Kristen Stewart Cheating Reports: Will ‘Twilight’ Fans Be Turned Off Final Film?

ABCnews.com 2012/07/26 00:05:07
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  • Cal 2012/07/26 19:16:44 (edited)
    No, the fans are very loyal.
    Of course not. If they they were not turned away by the gay sparkly vampires and the poor acting....then why would they care about this?

    shut up and take my money

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  • ShamWOW!! 2012/07/29 04:53:22
    No, the fans are very loyal.
    Trust me, Twilight isn't going away anytime soon.
  • being me 2012/07/29 03:17:26
    No, the fans are very loyal.
    being me
    It's the last of the Twilight movies not the saga of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
  • JayRevolution 2012/07/29 00:07:14
    No, the fans are very loyal.
    They're still going to watch the movie. Just because K-stew and that sparkly freak had relationship problems does not mean the fans won't watch the final movie of one of their favorite series.

    To be truthful, I thought they broke up.
  • UMAD 2012/07/28 22:23:01
    No, the fans are very loyal.
    no twilight fans are sheep.
  • Ozymandias 2012/07/28 22:21:23
  • Shelby 2012/07/28 20:59:35
    No, the fans are very loyal.
    This whole media explosion on other people's lives shouldn't effect the movie it's just stupid for someone to say i'm not watching twilight because of this whole debacle.
  • Paint it Black 2012/07/28 18:24:04
    No, the fans are very loyal.
    Paint it Black
    Nope, but it sure going to be awkward for rob and kristen
  • Shadow 2012/07/28 18:21:38
    Yes, the fans are taking this very hard.
    I mean, I don't know why she needed to cheat on him. She could have lost a great thing in her life. You never know.
    Would serve her right if he wanted nothing more to do with her from this point forward.
  • Sybil Shadow 2012/07/30 03:53:30
  • lmnlme10921 2012/07/28 18:00:55 (edited)
    No, the fans are very loyal.
    Though just admitting that makes me want to run a spear through anyone who believes that that poor excuse for a story is actually literature. And to all of you idiots who try to say how great an actress K Stew is, name at least two DIFFERENT facial expressions that she shows throughout the franchise. Bella Swan is one of those women who thinks she is nothing without her man, whose life dream is to have sex with a man whose greatest desire is to suck the life out of her. Yes, I am an HP fan, and yes, I am biased. And shame on anyone who is both an HP fan and a Twilight fan. Hermione would be ashamed.
  • Sybil lmnlme1... 2012/07/30 03:58:51 (edited)
    Zero expression...zero talent...

    kristen stewart kristen stewart kristen stewart kristen stewart kristen stewart
    That bottom one must be her personal fave.
  • Dave1969 2012/07/28 15:38:01
    Yes, the fans are taking this very hard.
    But to be honest,I thought it was already
  • Seeker of Truth - War Wizard 2012/07/28 15:26:19
    No, the fans are very loyal.
    Seeker of Truth - War Wizard
    Face it, the fans couldn't care less if she was a murderer or prostitute. They don't really care about the empty shell that is "Bella". They only care about fantasizing that they are in her place, with some romantic sparkly vampire wuss.
  • Divya 2012/07/28 12:33:04
    No, the fans are very loyal.
    Twilight Movie was hit not just coz of kristen stewart,,, i love jacob n his imprint ;-) also Edward n alice too.... i ll watch it for sure...
  • Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel 2012/07/28 10:13:05
    Yes, the fans are taking this very hard.
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    Pattinson is too good for her anyway.
  • Madi 2012/07/28 08:42:22
    No, the fans are very loyal.
    Fans will defdinately watch! and seeing as its the last one, maybe more people will come.
  • Shadow_Wolf 2012/07/28 03:16:13
    No, the fans are very loyal.
    Don't worry in about 5 years I'll have new vampire/werewolf story (it won't be ass crappy as Twilight thought :p)))))))
  • Bigbrowneyes 2012/07/28 01:09:28
    No, the fans are very loyal.
    If anything, it'll encourage the girls to swoon over Robby more now that he is single. I am not a Twilight fan, but it was annoying to read the commentary of why she did it.

    "22 is too young for a committed relationship." Don't agree at all...
  • Katherine Bigbrow... 2012/07/28 11:15:04
    Lovely, it's stuff like that that makes it difficult for the rest of us to find good men.
    22 is too young? When's just right, when you're old, sagging and dried up?
    No offense to anyone...... :/
  • Bigbrow... Katherine 2012/07/29 00:49:15
    Oh this wasn't a quote from myself. It was commentary that depressed me from someone who knows Kristen Stewart.
  • tori 2012/07/28 00:17:04
    No, the fans are very loyal.
    Twilight fans are very devoted. Im not sure why, but they are.
  • Cierra 2012/07/27 23:44:09
    No, the fans are very loyal.
    I am disappointed with recent news of Kristen and Rupert's infidelity towards their significant others, but that doesn't mean that I don't want to see Breaking Dawn part 2. I'm Team Jacob anyway. hehe. But yeah, Kristen may be wrong, but that doesn't mean Bella is.
  • Megagenie 2012/07/27 22:40:12
    No, the fans are very loyal.
    Heck No! Just because stupid Kristen cheated on poor Rob doesn't mean I will stop seeing Twilight. I am still going to see Breaking Dawn part 2. I support Rob 100% and I wouldn't be surprised if he showed up and break up with Kristen. I think Robert Pattinson deserves much better. I still can't believe how Kristen actually did that to him.

    support robert pattinson
  • Cierra Megagenie 2012/07/27 23:45:19
    I'm Team Jacob, but I like that picture of Rob. His eyes are gorgeous and he looks like the total bad boy here. lol
  • Megagenie Cierra 2012/07/28 21:58:22
    I know. I like his hair. I'm on Team Jacob too. I feel bad for him. He's been a loyal boyfriend and Kristen just had to go and mess up their relationship. Poor guy.
  • Sybil Megagenie 2012/07/30 04:01:18
    Makes me want to support his movies even more lol
  • Megagenie Sybil 2012/08/02 05:58:27
    I know. Seeing Kristen cheating on Rob makes me see Bella doing that to poor Edward. She broke poor Jake's heart too. lol!
  • Sybil Megagenie 2012/08/02 13:27:37
    LOL i hadn't thought about that!
  • Megagenie Sybil 2012/08/03 03:18:02
    It's how I see it. I think Kristen likes to play with fire or something just as Bella was doing. Leading Jacob on and she was still with Edward.
  • Sybil Megagenie 2012/08/03 14:32:58
  • John 2012/07/27 21:26:40
  • merslix. 2012/07/27 20:16:41 (edited)
    No, the fans are very loyal.
    im a twilight fan
    and i could care less.
  • Aspect of B 2012/07/27 19:20:19
    No, the fans are very loyal.
    Aspect of B
    They don't care.
  • Stacie 2012/07/27 18:39:11
    No, the fans are very loyal.
    Kristen Stewart's stupidity has nothing to do with the Twilight Series movies.

    Ergo - the backlash from what she has done to Robert should have a minimal, if any, effect on the numbers for the final film.
  • Gib 2012/07/27 18:34:01
    No, the fans are very loyal.
    I don't think they will, but the connection they had with Kristen won't be as good, but I'm not doubting a bunch of people are angered and hate Kristen now
  • Jiorgia 2012/07/27 18:16:14
    No, the fans are very loyal.
    Whatever they feel about kristen and rob, they will all go watch the film and buy the merch.
  • Living Ichigo 2012/07/27 17:56:47
    No, the fans are very loyal.
    Living Ichigo
    What I don't understand is why it's even made it this far....Take a look at the Percy Jackson movie. I know it was kinda bad that they made Annabeth a brunette and kicked Clarisse and Silena out of the movie, but it was at least better than Twilight...It deserved a second chance with "The Sea of Monsters".
  • PandahSixx 2012/07/27 16:07:45
  • retrograve PandahSixx 2012/07/27 17:18:41
  • MDMA 2012/07/27 16:06:46

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