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Back in the '80s, when the Sunset Strip was beleaguered with heavy metal bands and the eccentricities that went along with them, Motley Crue made a name for itself as one of the rowdiest groups on the scene. The band members drank excessively, did unbelievable amounts of hard drugs, and landed in jail on numerous occasions. Fortunately, they all made it out alive.

Nikki Sixx, the band's singer and bassist, wrote about his season of vice in two books, "The Heroin Diaries" and "This Is Gonna Hurt." Both were accompanied by albums from his new band, Sixx:A.M., a supergroup of sorts consisting of Sixx, DJ Ashba of Guns N' Roses, and multi-instrumentalist James Michael, who has worked with Motley Crue, Meat Loaf, and Alanis Morissette, among others.

The latest single off of Sixx:A.M.'s last album, "Are You With Me Now," is a blatant, melancholy glimpse at his past. Lines like, "All the things I can't control come back to haunt me now," and, "We were dumber then, so much dumber then" hint at the emotional scars Sixx's reckless youth have left. The chorus ("Come back from the dead, you've been inside your head for too long") seems directed either at someone he interacted with at that time, or at certain elements of himself. Give the song a listen and let us know what you think!

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  • Little Fawn 2012/05/02 22:18:50
    Little Fawn
    Seeing is how music is my gateway to life, lyrics are damn important to me. Nobody is ever there for me so I rely on music to keep me going and to know that I'm never alone. Without music and meaningful lyrics, my life would be nothing.

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  • leese6661 2012/12/07 23:34:15
    I think lyrics are extremely important. A song that has lyrics that I can relate to, or lyrics that evoke any kind of emotion, is the best kind of song. I like music that speaks to me, and the best way for any song to do that is through lyrics that hit hard. Sixx:A.M. is great at doing that. The lyrics are relatable, meaningful, and often inspirational.
  • bchris3427 2012/12/01 06:53:50
    I don't know how this happened but the comment I typed out is gone. All that typing gone! So to answer your question...I absolutely believe lyrics matter. They definitely matter to me and when a song, band can touch your soul in so many different ways with so many different feelings...it is "Profound"
  • DementedCaro 2012/12/01 01:15:25
    Lyrics brining a message are a real added value to a play. It brings an other dimension when you feel concerned or addressed by the lyrics.
  • terri.justice4 2012/11/27 01:16:25
    I absolutely think lyrics are important. The lyrics are the story. In many cases, and i personally think that especially in Nikki's case, the lyrics are the songwriters way of connecting with the listeners. It's their way of sharing some of their deepest secrets and dreams. i just listened to "Are You With Me" and I love it. Not only the lyrics but the melody as well. Awesome song!
  • lana.bassett 2012/11/17 21:05:46
    Lyrics are what make a song relatable. They give the song meaning and can turn a song you like into a song you love. They're one of the most important parts of a song.
  • alisha.laws 2012/11/07 19:38:07
    I think the lyrics are important if you want to connect with your fans, the lyrics have to relate to our feelings, and life
  • Torsor96 2012/10/29 12:31:15
    A song to me consist mostly of the lyrics, so lyrics has a lot to say in a song for me
  • lskaaos 2012/10/11 22:49:13 (edited)
    Yes. A song could have amazing music, but without the perfect lyrics it wouldn't matter how good the music track is. This song has both!
  • tara 2012/10/08 22:44:42
    The word's matter ! The music generally transports the feelings, but it's the words which create these feelings!
  • Master0fFright 2012/10/05 20:01:22
    Lyrics definitely matter. They are the basis of what the songs are about.
  • Danny Vooris 2012/09/22 16:05:30
    Danny Vooris
    YE"S!!! The Word's matter! "ARE YOU WITH ME NOW" and :OH MY GOD" The lyrcis are way important!!!!
  • bateboyback 2012/09/20 14:21:43
    I think lyrics matter because you could great sounding song, but if the lyrics are terrible then it's not gonna do the well
  • samuel01stevens 2012/09/17 03:53:38
    Lyrics do matter in music for me. Some bands it doesn't, but there is several musicians that require lyrics to make them what they are.
  • Bob Fries 2012/09/16 03:40:33 (edited)
    Bob Fries
    YES! There is nothing like a good song that makes you have a connection with it through the lyrics
  • Angel Barton 2012/09/15 12:23:34
    Angel Barton
    Lyrics are really important, if the lyric doesn't touch you in some way, whatever emotion it generates, then the track might as well be lift music
  • NanaAlicia 2012/09/10 05:19:50
    Lyrics do matter. Lyrics that tell a story of a person's past or present, that inspire others, or that people can relate to make some of the best songs ever.
  • Ayhan Öztürk 2012/09/06 13:51:03
    Ayhan Öztürk
    lyrics always matter. And the lyrics from this song have a deep meaning.
  • Tee Morgan 2012/09/06 00:49:25
    Tee Morgan
    Lyrical content is absolutely what can make an OK or good melody great.
  • SixxSerpent 2012/09/04 18:37:54
    Lyrics are extremely important to me in everyone song I listen to, save for the instrumental ones. The lyrics create the vibe and mood of the song just as importantly as the instruments. By also having lyrics, the music listener can get a sense of what the musician was thinking and/or feeling at the time the song was written.
  • Bethany Applegate 2012/09/02 17:26:44
    Bethany Applegate
    LOVE! I am with you Sixx:A.M.!
  • Michael Adams 2012/09/02 13:51:30
    Michael Adams
    Yes lyrics sure do matter especiially when it is such a personal song such as "Are You With Me Now." Lyrics have saved my life many times over..
  • Celticpath 2012/08/29 09:29:08
    Yes, lyrics are very important to me. Sometimes they can affect the mood I'm in at the time (good or bad). And, some song lyrics may make me really think about things that I'd never thought about before.
  • joanne.gough.359 2012/08/24 11:23:07
    I think that all elements come together to make the perfect song - tune, rhythm, lyrics, associated visuals etc, but personally speaking I think that the lyrics are the most important. Words are so powerful! They have the potential to inspire or discourage, affirm or reject, and offend or compliment. My whole attitude to life has changed after listening to the lyrics on 'This is Gonna Hurt'. Yeah, it helps that the music is so poweful too, but something really special happens when you have a great message behind a great melody.
  • Brett Mueller 2012/08/21 16:29:20
    Brett Mueller
    Lyrics are definitely important to me. If the lyrics are crap then just give me an instrumental. Nikki is one of my inspirations in life. I love his lyrics and I even find humor in the some of the horrible Theatre of Pain lyrics.
  • GalwayHookerBnd 2012/08/21 14:54:35
    To some no to me yes have to be moved equally by words and music.
  • jordan stevens 2012/08/16 05:08:00
    jordan stevens
    Love the song, and yes the lyrics definitely matter.
  • caseyryan79 2012/08/14 16:09:05
    Lyrics absolutely matter and this song shows Sixx's journey from childhood to the artist that he is today!
  • Alex 2012/08/13 15:57:09
    Are you with me now by SixxA.M. has great lyrics that I really relate too. Lyrics are very important as it conveys the feelings of the artists at the time of writing.
  • Sarai 2012/08/12 14:11:49
    Lyrics def matter, it's what helps me get through things in my life, it's what I connect to. Are You With Me Now by Sixx A.M. is amazing and has helped me get through a lot.
  • Vezarock 2012/08/12 07:23:37
    Just like music should be the harmony of notes and intervals, lyrics should support the song and, in some way, deliver a message.
  • trev8700 2012/08/09 05:03:39
    i love this band
  • GugolyaVanda 2012/08/08 21:38:15
    I love this song so much and I don't think that it's maybe matter for the listeners :))
  • brenda 2012/07/24 18:38:19
    I love to hear te music and the melodies
  • NicoleNyxx 2012/07/21 13:04:38
    Lyrics defiantly matter. If no music had no meaning, it would just be an emotionless block of noise. Are You With Me Now is probably one of my favorite songs because it has so much meaning. Sixx AM is amazing, and one of my favorite bands without a doubt.
  • Hana_Loyal 2012/07/19 12:49:58
    Yes Music N' Lyric are important for Me, Be I can learn something from a Lyric, Especially All Sixx A.M Lyric, You Guys teach Me about something, about how Beautiful Life is
  • Ayasha411 2012/07/17 16:14:55
    Yes, lyrics matter. Music has the power to affect your emotions, what you feel. Lyrics are speak to you, influence thought. The right combination of music & lyrics can be very powerful.
  • kim 2012/07/16 00:43:06
    If you listen to any of the songs, you can hear the stories of the lives they lead. They tell the stories of their pain, heartbreaks and healing.
  • kayleigh 2012/07/07 18:07:51
    I love Sixx AM's new song it's great However the greatest songs on the album are "This Is Gonna Hurt" which is the name of the album and one single I hope they release and also "Skin" is a great song.
  • onebadassbadboi 2012/06/30 06:48:19
    are you with me now?
  • Alx Vignaud 2012/06/27 03:12:31
    Alx Vignaud
    In my opinion the lyrics of a song is very important. It takes a poet, or more than that at the time of making music. The purpose of a song is to reach people's soul, to feel what the song says and live it. 'Are you with me now' is a song that touches the soul of the people after 'Life is beautiful'. Those songs make you feel you're not alone..-

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