"Man of Steel" premiered last night. Is Henry Cavill a good Superman?

ABC News U.S. 2013/06/11 13:00:00
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Talk about a super gamble on the new Superman! Henry Cavill is playing the superhero in the latest action flick, "Man of Steel." Though the film isn't out in theaters until June 14 for the general audience, it has already been premiered for the stars. But it's just a few short days until we can see if this new face actually does Superman justice. Do you think Cavill will get the (super) job done?

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  • MissAshley 2013/06/24 13:17:29
    Yes! He's totally believable in the part!
    He's dead sexy is what he is henry cavill
  • Mrs. Nuthead 2013/06/13 19:35:07
    Yes! He's totally believable in the part!
    Mrs. Nuthead
    he seems like a good one and plus hes hot
  • Jimm 2013/06/13 17:17:51
    Yes! He's totally believable in the part!
    From what little I've seen in the trailers, I think he's going to pull it off.
  • Jonny The Frog 2013/06/13 03:04:04
    Yes! He's totally believable in the part!
    Jonny The Frog
    Yeah sure, he looks like a good superman
  • ♥Nicole A♥ 2013/06/12 16:57:11
    Yes! He's totally believable in the part!
    ♥Nicole A♥
    Yes, and he's super sexy hot
  • shenendoah 2013/06/12 16:43:28
    Yes! He's totally believable in the part!
    Wasn't this guy the first choice for the role of Edward Cullen?
  • Lady Nemirstības 2013/06/12 16:14:06
    Yes! He's totally believable in the part!
    Lady Nemirstības
    I would like to see it.
  • dipebu14 2013/06/12 16:00:43
  • Shayne 2013/06/12 15:14:08 (edited)
    Yes! He's totally believable in the part!
    I think so but sorry to get technical im not used to superman without the S curl on his hair supermans S curl superman had an S curl most of the time we known him =O
  • Lady Aiyanna 2013/06/12 14:23:12
    No, I don't think so.
    Lady Aiyanna
    Superman is not superman unless he is in Blue and with his undies on....
    Whatever you say, however great the movie is, its a spoof on the original Superman who is dressed in Blue and with Red Undies on top. This is a new character probably SuperMale who is the nemesis of Superman.
  • Red Omega Lady Ai... 2013/06/12 17:03:54
    Red Omega
    What? His suit is blue, and looks much better than it did in previous years. If this is a "spoof", then so was the first movie.
  • Lady Ai... Red Omega 2013/06/12 20:28:44
    Lady Aiyanna
    Well modernity doesn't mean you change the colour and style, with all due respect to the acting which is phenomenal but the costume designer should have kept to the shades although the texture of the fabrics could have changed. You said it in your own words, the movies are spoofs because of the costume...
  • Red Omega Lady Ai... 2013/06/12 23:28:57
    Red Omega
    Do you know what a spoof is? The film is not made in a comedic way, nor is it meant to be a joke sketch. The original shades of blue does not work with the tone of the film and looks tacky and cheap. This isn't the hey-ho-all-american-good-guy-... nothing-is-wrong version of Superman that bores the living hell out of people who want an interesting story.
  • Lady Ai... Red Omega 2013/06/13 00:24:24
    Lady Aiyanna
    Say whatever, that is my opinion, even if the shade of blue changed, the undies remain the same not going blue. Perhaps maroon would go with the shade.
  • Lady Ai... Red Omega 2013/06/14 10:49:27
    Lady Aiyanna
    You know the Question they should ask:
    What's he (Superman) Got that I (SuperMale) ain't to be Superman???
    Answer: Red/Maroon Undies.

    That was my only contention.... He is SuperMale none the less unless costume change is announced within character for more vibrancy and projection.... Take care!!!
  • Red Omega Lady Ai... 2013/06/14 17:02:42
    Red Omega
    ...What? Red underwear doesn't make him any less of Superman. It doesn't work for the feel and look of the story.
  • Lady Ai... Red Omega 2013/06/15 00:17:52
    Lady Aiyanna
    Try telling a child why he is wearing a blue one not a red one like the comic book.... Its the costume designer's fault not the movie's fault....
  • Red Omega Lady Ai... 2013/06/15 13:21:21
    Red Omega
    It's a 12. If a 12 year old can't comprehend why the costume is slightly different, maybe they shouldn't be watching the film. It is the same as the last 3 batman films - his costume was different in all 3. Superman has had different one throughout his lifetime. Again, the red outside wouldn't have gone with the seriousness of the film.
  • Lady Ai... Red Omega 2013/06/15 15:33:14
    Lady Aiyanna
    I rather not let my child watch the film then. I am not supportive of it. Kids fictional characters remain for kids. This is targeted for the Adult audience and honestly, I wouldn't watch it as I like the costumes apt and perfect to what they depict. Irrespective of what you say, this is my opinion and the Red Undie stays, that is why its no where near the Oscars because of costume designing, which no offence is great, but stick to character although shade changes are acceptable.
    Just like in Spiderman which had a black costume at one point but it showed why.
  • Red Omega Lady Ai... 2013/06/15 16:33:46
    Red Omega
    Superhero films don't win at the Oscars because the committees are snobs, not because of the COSTUMES. The character is the same. Such an excuse as costume is a stupid and menial reason not to watch a film. Spiderman has a different costume to the original comics as well. As does Thor, and Captain America, even the Hulk was different in The Avengers.
  • Lady Ai... Red Omega 2013/06/16 01:19:01
    Lady Aiyanna
    There are different categories that they take into consideration before giving an award and the costume is just one of them apart from cinematography, acting, props, directorship, production, editing etc. Won't get into the technicalities, as said, Spiderman showed a change why the black costume came into being.
    I have seen all the other movies.
  • Red Omega Lady Ai... 2013/06/16 15:32:12
    Red Omega
    Costume is a small part, and Superman having a slightly different costume in an ADAPTATION will not be the fact that prevent it from getting an Oscar. It is not an "oscar film". The first Spiderman film didn't show his origin story the right way, he just used his webs. Thor doesn't have the helmet, and neither does Captain America in the films. That is no reason to not watch them. Spideman 3 might have explained Venom, but it was a god awful film. THAT is a reason not to watch a film.
  • Lady Ai... Red Omega 2013/06/16 15:45:24
    Lady Aiyanna
    Well we'll agree to disagree on this as I love detailing, helmets are secondary but the body costumes matter a lot.
  • Red Omega Lady Ai... 2013/06/16 16:46:24
    Red Omega
    But helmets are a part of the costume.
  • Lady Ai... Red Omega 2013/06/17 00:11:08
    Lady Aiyanna
    True, I know, but people at war fight without them too when they are damaged and unwearable so that they win a battle.
  • Lucius ... Lady Ai... 2013/06/15 23:30:53
    Lucius Archangel
    Dont say anything, just watch...
    Spare a few secons of your life and give this clip a try....
  • Lady Ai... Lucius ... 2013/06/16 01:21:49
    Lady Aiyanna
    Love the Special Effects but the Red Undies would have been better!!! Fine I'll go for the movie just for you guys!!! :-P
  • Lucius ... Lady Ai... 2013/06/16 02:26:02
    Lucius Archangel
    Hahaha your gona love it! Just remember that this movie is a more serious and real life take on how it would it be if Superman real existed just in case you see something that you are not used to. But the film is amazing! :)
  • Lady Ai... Lucius ... 2013/06/16 03:19:43
    Lady Aiyanna
    Cool will watch it and probably give a review, although I do feel he's a bit undressed. But love the SFX from the trailer you showed me....
  • Lucius ... Lady Ai... 2013/06/17 21:07:49
    Lucius Archangel
    Alright then great! :)
  • Lady Ai... Lucius ... 2013/06/18 03:58:44
    Lady Aiyanna
    Its only out end of the month though in NZ....
  • Lucius ... Lady Ai... 2013/06/18 18:45:09
    Lucius Archangel
    Oh snaps still a week and a half or so then :/
  • Aingean 2013/06/12 14:22:47
    No, I don't think so.
    I haven't seen it so I can't really give an opinion on his ability to act. I do have a few questions though, why have they taken away the trademarks that made up the original Superman? I mean that is part of what people fell in love with right? I really don't like the new suit it is a very funky color.
  • Lady Wi... Aingean 2013/06/12 14:28:50
    Lady Winters
    from what I've read the suit matches the ones seen on Krypton. It's suppose to look more alien and not a suit that his mama made for him. The underwear on the outside was originally based on old circus performers (like the strong man) and was meant to be modest. This is just an update of the times. ;)
  • Aingean Lady Wi... 2013/06/12 14:33:35 (edited)
    huh, I wonder if it explains the change in the movie instead of it just being different. It kind of reminds me of the change in the Spiderman movies with the black suit instead of the red...
  • Zach Aingean 2013/06/13 09:57:52
    They are trying to reinvent Superman to appeal to today's population. The last Superman movie, Superman Returns, wasn't considered a box office hit. Superman Returns had all the traditional trademarks and it wasn't the success Warner Brothers wanted it to be.
  • Aingean Zach 2013/06/13 14:47:49
    Well I guess that makes sense though when they re do classic trademarks or classic movies it tends to ruin them for a lot of people. Who knows maybe its a great movie, I haven't seen it yet.
  • Zach Aingean 2013/06/14 01:24:52
    It is getting mixed review from critics. A lot of Superman fans and critics are unhappy with the liberties they took.
  • Aingean Zach 2013/06/14 01:46:30
    I bet. Im not a die heard superman fan but I was a little shocked by the changes.
  • Zach Aingean 2013/06/14 01:50:59
    I have been a huge Superman fan since I first saw the movie. I watched all the movies obsessively as a kid, even the crappy Superman 3 & 4. Around the age of 10 I started collecting some comics, mainly from the 80's and up. I am okay with the cosmetic changes, such as the costume, swirl of the hair, and Lois' hair color. I am, however, worried about plot changes that they seem to have taken. I am going to see it tonight at 12, so here's for wishing for the best.

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