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Christine Lusey 2011/06/10 19:00:00
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Nintendo's stock dropped again, following its big Electronic Entertainment Expo reveal: the Wii U console and touch-screen controller. Investors clearly weren't impressed with the new gear, but it's a safe bet none of them have actually played with it yet. What's it really like?
wii console touch-screen controller investors impressed gear safe bet played

On June 9th, the last day of the show, patient gamers faced a three-hour wait (minimally) to play with the new system and its much-hyped controller. Nintendo's E3 staff maneuvered throughout the line with tethered dummy controllers for gamers to gawk at and hold while they waited, happily answering any questions.

tethered dummy controllers gamers gawk hold waited happily answering questions
Unfortunately, most of the time the answer was “That hasn't been announced yet.”

The number one question gamers asked: how many of the new controllers can the Wii U console accommodate? Not announced yet.

Well, turns out that's not quite true. Mid-afternoon on Thursday, the gaming website GamePro broke a story quoting Nintendo giant Shigeru Miyamoto from an interview stating it's likely that only one controller can be used with the console. You'll be able to add players using Wii remotes, of course, but don't plan on having all your friends bring their Wii U touch-screens over for a match.
console add players wii remotes plan friends wii touch-screens match

How does it feel? Well, it's a big boy. It's comfortable, and familiar-feeling, but make no mistake: it's unlike any controller you're used to. Imagine if a Wii Remote and a Nintendo 3DS somehow got together and had a little baby tablet. Loaded with all the buttons and sticks you'll need, plus gyroscopes, an accelerometer, a front-facing camera, a sylus, motion-sensor capabilities, a garage door opener and a toenail clipper (okay, maybe not those last two). The 6.2-inch touch-screen display is lovely, but any questions about the resolution … well, that hasn't been announced yet. It's light, certainly considering the amount of tech they jammed in there. Though in the demos the controllers were wired, so presumably a battery pack will add some heft.

Gamers were ushered into the demo area in small groups and allowed to spend 30 minutes among several different displays, each meant to showcase the Wii U's capabilities. A handful of mini-games and some videos showed off the HD ability of the new console and gameplay with the touch-screen controller. The console itself was well tucked away, which isn't terribly surprising considering the focus Nintendo is training on the controller.

touch-screen controller console tucked terribly surprising focus nintendo training controller
One of the demos, called Battle Mii, showed some of the potential of the new system. It's a 3-player space shooter, with two players using Wii Remotes and one person using the Wii U controller. The Wii Remote gameplay was displayed split-screen on the monitor, while the Wii U player used the touch-screen to view. The Wii U user (WiiUser?) pilots a ship with the analog circle pads, moving the controller around to change the camera angle, trying to shoot down the two Miis, while the Miis aim for the ship.

moving controller change camera angle shoot miis miis aim ship
The HD is a welcome addition, and even in the demos the use of the gyroscopes, like in the pirate game Shield Pose, where you use your Wii U controller to block attacks, offers an exciting glimpse at what Nintendo hopefully has in mind. And while Nintendo has announced that the touch-screen controller will also feature web browsing, video chat and the ability to play games on its own when the TV isn't available, it won't be until (probably late) 2012 that we'll see the final version, and understand how the Wii U will use its capabilities to enhance games like Assassin's Creed, Batman: Arkham City and Tekken.

And how much is this all going to cost? You've probably guessed: that hasn't been announced yet.
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  • Thisguy28271 2011/06/10 22:21:56
    Instead of improving their online and system processing and graphic capabilities,

    they add a touch screen.

    Way to go, Nintendo.

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  • Liberty Blade 2011/10/15 22:12:51
    Liberty Blade
    Satoru Iwata said in an interview that the company does not intend to sell Wii U for the same $250 price that Wii did at launch. He also believes Wii can continue to live on for a period of time following the release of U.

    Without knowing the exact components that make up the new system and its controller, it's impossible to precisely say how much Nintendo will pay to produce each system. $300 seems like a low-end estimate for what consumers will be paying at this point; between the system, its controller, and Nintendo's insistence upon making a profit out of the gate, it probably won't end up costing any less than that.
  • Archer ~ The Limit Break of... 2011/06/13 17:25:30
    Archer ~ The Limit Break of PHAET
    I do. Not for the average gamer (like myself, who will likely stick with the regular old Wii), but for some of the more hardcore ones. Release one Zelda game JUST for the Wii2 and you'll have buyers. Make it an awesome game, and you'll have more buyers than you can count.

    Simple as that.
  • paintball_addict18 2011/06/13 06:08:33
    Im not a fan of the nintendo products because IMO most of their games are for kids and im a hardcore gamer, and the graphics just dont cut it for me.

    so nintendo is reverting back to stationary console it looks like, but with support for the older Wii controllers (well thats good at least). but still i wont buy it...
  • Anna 2011/06/13 05:05:10
    But I bet it will be hung up at Walmart
  • 10997 2011/06/13 03:42:52
    I don't really consider the wii a real console.

    More like an expensive family toy.

    Also, do you have to let go of the controller to use the touch screen? It looks like it judging by the size of the controller, and I feel like that would only waste time in fast-paced videogames.
  • Rachael Helms - BN01 2011/06/13 02:50:33
    Rachael Helms - BN01
    Nope don't care about it, but I'm sure a lot of kids will like it and want one.
  • Gerard Martell <3 2011/06/13 01:31:29
    Gerard Martell <3
    i dont see how people keep voting yes on this one....
    Sure the Wii helped nintendo dominate at first, until people realized what i knew before it was released... that it wasn't a good "next-gen" system... Alot of people think this will be good, that is until you tell them only one new controller per system...
    I thought by now people would catch onto nintendo's strategy of putting the same thing out there over and over again. Its just an upgraded DS that has a counsel... Sure this might be on top for a little while after release, but lets face it, the second a new XBOX comes out the Wii U will be right were the Wii is today, a system thats killing itself off... The Wii sales are declining in japan. If you can't survive in your own country why try again... Here is why.. They only sold a little over 6,000 Wii counsels this week (in japan) while selling a little over 35,000 DS and 3DS (in japan).. so no wonder its an upgraded DS..... Oh and the PS3 sold 16,384 systems in japan this week... and the psp sold 29,886
    Nintendo is loosing a huge market in japan... they still have pretty great worldwide sales... but thats because the rest of the world still buys into the same cheap product.....
    I knew not to buy the product when the name was changed from Revolution to Wii (big difference and im so glad i saved an extra $100 for my xbox...
  • Vaius Gerard ... 2011/06/13 01:54:33 (edited)
  • Gerard ... Vaius 2011/06/13 02:29:47
    Gerard Martell <3
    it pretty much is....
    the fact of the matter is that no matter what it is, its not worth whatever they will ask for
  • Vaius Gerard ... 2011/06/13 03:13:06
    No, it isn't. At all.

    The DS is a handheld.

    This is a console.

    Two completely separate things.

    That's like saying the Gamecube is just a console Gameboy Advance.
  • 10997 Vaius 2011/06/13 03:45:25
    So, it's a DS that you can't take anywhere? lol
  • Vaius 10997 2011/06/13 03:48:07
  • 10997 Vaius 2011/06/13 04:01:39
  • Vaius 10997 2011/06/13 13:17:36
    Graphics are better, hardware is better, etc.
  • 10997 Vaius 2011/06/13 13:57:00
    Lol pfft! Shut up! xD

    You haven't even played the damned thing.

    Besides, why would I even bother when I could use a perfectly legitimate 360?
  • Vaius 10997 2011/06/13 23:57:26
  • 10997 Vaius 2011/06/14 11:01:24
    You're fighting a losing battle, my friend xD
  • Vaius 10997 2011/06/15 00:08:12
    No, I was just arguing an argument that began weak. Let me start better.

    1. The WiiU is much closer to an upgraded Wii than an upgraded DS.

    2. The WiiU's hardware is much greater than any current or near-future standard to be considered a handheld.

    3. Just because the WiiU has a touchscreen and the DS has a touchscreen does not mean the WiiU is also a DS. Correspondence does not indicate correlation.
  • 10997 Vaius 2011/06/16 11:10:29
    Your arguments are better this time, but I remain unconvinced

    The Wii involves movement which contradicts with being a couch potato
    arguments remain unconvinced wii involves movement contradicts couch potato
  • Gerard ... Vaius 2011/06/13 10:02:36
    Gerard Martell <3
    I know its a counsel, i know how to read... but the controller is basically a DS
  • Vaius Gerard ... 2011/06/13 13:18:22 (edited)
    Which is probably why you can use a 3DS as a controller.
  • Gerard ... Vaius 2011/06/13 20:45:49
    Gerard Martell <3
    i'd much rather they focus on consistantly making good games... the only game i liked for the Wii was Brawl...
  • NastySugarSweet 2011/06/13 00:34:23
    it will hurt your eyes
  • Vaius NastySu... 2011/06/13 00:59:05
    O RLY
  • Stan Kapusta 2011/06/13 00:13:09
    Stan Kapusta
    Too much competetion from more superior systems. Besides people are getting sick of paying 50 bucks for crappy games.
  • Vaius Stan Ka... 2011/06/13 01:00:04 (edited)
    Oh, come on now, not ALL Wii games are crappy.

    Metroid Prime: Trilogy, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories are good games, for example.
  • Gerard ... Stan Ka... 2011/06/13 02:32:13
    Gerard Martell <3
    we can tell that Vaius is a nintendo fanboy, that will continue to buy products that are weaker then the competitions...
  • Stan Ka... Gerard ... 2011/06/13 06:08:04
    Stan Kapusta
    Thank You for answering. I couldn't of said it better.
  • yousureaboutthatstupid 2011/06/13 00:11:04
    When you read more than the lacking information that Sodahead gives you, you begin to realize that this system, much like the first Wii, will be a total flop.
  • No
    ♥Bribri♥ ~Killjoy!~ IchLiebeDichCody(: {08.13.09}
    Yay. A bigger Nintendo DS...>.> I'm excited -insert sarcasm here-
  • Vaius ♥Bribri... 2011/06/13 01:01:57
    Inaccurate. The WiiU is a separate console.

    The 3DS can be used as a controller, though.
  • Liam At... Vaius 2011/06/13 13:01:13
    Liam Atkins
    It actually cant. They're not crossing the line on that though. Seriously people on here dont know what they're chatting about.
  • Vaius Liam At... 2011/06/13 13:21:15 (edited)
    Well. Nothing is really confirmed. But, Shigeru Miyamoto did say they were thinking of that.

  • ♥Bribri... Vaius 2011/06/14 22:17:10
    ♥Bribri♥ ~Killjoy!~ IchLiebeDichCody(: {08.13.09}
    I really don't care. Nintendo kinda sucks :P
  • Vaius ♥Bribri... 2011/06/15 00:08:45
    I guess that's why the highest rated game of all time is a Nintendo game.
  • ♥Bribri... Vaius 2011/06/15 13:57:59
    ♥Bribri♥ ~Killjoy!~ IchLiebeDichCody(: {08.13.09}
    So? I don't care that they have the highest rated game of all time. I'm not really into all that. Personally I think the best thing Nintendo ever made was the Nintendo 64. I still have mine...that thing won't break xD
  • Vaius ♥Bribri... 2011/06/15 22:35:29 (edited)
    Neither will the Wii or Gamecube. Almost anything made by Nintendo is made to last.

    After all, they are meant to be handled by almost anyone. Including children.

    Actually, that's really why I liked cartridge games: Unlike disks, they generally won't break unless you try to break them and they have significantly lower loading times.
  • Liam Atkins 2011/06/13 00:05:24
    Liam Atkins
    another crappy console
  • Liz Del Rey 2011/06/12 23:40:01
    Liz Del Rey
    i don't need a bigger ds
  • Vaius Liz Del... 2011/06/13 01:02:27 (edited)
    It's not a DS. It's a console.

    A 3DS can be used as a controller, though.

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