 2013/10/31 16:09:36
    Pretty cool
    Ice cold actually.
  • Eyedunno 2013/10/31 15:47:01
    Pretty cool
    Pretty cool that they're playing Antarctica, but Metallica hasn't been a very good band since about 1987.
  • SuperCee 2013/10/31 15:37:43
    Pretty cool
    First, I love me some Metallica and would love to see them in concert...would I go see it in Antarctica? Heck yes, if I won the contest, I would damn sure go there to see it. I would just love to visit the continent.
  • manfrommars46 2013/10/31 15:28:56
    Pretty cool
    They're a load of old crap and Antarctica is a perfect place for them so that they get their bollocks frozen off and can't make that bloody horrible noise with their guitars. In addition hopefully they'll be isolated hundreds off miles from anywhere so no bugger will be able to hear them anyway.
  • Mike 2013/10/31 14:21:52
    Pretty cool
    I spent three seasons in Antarctica in the Navy. Believe me, any entertainment would be welcome.
  • david abe 2013/10/31 14:16:41
    Pretty cool
    david abe
    It is really good for morale!
  • s2k 2013/10/31 13:22:48
    Pretty crazy
    Who's going to attend? Penguins?
  • hatter 2013/10/31 13:13:48
    Pretty crazy
    they tried to sue the people for greed. they suck to me now.
  • Princess Amethyst 2013/10/31 11:13:59
    Pretty crazy
    Princess Amethyst
    Penguins love to rock out too!
    penguin army
  • Just Jenn for Now 2013/10/31 06:23:23
    Pretty cool
    Just Jenn for Now
    Literally speaking.
  • bshaff72 2013/10/31 04:22:25
    Pretty crazy
    I've been boycotting Metallica since Lars got me banned from Napster in like 98.. I had a few live versions of some songs and I got a letter telling me I was being sued. DAMN.. My wife had just had our son and it caused much stress. I was a huge fan, lots of tapes and seen em live 3 times before then, but I guess lucky for me, they haven't put out a good album since ...And justice for all Kiss my ass Lars, your little man syndrome cost you at least one fan!!
  • Platinu... bshaff72 2013/10/31 05:25:40
    Platinum Fangs
    Well he had a point then. Thanks to Napster, all sorts of people are now downloading and the music industry is in tatters. Lots of good bands aren't getting the cash they deserve when they're music is being pirated.
  • That1Guy bshaff72 2013/10/31 08:39:54
    Oh boo hoo, you don't get to steal music anymore since Lars, and plenty of other artists, mind you, sued Napster. Maybe if you were a real fan you wouldn't take people's words on their later albums, or maybe you came up with the judgement that they're bad all on your own out of spite. I may not be old enough to have been around for their earlier albums, as I am 23 but I do know that they sued Napster in 2000 and 2001, and that their live album S&M, and their latest album Death Magnetic are among their best, and I know this because I listened to both albums without a biased. Maybe you should stop being so hurt from that lawsuit, and listen to the albums on YouTube (without a biased), and actually buy the albums if you like them. I assure you that they are very very good, and Death Magnetic is not only great but has a sound that Metallica or any other band has ever done before, the only two albums that even remotely sound like it are Metallica's ...And Justice For All and Disturbed's Indestructible.

  • Josh bshaff72 2013/10/31 15:25:29
    I'm with you. Lots of talented bands were using Napster to get their music out there. It was only the musicians who were already wealthy that had a problem with it. They can suck one...
  • Eyedunno bshaff72 2013/10/31 16:16:53
    I've been boycotting Metallica since Load. :P But hell, the Black Album wasn't very good either, and ...And Justice for All wasn't anywhere near as good as Master of Puppets.

    But yeah, it's one thing to rip off artists, but these are live bootlegs, presumably; they're not ripping off the artists, just giving the fans a little extra. Also, who rips off artists more than the RIAA? Nobody. They're leeches; f*** 'em.
  • Rivqah 2013/10/31 04:03:01
    Pretty cool
    How awesome is that!!!
  • Platinum Fangs 2013/10/31 02:58:57 (edited)
    Pretty cool
    Platinum Fangs
    As long as they play 'Trapped Under Ice' it'll be cool (pardon the pun)

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