Megan Fox Quits Transformers 3: Big Mistake Or Good Career Move?

Film 2010/05/20 16:33:47
Who outfoxed whom?

Hottie actress Megan Fox says it was her decision not to appear in next summer’s third installment of the “Transformers” franchise.

“Megan Fox will not be starring in ‘Transformers 3,’ reps for the actress, 24, tell People. "It was her decision not to return. She wishes the franchise the best.”

However, one can’t help but think of the disparaging comments Fox made last year about the “Transformers” team, including comparing director Michael Bay to Hitler.

Crew members responded in the form of an open letter to the actress, calling her “dumb as a rock” and “classless.”

At the time, Bay chose not to take sides in the spat, saying he expected “more crazy quotes from her on ‘Transformers 3.’” But we can’t help but think the flap played a role in her “decision” to quit the film.

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  • dracorexXP 2010/06/05 18:42:28
    Glad she's gone. the second movie was absolute crap
  • sweet and sour 2010/05/22 15:08:42
    sweet and sour
  • ml210378 2010/05/22 03:03:51
    Maybe she had another movie in the pipeline. Who knows? Hope she made the right choice (but they usually don't). I guess the storyline can go on without her being in it always running in slow motion no and again.

    movie pipeline hope choice guess storyline running slow motion
  • queenalyss 2010/05/21 21:26:53
    i loved megan im sad to see her leave
  • Tim Pheonix 2010/05/21 21:19:22 (edited)
    Tim Pheonix
    woooooooo, c'mon hows the story gonna develop now that she's gone? lol
    she's a talented actress xD
  • Fitted 2010/05/21 20:20:23
    So what!Give someone else a chance at it anyway!
  • Dark Cuervo 2010/05/21 18:55:18 (edited)
    Dark Cuervo
    No way will this hurt her career.
    As long as she stays thin, she'll always have a place in Movieland as the stupid hot girl nerds lust after.

    Besides, the real stars were the Transformers anyway... it wasn't like the movie completely revolved around her.
  • stephenmarvin 2010/05/21 18:31:42
    ay yi yi
  • Khitikat 2010/05/21 18:06:29
    It's neither a big mistake or a good career move for Megan.
    She's considered one of the hottest women in the world right now, so while quitting won't further her career, it won't hinder it either. I guarantee you this woman isn't given roles for her talent or her personality - as long as she continues being sexy, she's still going to get starring roles in amazing movies despite her inability to portray any character but the stupid hot girl.
  • TheNightFly 2010/05/21 15:53:07 (edited)
    I didn't know she had a spat with her film crew. I didn't know about Christian Baal's blow up on the Terminator set until recently either. His crew pissed him off on purpose just so they could record him throwing a fit. I sound the same way when I get upset at some ignorant dip for screwing up something that's important to me. I wonder, did Fox have any of these same screwballs in her crew?
  • Angelofdeath156 2010/05/21 15:18:17
    Oh well as long as I see Bumblebee I could care less xD

    bumblebee care xd
  • moomoof 2010/05/21 15:01:59
  • LudaHoodsZ 2010/05/21 14:47:02
    IDK...I don't like when movies have twists like that..Where one star quits and the others stay..It's lame
  • Freshtildeath 2010/05/21 14:17:47 (edited)
    She isn't the greatest actor and it seems like she was put in Transformers 2 just to stand their and look good. It didn't seem like she had much more of a role in Transformers. She probably felt the same way because a while ago she made a statement that "transformers 2 is not a movie about acting"

  • Cymech Dragon 2010/05/21 13:55:46
    Cymech Dragon
    She wasn't too bad for an actress, IMO; and I did enjoy her in T1 and T2... however, if what they say is true behind-the-scenes about her, then she deserved to go. Hopefully she will learn from it and succeed in the future. But until then, DECEPTICONS FTW!
  • Anon19 2010/05/21 13:43:23
    She's the hottest woman alive... But it'll still be good without her....
  • Russ 2010/05/21 12:37:17
    There are 100's of girls that can play "eye candy".
    It was not a difficult role: Stand there. Look sexy.
  • Freshti... Russ 2010/05/21 14:19:24
    LOL its true. She can't act. It's like they just threw her in to look good to get even more people to watch the movie
  • Russ Freshti... 2010/05/21 22:21:15
    For good or bad - sex sells
  • v 2010/05/21 07:33:01
    she's useless. who cares.
  • BloodMist 2010/05/21 06:27:36
    Yeah, yeah, i would say it's her own fault on this one.If every human character except Sam were actually important in a Transformers movie, which they aren't, i would say it'd be pretty easy to find a chick who looks just as hot, but has a lot more charisma.Very, easy.
  • Decipher 2010/05/21 06:22:18
    Im gonna have to side with MIchael Bay and the transformers crew on this one. He has every right to be a hard ass to her. I dont see anyone coming down on coaches who push players to the brink and belittle them if they dont perform, so why should a director be any different. He demands the best out of people, and if they dont give it, he will make it known....no big deal. Terrible move on her part
  • whitneyyy 2010/05/21 06:02:48
    ohhhh yay this will be great for her career. do I smell a remake of showgirls in her near future???
  • Russ whitneyyy 2010/05/21 12:38:59

    That (unfortunately?) I would like to see. Sorry, I am a guy. :)
  • whitneyyy Russ 2010/05/21 22:38:17
    haha show girls was one of the worst movies ever made lol, it complelty destroyed that girl from saved by the bells career LOL

    but sense you are a guy...
  • Russ whitneyyy 2010/05/21 22:42:09
    I agree... on both accounts. And, yes. I am a guy :)
  • abelardthegreat 2010/05/21 05:08:26
    no!!!! :(
  • Eania 2010/05/21 04:08:52
    Happens every day, it wasn't a good role for her anyway and it wasn't really taking her anywhere, I wish her the best and I cant wait to see her in future roles.
  • Caity 2010/05/21 03:57:37
    I liked her in the Transformers movies, so that sucks that she and the cast/crew didn't get along. She'll always have work though, I mean she's Megan Fox. I wouldn't worry too much about her not finding any roles.
  • Russ Caity 2010/05/21 12:40:02
    unless she turns into

  • Caity Russ 2010/05/21 15:18:26
    I hope she's not that dumb!
  • Russ Caity 2010/05/21 22:21:58
    dont we all. I can hope all people arent that dumb.
  • Shapeshifter Zach 2010/05/21 03:25:57 (edited)
    Shapeshifter Zach
    Big Mistake
  • SimsNerd 2010/05/21 03:14:45
    This is a random comment but, he thumb scares me!!! 0_o
    random comment thumb scares 0o random comment thumb scares 0o random comment thumb scares 0o
  • whitneyyy SimsNerd 2010/05/21 06:04:21
    <---- scarddd :(
  • Freshti... SimsNerd 2010/05/21 14:21:33 (edited)
    LOL, It's not that bad, is it?

    Megan Fox Toe Thumb: DEFENDED
  • Beltazar 2010/05/21 03:07:49
    She is dumber then a Rock.. You don't byte the hand that feeds you, and Transformers has definitely feed her very very well in many ways.. And, honestly.. As far as Micheal Bay being an ass or something.. So be it, He has every right to be the way he is or has to be while directing a movie.. WHY.. Because look at his Movie Ratings, that is why..
  • Austin 2010/05/21 02:08:12
  • ~Roxy~Navy~Brat~ 2010/05/21 01:57:40
    only time will tell if it was a mistake on her part or not, maybe Transformers 3 will be better & have more action.
  • Stephen 2010/05/21 01:52:00
    I stopped watching Transformers because of the dramatic decrease in Action, instead we get to see Megan Fox trot around........yay.....

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