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*^ɯɐɔ^* 2009/08/18 06:56:29
So you know when you hear a song and there is that one hook or chours that just explains everything that your feeling? Example: To(Jane Doe) Lyric-She's cuttin' the corners of her eyes
Every time she see your face
Now your trust is out the door
She don't want you no more.

If you could put one person on blast,or tell them you love them,or sorry etc,who would it be and what lyric from the song would it?(You dont have to use names you can use title)like.boyfriend,friend etc.
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  • frankieMonster 2009/08/18 07:45:51
    im not okay. that just explains everything.
  • Iamagreendayholic 2009/08/18 07:37:07 (edited)
    well i only Know a little But i could give you the song."she got every little thing I wanted and it still feels just like the day it started. . My boy friend dedicated this song to me so it means the world to me everytime I hear it. Just listen to it and you'll know why
  • Edible_toad 2009/08/18 07:32:25
    at a few people

    and at someone else

    "this used to be our secret,
    now I'm hiding here alone.
    can't help but read our names on the wall
    and wash them off the stone
    I trusted you in every way
    but not enough to make you stay"
  • Belly Monster 2009/08/18 06:59:39
    Belly Monster
    Uhm, I'd tell my best friend Lexi
    this whole fricken song
    she's on vacation with her dad for 2 weeks
  • XSummerX Tokio Hotel Freak(= 2009/08/18 06:58:19 (edited)
    XSummerX Tokio Hotel Freak(=
    ugh i would have to say idk but i would use thes lyrics

    'i promise you right now ill never let you down'

    i love tokio hotel wooooo

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