Lady Gaga

♪♫♪BLinkinPark-182●♥● 2011/01/08 04:58:33
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I Love Her
I Hate Her
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i just hate her clothes style xP her voice is not good too -.-'

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  • _chrisie 2011/03/01 20:38:53
    I Love Her
    she is like flipping awesome the only time i was like ewww was when she wore the meat dress
  • Kela ~ In Lady Gaga I Trust <3 2011/02/08 22:43:36
    I Love Her
    Kela ~ In Lady Gaga I Trust <3
    She has an AMAZING voice and you don't know the meaning behind her fashion.
  • MaRiEL*LoVeS*cUpCaKeS 2011/01/10 10:23:57
    I don't love her and i don't hate her
    but she got a pretty cool style and i like her voice:)
  • brianna 2011/01/09 17:49:20
    I Love Her
    I love her songs, each one represent something, the way she dresses is different from every other famous person, like all the wear is like a plain red dress or something, but she comes up with the most exciting fashion designs and i love that about her, Im a big fan of her :D
  • Arika 2011/01/09 05:55:43
    I Hate Her
    Her songs are annoying to me. Plus its hard to like someone when they scare you -__-
  • ♪♫♪BLin... Arika 2011/01/10 13:04:56
    HAHA xD
  • FencerCat 2011/01/09 03:03:14
    I'm not a fan. I won't dis her, though. I'm sure plenty of people don't like the bands/ singers I do. She is just not my cup of tea.
  • ☠~Death~☾~Princess~☠ 2011/01/08 22:06:38 (edited)
    i like her songs but not her and the way she dresses
  • ... 2011/01/08 21:42:45
    I Hate Her
    She's a spinning rose. One of those fireworks. It gets lit and spins around all brilliant colors and noise and everyone goes "ohhhhh ahhhhh" for a minute, and then it's finished, and all that its left behind is a rotten egg stink and you realize it was all flash and no substance. And kind of think, well that was dumb...why did I like that in the first place? Where are the sky rockets?
  • not that 2011/01/08 17:04:56
    I Love Her
    not that
    i love her music
  • ♪♫♪BLin... not that 2011/01/10 13:00:34
    thats the only song of her that i like,i dont like the rest..
  • Fabulous Killjoys<3 2011/01/08 14:15:39
    Fabulous Killjoys<3
    I think she's OK. But her style is not D: This dress is made of meat!
    shes style dress meat Lady Gaga meat dress
  • ♪♫♪BLin... Fabulou... 2011/01/10 13:00:50
    Ewww! xP
  • Fabulou... ♪♫♪BLin... 2011/01/10 13:01:52
    Fabulous Killjoys<3
    I think so too xD
  • wcpjams 2011/01/08 11:56:42
    I believe the word "Hate" is much too strong a word. I reserve that word for people like "Osama bin laden" but now having said that, No I am not a fan of hers. She is just a Madonna wannabe
  • ♥ChesterLoverLp♥ 2011/01/08 11:38:25
    well i dont hate her. But i dont like her clothes everything about her. Her voice is ok but i just dont like her. She acts like a bitch -.-
  • nikkie276 2011/01/08 09:24:21
    I Love Her
    i love her songs
  • peaceLover 2011/01/08 07:20:00
    i dont like her
  • DrewyDrew 2011/01/08 05:56:49
    I Love Her
    i like her because she's different.
  • I Love Her
    cнιвι cυρcαқєs ~*Λℓιcє*~ ♥♥
  • Ketel-One 2011/01/08 05:03:18
    I Love Her
    LOVE her :)
  • {<3( mAiLlEs BeBe)<3} 2011/01/08 05:02:22
  • ♪♫♪BLin... {<3( mA... 2011/01/10 13:06:04
  • {<3( mA... ♪♫♪BLin... 2011/01/11 02:01:19
    {<3( mAiLlEs BeBe)<3}
    i think she is
  • ♪♫♪BLin... {<3( mA... 2011/01/11 11:52:30
    K! as u like

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