Maynard James Keenan...Yay or Nay?

AARGH! 2011/12/31 00:01:14
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Beings i think this man is the best musical artist currently making music (Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer) i thought I'd do a Nay or Yay encompassing all his bands and solo material. So do you like Maynard James Keenan? Post some favorites but please no autoplay videos...thanks.
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  • danica heald 2012/03/08 14:35:29
    Way Yay...
    danica heald
    maynard is epic!! mi fave tool member by far. x
  • ~TimelordGallifrey~ 2012/01/28 02:48:38
    Idk who that is!!!
  • Ego Death 2011/12/31 14:35:57
    Way Yay...
    Ego Death
    Definitely in the uber leet category.

  • Veritas 2011/12/31 07:20:31
    Way Yay...
    He's a genius.
  • Yukigo Kurosaki 2011/12/31 03:19:42
    Yukigo Kurosaki
    Wonderful guy, haunting lyrics. I love Tool.
  • whispering hands 2011/12/31 01:23:59
    Way Yay...
    whispering hands
    My parents met him and he signed our Caduceus wine bottles and a couple of Alex Grey posters. My mom is trying to convince me to marry his son Devo so my parents could tell everyone that they are now related to one of the greatest musicians ever.
  • M.C 2011/12/31 00:15:16
    Way Yay...
    my favorite singer period, tool is my favorite band.
  • Wilde~MoonChild ™ 2011/12/31 00:11:40
    Way Yay...
    Wilde~MoonChild ™
    LOVE HIM!!!!! altho I did hear he was a prick, but you know rumors....

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