Lakers fans........Los angeles Lakers..... why is it that the Lakers fans are the, "most proud" or arrogant when it comes to that team? (a perception)....

stevegtexas@aol.com 2012/06/18 16:28:48
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  • Jorge Enriquez 2012/07/18 16:17:36
    Jorge Enriquez
    its LA man, just for that hahaha
  • DFA 2012/06/19 01:14:49
    I'm not a Lakers fan, but I have noticed that a little bit.
  • Call me Mark willya? 2012/06/18 23:46:55
    Call me Mark willya?
    I think professional sports and athletes should be taxed until their freaking eyes bleed and the money should go to help feed the poor and pay nurses and teachers and fund medical research. Hell the only people that make more money than them are the oil company execs. And they should be taxed twice as hard!!!
  • Lili13 2012/06/18 18:10:09
    No idea
  • Ron in Oregon 2012/06/18 17:40:39
    Ron in Oregon
    If you have enough money to help pay the exorbitant salaries of the players, then go ahead and do it. I will use my available money for more important things.
  • BIG BAD JOHN R. 2012/06/18 17:18:34
    They have been on top for a long time.
  • Your Favorite Nerd 2012/06/18 17:07:56
  • Rod 2012/06/18 17:04:14 (edited)
    If they are (and I'm not so sure that that is true), it could be because of all of their world championships. That would tend to make anyone proud. Same reasons apply to the Yankees and the Packers. By the way, I hate the Lakers.
  • JOMO 2012/06/18 17:01:56
    Well frankly I do not think being proud" or arrogant is exclusive to the Lakers fans. These are the characteristics that is synonymous with being a genuine fan of any team. Have you ever noticed how after other teams have won a tournament the fans take to the street and destroy the city.

    That my friend is pride and arrogant's..., not to mention STUPIDITY..., so I am not sure how you arrived at the opinion that it is only the Lakers fans that practice brain dead behavior for their team....JOMO
  • micha77 2012/06/18 16:36:41
    Yankee fans come pretty close. And Packers fans are similar, except they drink way more beer.
  • stevegt... micha77 2012/06/18 16:41:35
  • MlssCue... micha77 2012/06/18 17:19:37
    MlssCue =Go Blue=
    I'm a Packers fan and I am not this way. Are you a Steelers fan? lol No seriously though, I am not that way.
  • micha77 MlssCue... 2012/06/18 18:17:25
    Well, I'm a Vikings fan, and its considered our job to rip on Packers fans and cheeseheads in general. lol!!! Nothing personal, just an ongoing tradition. Oh, by the way, expect to see the Vikings in the Super Bowl in 2016, with our newly acquired quarterback......Aaron Rodgers............hehehehehe...
  • Ashley 2012/06/18 16:29:50
    nothing to brag about
  • stevegt... Ashley 2012/06/18 16:41:49

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