Lindsay Lohan Says She Had a Miscarriage While Filming Reality Show: Does She Need to Take a Break?

AdriHead 2014/04/21 18:00:00
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At this point, we should know that anything having to do with Lindsay Lohan isn't going to be drama-free. During the two-hour finale of her docu-series "Lindsay" on the OWN network, the actress revealed that the reason why she had missed two weeks of filming was because she had suffered a miscarriage.

lindsay lohan
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"No one knows this, and we can finish after this, I had a miscarriage for the two weeks that I took off," Lindsay revealed on the show, fighting back tears. "I was sick. And mentally that messes with you."

LiLo didn't reveal who the father was and how far along in her pregnancy she was, but the news certainly comes as a shock to many viewers.

Do you think Lindsay needs to take a break from the spotlight, now that her reality show is over? Should she focus on herself a bit more before attempting to make a "comeback" in the industry?

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  • ogre 2014/10/17 21:04:01
    Yes, she needs time away
    and never come back why did you ask this question she's so the past man come on
  • NikkiLee 2014/04/28 10:44:19
  • sidneyscottnry 2014/04/28 04:13:37
  • Bill 2014/04/28 01:47:48
    Yes, she needs time away
    She needs a "time out"......but she needs Jesus more than anything. She looks like gutter trash.
  • MkB 2014/04/27 22:35:37
    Yes, she needs time away
    Good God, is that how Lindsay looks today?
  • EmoKiss:3 2014/04/27 21:06:33
    Yes, she needs time away
    She needs help O.O
  • Dave 007 2014/04/27 12:17:39
    Yes, she needs time away
    Dave 007
    The scary thought is that she may reproduce.
  • Dennis Swanson 2014/04/27 09:15:59
    No, she should still attempt a comeback
    Dennis Swanson
    radiation poising has a devastating effect on the reproductive system. fukushima in CA fukushima obama
  • jsavik 2014/04/27 04:50:01
    Yes, she needs time away
    a long time away.

    like forever.
  • Dan der Mensch 2014/04/27 03:25:51
    Yes, she needs time away
    Dan der Mensch
    Don't know, don't care. I'm just glad I get to use my Lohan gif:

    care glad lohan gif
  • Dan der Mensch 2014/04/27 03:25:03
    Dan der Mensch
    Don't know, don't care. I'm just glad I get to use my Lohan gif:

    care glad lohan gif
  • BreeMoore 2014/04/27 03:08:33 (edited)
    Yes, she needs time away
    Some of the things I've read in the comments are seriously sick. You don't know if she's lying. You don't know what happened. What right do you vicious people, typing away your malicious little comments behind the safety of the anonymity of your computer screens, have to judge her for her past mistakes and condemn her for them?
  • SundayS... BreeMoore 2014/04/27 09:49:55
  • Tikiteddy101 2014/04/27 00:09:43 (edited)
    Yes, she needs time away
    She needs a break from everything. She annoys me
  • Griegg 2014/04/26 21:28:34
    Yes, she needs time away
    She won't have a comeback if she doesn't take care of herself emotionally.
  • Just MEH....Piwan 2014/04/26 17:44:06
    Yes, she needs time away
    Just MEH....Piwan
    Take all the time she wants..and give US a break!
  • blackgold 2014/04/26 17:20:26
    Yes, she needs time away
    how do we know shes lying so we can feel pity for her?
  • Angela Chambers 2014/04/26 10:08:00
    Yes, she needs time away
    Angela Chambers
    Take a break, Lindsey. Spend time with people who love you, get yourself straightened up, take a vacation someplace, and then come back.
  • Stef and the City 2014/04/26 04:04:21
    Yes, she needs time away
    Stef and the City
    I'm not sure I believe this whole miscarriage story. Lindsay isn't exactly a credible source even when it comes the ongoings in her own life.
  • JingerJewels 2014/04/26 02:48:26
    Yes, she needs time away
  • jjbluesam 2014/04/25 22:40:27
    Yes, she needs time away
    It still depends on her personal decision, at least I believe it should. If she can handle it, fine, if she wants a break, then let her take one.
  • Bob, the reasonable one 2014/04/25 22:16:15
    Yes, she needs time away
    Bob, the reasonable one
    BS....she got it aborted...that would be her mindset...
  • Kern 2014/04/25 16:40:37
    No, she should still attempt a comeback
    The public needs a break from her.
  • ♥Nicole A♥ 2014/04/25 03:50:15
    Yes, she needs time away
    ♥Nicole A♥
    When doesn't she need a break!
  • taitaFalcon23 2014/04/24 16:46:37
    Yes, she needs time away
    Unfortunately, impressions where real money is involved, has a narrow margin for error. No producer, director or production company can justify her personal life as a reasonable risk to bankroll with so much other talent available. She had a chance to be young, beautiful and talented and she choose to drink it, pill pop it and slut around and squander a once in lifetime chance that most will never know...
  • True Genius 2014/04/24 15:28:05
    Yes, she needs time away
    True Genius
    She has a long, long way to go!! She needs a break. Lots of growing up to do!
  • overdog001 2014/04/24 14:26:36
    Yes, she needs time away
    More importantly, we need a break with her spending some time away. Hag.
  • Sara 2014/04/24 10:45:17
    Yes, she needs time away
    I really like Lindsay and I think it's a shame how she has had such a hard time. I think she came from a really dysfunctional background and it's caused her a lot of problems. She's got undeniable star quality, but she needs to take a few years off, spend time with people who truly care about her, get herself healthy, sort out her addictions and then perhaps come back to showbiz if she still feels it's right for her. She's still young, there's no need to rush.
  • Purebloodfantasies 2014/04/24 07:42:22
  • D D 2014/04/24 06:44:15
    Yes, she needs time away
    D D
    I pretty much think her miscarriage was just go get people to leave. I am sick on Lindsay.
  • DebraJMSmith 2014/04/24 05:37:25
    Yes, she needs time away
    I thought she claimed to be a lesbian.
  • Dylan DebraJM... 2014/04/24 21:01:31
    She's bisexual, actually.
  • DebraJM... Dylan 2014/04/25 00:42:06
    Pretty much tosses the "born that way" theory right out the window.
  • Dylan DebraJM... 2014/04/25 05:01:19
    How so? I actually find that a bit insulting that you imply people aren't born bi.
  • DebraJM... Dylan 2014/04/25 07:25:20
  • someone DebraJM... 2014/04/28 18:00:12
    I'd like to know, too.
  • rotten 2014/04/24 04:53:51
    Yes, she needs time away
    She can come to my house to recover.
  • :)SuperGirl(: 2014/04/23 21:34:06
    Yes, she needs time away
    If what she says is true, then yes.
    Otherwise, I don't care.
  • kelsie gilson 2014/04/23 21:12:16
    Yes, she needs time away
    kelsie gilson
    she needs sleep an a nice vacation to herself
  • Just Another Girl (5) 2014/04/23 20:50:44
    Yes, she needs time away
    Just Another Girl (5)
    I hope she can get herself and her life in order and make her comeback she seems to really want. But in order to get herself on the right track she needs to WANT it. She has to WANT to clean up and live a better life. It wont happen for her until she really, really wants it to

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