moomoof 2009/08/08 22:03:34
Do we listen to song lyrics ?
do we listen to the beat, melody or music ?

i think we dont really listen or dont connect the meaning to the lyrics

lol i listened to old songs i liked and ...some really dirty others had a happy beat but were depressing as hell XD

others were creepy lol

so the first time you listen to the song do you understand what lyrics really mean or ...get surprised to the really meaning ?
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  • Charlie 2009/09/27 05:42:01
    Being a musician, I listen to the lyrics but also follow the beat at the same time. That's just my way of feeling the music :)

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  • Charlie 2009/09/27 05:42:01
    Being a musician, I listen to the lyrics but also follow the beat at the same time. That's just my way of feeling the music :)
  • ShadowOokami44 2009/09/27 02:56:55
    Usually when I listen to a song I listen to the lyrics first then replay it and listen to the beat of the song. Though sadly I think most people these days just listen to the beat of the song, and don't look for good, inperational lyrics or even an intricate musical ensemble, only looking for a good catchy beat, which is sad. But I love hearing the lyrics of a song then hearing the skill of each of the players durring the song.
  • moomoof ShadowO... 2009/09/27 03:05:49
    Yea that must be the problem now
  • hannah beckett 2009/08/10 19:37:01
    hannah beckett
    I always pay attention to the lyrics.
    They're what make the song the song.
  • moomoof hannah ... 2009/08/10 19:38:51
    yea that is true but i never get meaning right away
  • NobodyHas-a-NameLikeMine 2009/08/09 18:23:55
    Sometimes it happens to me... I listen to a song and love the instrumental, and the beat, but I hear the lyrics later, and I do get surprised or creeped out O.o
    But still love the song XD
  • moomoof NobodyH... 2009/08/09 23:16:06
    lol me too XD one time i was like what the frig XD
  • NobodyH... moomoof 2009/08/09 23:18:41
    It happened to me with the song "a little piece of heaven"
    Its pretty sick... O.o
    But I LOVE it!
  • moomoof NobodyH... 2009/08/09 23:19:37
    lol XD
  • Nadrasta 2009/08/09 18:11:03
    I listen to both the lyrics and the beat
  • tekay 2009/08/09 15:07:21
    of course all the songs i listen 2 i listen 2 the lyrics
  • Icarus326 2009/08/09 03:05:37
    Lyrics, I love Lyrics when they tell a cool story
  • ZILdeactivated 2009/08/09 01:50:14
    I listen to the lyrics and the beat. If I don't like both, I don't like the song.
  • moomoof ZILdeac... 2009/08/09 02:00:27
    yea lol
  • HIMfanaticShannon *SHTB* 2009/08/09 00:59:08
    HIMfanaticShannon *SHTB*
    I always listen to the lyrics! I always get the meanings right away, I was always able to, a gift I guess. But if I hate the meaning or the lyrics I won't listen. Tis why I hate rap.
  • moomoof HIMfana... 2009/08/09 01:03:10
    ah i see lol
  • Melian Nienor 2009/08/09 00:43:23
    Melian Nienor
    I love everything about music. Period.
  • moomoof Melian ... 2009/08/09 01:03:22
    thats very good lol
  • ElectronicAlexa [dhr] 2009/08/08 23:04:27
  • moomoof Electro... 2009/08/09 01:03:45
  • Electro... moomoof 2009/08/09 01:24:26
  • LinzBinz 2009/08/08 22:45:30
    I always go into the meaning of a song! :)
    That's why I like deep artists
    But of course, the light stuff is easier to handle too :)
  • FoxFairy 2009/08/08 22:35:46 (edited)
    I think it is the lyrics that make me love or hate a song not, the beat or even the singer sometimes.
  • blithium 2009/08/08 22:16:42 (edited)
    Lyrics are the best part of a song!

    "You punched out all the windows and the wind began to wail. You gathered your hair behind your head, like God was gonna catch you by the ponytail" I love that line from "There will Be No Divorce" by The Mountain Goats.
  • moomoof blithium 2009/08/08 22:17:41
    yes XD
  • Sting Idol 2009/08/08 22:12:16
    Sting Idol
    Lyrics and beat...but i don't really pay attention to the lyrics and what they mean unless I'm bored.
  • moomoof Sting Idol 2009/08/08 22:14:36
    lol really well i guess if it makes you feel good it cant be bad
  • Dead Star ~ In MUSE I trust 2009/08/08 22:08:04
    Dead Star ~ In MUSE I trust
    When I listen to a song at first, I listen to the tune, if I like the tune, I'll listen to the song again, and listen to the lyrics, if I don't like the lyrics, I probably won't listen to the song as much as if I did like the lyrics.
  • moomoof Dead St... 2009/08/08 22:14:56
    hmmm interesting
  • BGIRL_ROX 2009/08/08 22:07:59
    I do listen to the lyrics, beat, melody, and the music itself. If i didn't, my own music and lyrics would be total waste of everyone's time :P
  • moomoof BGIRL_ROX 2009/08/08 22:15:24
  • FluffyPain 2009/08/08 22:07:17
    The first time we listen to a song, we usually only notice the beat, the rhythm, the thingz that catch your attention.

    Eventually we'll listen to a song and go... Woah. xD
  • moomoof FluffyPain 2009/08/08 22:15:36
    exactly XD

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