Marilyn Monroe, one of the most beautiful women in the world, was a size 14. A "beautiful" size nowadays is 2 or 4. Does anyone else see something VERY wrong with this?

AngelwithBrokenWings 2008/03/20 18:53:45
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I think it's abhorrent how young girls, including myself, are subjected to models that look like they are on their death beds. And THIS is what we consider beauty. I know I'm not fat. But in my EYES, I am. I am not a size 2, nor am I a size 4. But I am expected to be in order to be considered pretty. Something needs to change. Eating disorders are at an all-time high. Drug use for the simple purpose of staying "skinny" is out of control. Everywhere we look, we are thrown this completely false and unrealistic idea of beauty. Does anyone else think that this is wrong and should stop?
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  • renesmee34 2009/06/09 13:31:39
    That is really unhealthy to do something like that
  • charlottej768 2009/01/25 13:13:46
    wow i never knew that
  • emme425 2008/11/13 00:33:23 (edited)
    ALSO keep in mind that the more expensive the clothing the LARGER it is, so when a movie star or model says they are a size one...they really are a 5 or 6.
    At one store I am a 4, at another I am a 6 and at Walmart or Target I am a 8 or 10 and sometimes a 12!!! It all depends on how the clothes are made and how much they cost.....and yes it should stop...you can start the process by not buying into all the crap and not letting your friends buy into it....stop reading those stupid fashion magazines and looking at those models that need a good meal
  • Not Einstein 2008/08/28 02:02:22
    Not Einstein
    A size 14 in Marilyn's time translates to a size 4-6 today.
  • punch 2008/08/12 04:33:34
    I think you are mistaken to claim she was size 14.
    5 feet, 5½ inches
    Weight: 118-140 pounds
    Bust: 35-37 inches
    Waist: 22-23 inches
    Hips: 35-36 inches
    Bra size: 36D
    Most women I know who wear any size bigger than a 9 ain't got not 23 inch waist.
    Check out this on snopes:

    Granted, Monroe wasn't thin, but she super shapely and a perfect woman form. Size 14 women today have a gunt and cellulite...not at all like Monroe.
  • emme425 punch 2008/11/13 00:34:46
    NOT TRUE, there are many women that are size 14 and do not have a gut or cellulete,
  • MaggieRae17 2008/08/12 02:29:40
    I have friends who practicly starve themselves...

    ANd it's annoying when I start picking up their habits.
    I do eat healthy somewhat (Diabetics in the family). But, I eat less sometimes due to the way some of my friends make me feel when I compare myself...

    But... They just stopped all that cause' I kept nagging them. =D So now, we're all healthy.
  • punch MaggieR... 2008/08/12 04:35:08 (edited)
    Huh? Why do you start by saying:
    "I have friends who practicly starve themselves... "

    and then later:
    "But... They just stopped all that cause' I kept nagging them. =D So now, we're all healthy."

    So what is the truth? Are they healthy or staring themselves? Or are you lying about having friends?
  • MaggieR... punch 2008/08/12 04:42:28
    I say practicly. They would barely eat... then start up again... Maybe I should say at the moment, we are all eating... We don't have any dietary disorders.

    Why do you even care though?

    I just sometimes catch myself saying things and being particular about my foods due to what my friends do or did.

    "Or are you lying about having friends?" I have plenty. And again, why do you feel like saying that?

    Are you lacking a life?
  • Sara 2008/07/31 19:58:37
    I think its ridiculus how much girls worry about their size today. As long as u eat right and exercise your fine (: What size you are doesn't matter as long as your healthy. Atleast twice a day i see tv commercials or ads telling us we need to be skinnier. Lose weight now with these pills! Its all BS! I am 16 years old and I'm a size 14 and couldn't be happier. I mean yeah there were times when i wish i could be a size 2 but thats just not me. I love being my size and my boyfriend loves it too (: so all you girls who think u need to be size 2 your wrong. Your beautiful the way you are. Be confident in who you are no matter what size you are (:
  • emme425 Sara 2008/11/13 00:35:41
    Good for you sweetie!!!
  • ScandalousKitten 2008/06/25 15:11:21
    I have never ever let a "diet soda" pass through my chubby lips! Notice the word "die" is the majority of the word "diet".........

    I am Large, Proud, and my fat a$$ will shout it out loud!
  • Katie 2008/06/25 00:47:12
    I wouldnt want to be a size two, its not healthy to be only skin and bones.
  • Roxie 2008/06/13 05:39:53
    Sizes have changed and the most Beautiful full figure Women was not Marilyn........ it is....... sizes changed beautiful figure women marilyn
  • Lindz 2008/06/11 00:44:00
    I wish everyone would be accepted for who they are..but men love the skinny annerexic look in girls and it's just pathetic.
  • DDWolfs Lindz 2008/07/29 00:08:35
    Well, I don't know what men you have been talking to, but my self and any other man that I know go ga ga gaaa every time we see some body that looks like Sophy Loren or Marilyn Monroe, are you sure you have been talking to men? I think you have let the corporate media influence you in this aspect, they are the ones who are marketing this kind of none sense.
    God bless.
  • emme425 DDWolfs 2008/11/13 00:37:08
    my husband says he wants a WOMAN, not someone he is afaid he will break when he hugs her...he is an ass man
  • punch Lindz 2008/08/12 04:36:49
    I don't know what men you're talking to, but that's not true.
  • countessK Lindz 2008/08/26 09:09:52
    No, only gay men like that look. They like it because it looks like a teen age boy. What does that say about the media though?
  • profireman 2008/05/27 14:24:13
    it is disgusting to see any female or male malnourished,especially the girls because they are confused mentally of what they look like .and what is even worse is that the body starts producing mophine like substances because the body thinks its dying so it can be addictive not to eat.and no its not even a little attractive
  • angie ~ MCCAIN / PALIN 08 2008/04/30 04:16:58
  • Heywood Djablomi 2008/04/27 15:02:37
  • DrTim 2008/04/26 02:25:58
    As a "Connoisseur" of the "Feminine Form",I can say with professional confidence that the "Anorexic Role Models"in todays media are far from the desirable looks that a true lover of women looks for.
    A woman who is obsessed with her weight is just that,"Obessed"!
    Hardly a "Desirable trait!
    A woman that accepts herself as a "Beautiful Creation is just that,Beautiful!
  • Leethal 2008/04/13 10:52:54
    She was stunning there should be more like her.
    Mia tyler comes to mind,
  • I'm Left, You're Wrong 2008/04/08 14:34:30 (edited)
    I'm Left, You're Wrong
    Whenever I hear people call Monroe "fat", it makes me angry. Marilyn Monroe had the body of a WOMAN...the way a woman SHOULD look...hips....curves.....a shape!! What passes for "beauty" nowadays...anorexic women with protruding collarbones, who look like they survived Auschwitz....is NOT attractive!

    It's pretty sad really. Marilyn Monroe's body was GREAT!
  • kassy the killer koala 2008/03/28 20:22:06
    kassy the killer koala
    I think that today's views r so out of proportion. if people would just put down the books and pills and carb-counters, they would realize what kind of a monster their creating. they should take a good look at their younger relatives, and see what it does to the younger generation. people are totally KILLING themselves over something that's NOT WORTH IT!!!!
    Go eat an apple.
  • countessK 2008/03/28 19:21:53
    Yes, it is the gay men in media and fashion who set the standard of female stick figures being "beauty" because they prefer boys. Straight men will take Marilyn Monroe at size 14 anyday over Kate Moss at size 2 or whatever she is. You have to march to your own drummer on this. Anyway, I guarantee a straight guy who likes you will prefer curves.
  • punch countessK 2008/08/12 04:39:25
    You are right on. All fashion designers are GAY men. They are looking for clothes hangers, not real women. They like a woman with the body of a 13 year old boy.

    Just be healthy. Do be fat. Don't starve yourselves. Be healthy. Exercise. Stay active. But enjoy good food a few times a day!
  • birdiegrl 2008/03/28 03:22:54
    If you eat right and do some kind of physcial activity that is all you need to do. If you gain a little weight then cut back some and do more activity. Being healthy is what is important. I have a daughter that is 11 and she is very skinny for her size. She is going to be tall. I feel I like to loose 10lbs myself but I never say I am fat because that is just not true. As a mother It is my job for her to get her security from the inside. I want to be a example to her. Telling the kids that I am on a diet sends them the wrong message.
  • Arel 2008/03/27 18:31:57
    Marilyn Monroe was fit and had the perfect hourglass figure. Todays actresses are skinny and have no figures and girls young and old think that this is what society wants them to be. It is unfortunate because many of todays youth are damaging their bodies to fit into society. When you have women like Elizabeth Hurley saying Marilyn Monroe was fat and she would die if she was a size 14 is sending the wrong message. Elizabeth Hurley has nothing on Marilyn Monroe.
  • Typo Qu33n 2008/03/27 02:16:35
    Typo Qu33n
    Personally as someone who likes girls and boys, I prefer girls with a little meat on them. My GF now is definitly not skinny (she's at least a size 10) and my first GF was a 14 at least. We're they beautiful? Yes. They had personality and we got along very well. I was a size zero once, and I did not have an eating disorder and I certainly wasn't on drugs, but it sucks being that skinny. You're always freezing, nothing fits right and all you hear all day is; "oh my god, I wish I looked like you!" I never felt perfect then because everyone was always staring at me and they all thought I did have an eating disorder. It took me at least eight years to be happy with myself, and now at my size nine I like how I look. if I didn't, then neither would anyone else. Fuck guys and their narrowminded opinions and let teh super models be skinny enough for all of us. If we were all teh same, this world would be one boring ass place. (And this from a girl who used to wear a MENS 32-34 in jr high school, about age 12-13.)
  • Odori 73 Hiphop Worldwide 2008/03/27 01:11:12
  • Callie 2008/03/26 22:17:57
    But people shouldn't let what's in the media effect them.
    Just ignore it all and do what you want.
  • kimmpossiable 2008/03/25 20:01:27
    she was one of the most sought out women, beautiful...not sure where it went wrong, but I see some of these women on tv and I just want to invite them over for dinner. try and fatten them up/.. they look sick.. no curves, face all sunk in, no hips....come on over I will fatten you up hollywood....
  • WhenWilliMissU? 2008/03/24 21:03:43
    yes, this shit does need to stop, these young girls think they "NEED" to look like the females in the mags, to get a man, and most of the men, i mean dogs out there want some fake bitch from a centerfold, well i have news for both of them, those girls dont look like that, they are airbrushed like crazy to look like that, Marilyn Monroe was beautiful, and my daughter is not growing up in a world thinking she needs to be a size 4 to be beautiful, or accepted.
  • Vixyn 2008/03/23 22:58:44
    I do find it kinda wrong that they have that out as a stereo type....I mean if your beautiful then you're beautiful no matter the size
  • <3 + / = </3 2008/03/22 21:42:59
    <3 + / = </3
    being a size 2 or 4...is to small...im a size 15/16....and i think im beautiful the way i am...any1 have a prob w/ tht....then fuk off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Squeeks 2008/03/22 05:03:04
  • emely 2008/03/22 01:50:06
    I think this should stop for the whole worlds concideration.....!!!
  • Kaz 2008/03/21 22:00:31
    Yeah. That society is becoming more and more jerklike? Really, that just means you look fuller or "have more body". Heck. You freakin' look healthy at that size for crying out loud. I think most of it has to do with the media. >:[

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