McDonald's Offers Video Game Content in Japan: Alluring or Lame?

Gaming 2012/02/13 20:08:02
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Money is digital, music is digital, classrooms are digital, books are digital... Why not add one more thing to the list? According to Kotaku, McDonald's is testing out a new cross-over marketing campaign in Japan with "Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 3," a Nintendo 3DS game, by offering exclusive downloadable content at the fast food chain. Customers can also receive an exclusive game called "McDonald's Slime Ship Battle DX." Sounds enticing.

The new promotion isn't exactly replacing Happy Meals, but it does signal a move in that direction. Instead of tossing a plastic figurine into the bag, customers could receive promotional codes for video games, or even apps for that matter. The potential for cross-overs is endless. Imagine receiving an extra set of "Angry Bird" levels with your Big Mac, or an iPhone calorie-counter app with your super-sized fries.

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  • Ichigo Erben 2012/02/25 23:12:21 (edited)
    Ichigo Erben
    I have a 3DS! :P

    I would go to McDonalds just of the game(s). ^^
  • tj ~(^-^)~ 2012/02/24 16:00:29
    tj  ~(^-^)~
    I wanna move to Japan
    Not because of this, but because I'm in love with that country :)
  • shadowpuppet 2012/02/24 02:38:06
  • LdyLeo 2012/02/23 08:16:01
    Well, they are known for being high in technology, so that would be awesome. I love Japan, by the way.
    I love Japan
  • ryan.noh1 2012/02/23 01:27:19
    Video games dominate everything, for better or worse.
    Probably worse.
    coming from a chronic gamer (main pastime)
  • appletime20 2012/02/22 17:58:30
    This almost makes me want to buy a mcdonalds :D
  • Fox Avis 2012/02/22 04:12:40
  • Motherf$cker 2012/02/21 21:25:58
  • scorpionhorse 2012/02/21 19:36:41
  • scorpio... scorpio... 2012/02/21 19:37:26
    plus no pokemon :(
  • EmoMcParland 2012/02/21 08:16:47
    You have to hand it the Japaneese businessman; they're intelligent & shrewd customers.
  • Margaret Jacobson 2012/02/19 21:17:26
    Margaret Jacobson
    why not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • drgway 2012/02/18 21:21:04
    That sounds really really really crap.
  • Flickdraw 2012/02/18 13:29:59
    Sure, because sitting on behinds playing video games after stuffing faces with McDonalds is really going to keep the world healthy!!

    As if McDonalds will give away calorie-counter apps haha. They'll give away apps that send messages to your phone when you're within 100 metres of a McDonalds! Or give you ringtones which have subliminal messages in them to make you want more burgers!

    Worst Idea Ever
  • Get Bashed 2012/02/15 19:41:27
    Get Bashed
    Why put anything extra in the box? I hate bringing the kids there just to argue with them to eat so we can get out of there, instead they waste time with the crappy toy....a toy they wouldn't choose in their toy box at home.
  • MissNovemberTuesday 2012/02/15 10:45:21
    If they do away with the cool collectible toys, I will have no reason to ever buy a Happy Meal again. I only buy them when they have something I want. It's not as if they are really a value for the money just for the food. It is cheaper to just order from the dollar menu and you get a McDouble instead of just a regular cheeseburger.
  • greg 2012/02/15 08:53:40
    just what you need get kids more stupid video games so they don't move off the couch.Lets make them lazy little whiners
  • shadowcat_2 2012/02/15 08:10:16
    less for the food works better, tho :-)
  • TXGirl 2012/02/15 03:29:35
    I don't allow my kids on my computer and they do not have one of their own.
  • Bibliop... TXGirl 2012/02/16 17:09:40
    How do they type up papers for school or conduct research?
  • TXGirl Bibliop... 2012/02/17 15:07:10
    They are in Headstart. It's not time for that yet. My older children were allowed to do research and type up papers for school when they were younger but no computer/online games. Now they are adults and have their own laptops for school and recreational purposes.
  • Keichi Morisato 2012/02/15 02:14:24
    Keichi Morisato
    why not, and anything dealing A. japan, and B. video game is ok by me.
  • stevie.luplow 2012/02/15 01:31:55
    My kids aren't at the age of video games yet. We like the toys...
  • william Matthews 2012/02/15 01:13:26
    william Matthews
    Shoud hand out rated m games
  • hari 2012/02/14 23:03:45
    publicity stunt
  • lum-the-oni 2012/02/14 22:10:39
  • Tennessee3501 2012/02/14 21:49:34
    Just get me my food as fast as you can! I do not know how to play video games!
  • Louis Contreras 2012/02/14 19:38:30
    Louis Contreras
    Most people want instant gratification. Something to hold in their hand. Codes will appeal to a small group but most will be discarded.
  • Khawla 2012/02/14 18:55:03
    They want money!! because in japan people a skinny and don't much unhealthy food
  • Fef 2012/02/14 18:41:53
    San Francisco Liberals would outlaw it since they consider it enticing children to eat McDonald's food... and Libs love to hate McDonalds.

    Doubt me:
    Liberals banned free Happy Meal toys in San Francisco. Liberals in Los Angeles wanted to ban all fast food restaurants in the poor neighborhoods.

    And I love how McDonald's (representing free markets) outwitted the San Fran Libs (representing Big Government thugs):
  • jmg1988 Fef 2012/02/15 00:32:41
    I'm a Liberal and I COULDN'T care less about fast food chains. So please shut up and try not to involve politics in every single topic on this site.
  • Sam LeFay Fef 2012/02/15 02:55:36
    Sam LeFay
    I don't take issue with the establishment of fast food chains.
    I have a problem with the way they abuse their workers and their livestock, manipulate their resources, just slipping by the FDA's regulations and completely disregard their customers so that they can maximize their profits. McDonald's is infamous for this.
    A common argument against this is "Then how can they possibly get the food out fast enough to meet the people's demand?"
    There are ways around torturing and injecting animals with various hormones, buying bottom of the barrel meat and chemical substitutes and injecting your fries with about as much salt as a cup of ocean water.
    I really don't care whether or not people eat at McDonald's and it isn't my right to tell McDonald's how to run their business.
    But I think the way they do it's real sh*tty and low. To think that's the picture of America!

    And waving fingers at Liberals is pretty low too. I would think a co-founder of this website would have a little more integrity, consideration, and respect for others and their beliefs than to do something so immature and dishonorable. I'm a little saddened.
  • Airhead Sam LeFay 2012/02/15 07:44:28
    Those are mostly like the Urban legends bashing fast food from years ago, half truths and whole lies. McDonalds is better to their employes than countless other corporations, and "their" livestock is from outside suppliers (all american I should add). Honestly the meat from your local grocery store isn't any better. The salt content in 1 cup of ocean water is hardly anything compared to what most people use in their food. You do realize that that is only 1 teaspoon of salt. I have severe problems with conservatives but this really is a liberal problem. By definition conservatives believe that government should not be involved with businesses like food chains while liberals think that government should have more control over our health choices like the food we eat. Liberals feel we are too stupid to make our own choices so the government needs to regulate everything.
  • Sam LeFay Airhead 2012/02/17 04:19:04
    Sam LeFay
    Yes and no. I agree with the first few sentences, especially in the case of Walmart. I kind of said the saltwater thing as a euphemism, since that's what Mickey D fries taste like.
    I don't really have an issue with conservatives, in all honesty. How could I? I live in Texas! They believe what they believe, and I don't get to tell them otherwise.
    But bashing us all over the place like watermelons, I'm getting really sick of it. We hardly ever show the other party the same disrespect on this website, and when we do, it's really bad and full of a bunch of crazy conspiratorial 'intellectual' bullsh*t.
    And it's not true that we believe the government should regulate everything. Believing something like that goes against liberalism in most aspects. It's just that there's something really wrong with the picture when more than two-thirds of states have adult obesity rates above 25 percent, and the fact that people simply don't care or want to think about it. I'm not saying there are certain things that liberals shouldn't back off of, but this is not one of them.
    Government interference is going a little too far, but perhaps a customer uprising or something will bring McDonald's attention back to the customers.
    That's all I care about.
    Think about other people instead of profit for once!
  • Airhead Sam LeFay 2012/02/21 14:54:21
    Stop talking out of both sides of your mouth
  • Sam LeFay Airhead 2012/02/23 02:00:21
    Sam LeFay
  • Fef Sam LeFay 2012/02/20 23:06:09
    I thought you didn't have a problem with fast food chains?
  • Sam LeFay Fef 2012/02/23 02:01:14
    Sam LeFay
    I don't have a problem with the fact they exist, or the fact that they are big business.
    I just feel like you shouldn't sham people for your own benefit. That's not cool.
  • Fef Sam LeFay 2012/02/24 06:40:23
    Ah, like Al Gore and Global Warming
  • Bibliop... Fef 2012/02/16 17:09:10
    I hate all processed mush that is labeled as food, it has nothing to do with McDonalds in particular. Other people can eat it, but I'll stay far away!

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