Know any songs with 'friday night' in the lyrics or name?

Saladpants 2009/11/13 23:07:21
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  • SongFanx3 2012/12/26 09:52:18
    I'm looking for a Song where they sing something like how's it feel, to go out on friday night and i'm not sure but i think it's from the fray or the script... Please, help me to find this Song! Thx :)

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  • SongFanx3 2012/12/26 09:52:18
    I'm looking for a Song where they sing something like how's it feel, to go out on friday night and i'm not sure but i think it's from the fray or the script... Please, help me to find this Song! Thx :)
  • Ziggy 2011/12/12 16:49:28
    hi never done this before i'm looking for a song title it's a 80's song. the lyrics go's something like it's friday night time to party. body shaking fellin allright i guy is singing it hope you can help me out.looking for it for years now but don't know the tiltle just got that song in my head veryyyy frustrating. thnx Ziggy
  • serge.s... Ziggy 2012/03/16 21:19:46
    ziggy, I believe the song you're looking for is - Just Got Paid (It's Friday Night) by Johnny Kemp


    ENJOY!!! :-)
  • randy 2010/07/31 22:39:08
    trying to find the name of the recording artisit & the name of this song-it is about a straight laced guy during the week-come friday night he crosses the county line & puts on his elvis custom jacket made & cuts loose
  • Samantha 2009/11/25 10:24:36
    what's my age again! xD
  • Sarah 2009/11/22 17:19:44
  • elptrek P.H.A.E.T.'s wizard 2009/11/21 16:46:34
    elptrek P.H.A.E.T.'s wizard
    Eric Church - Love Your Love The Most

    Sumter County Friday Nights by Lee Brice
  • !Gráinne! 2009/11/21 12:17:31
    Church on Sunday - Green Day
    "If I promise to go to church on Sunday, will you go with me on Friday night?"

    What's my age again - Blink-182
    "I took her out, it was a Friday night"

    The Darkness - Friday Night
    "Dancing on a Friday night"
  • Liam=Green Day Freak 2009/11/21 09:34:38
  • Lia 2009/11/21 09:25:28

  • So Wrong It's Phoebe! 2009/11/21 08:01:42
    So Wrong It's Phoebe!
    there's a band called the friday night boys, does that count?
  • Saladpants So Wron... 2009/11/22 15:59:00
    Ehhh...Not really but nice effort! :)
  • ... 2009/11/21 02:47:43
  • Moderated 2009/11/21 02:26:18
    Friday Night's Alright for Fighting - Elton John
  • SHARON 2009/11/17 02:04:10

  • AmytheArtist 2009/11/15 20:57:56 (edited)
  • jennie♥ 2009/11/15 00:52:42 (edited)
  • Christopher.Paul.Colfer<3 2009/11/14 22:31:23 (edited)
    Just Got Paid! It's Friday Night!
  • J03Y W@$ H3R3~In Kira I tru... 2009/11/14 19:14:11
  • Lunatic 2009/11/14 16:24:12
    Aces Wild
  • nightlight 2009/11/14 14:18:43 (edited)
    No, I don't. I'm only interested in the words in a song if they express an interesting idea or express a powerful, well reasoned emotion. But, by the way, that's a great video.
  • luvdougie 2009/11/14 06:02:31 (edited)

    Friday Night............McFly
  • BeeBop luvdougie 2009/11/21 00:58:12
    I LOVE MCFLY!! <33333333333333333333333
  • luvdougie BeeBop 2009/11/22 00:35:07
    i will add u then!
  • BeeBop luvdougie 2009/11/22 19:03:08
    Sweet :D mmmm Danny :)
  • luvdougie BeeBop 2009/11/23 04:41:48
    danny lover eh??
    or is that just because he can blow bubbles?? XD lol
  • BeeBop luvdougie 2009/11/23 04:54:03
    lmao I love all of them but..Danny is my favorite..he is so darn tootin sexy! <333333
  • luvdougie BeeBop 2009/11/23 04:58:23
    hehe dougie is my favorite
    but you probably knew that lol
  • Ginger Snapp 2009/11/14 03:05:22
    Ginger Snapp
    "friday im in love"

    "ladys night"
    "cuz its friday night and the feelings right, oh yes its ladies night oh what a night"
  • bethanator 2009/11/14 02:11:47
    blink's whats my age again lol
  • kaτo gaτo 2009/11/14 02:00:38
    kaτo gaτo

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhahaha
  • Ictoa 2009/11/14 00:59:44 (edited)
  • Gun665 2009/11/13 23:25:43
  • Sister Jean 2009/11/13 23:17:21
  • paenitentia 2009/11/13 23:14:23
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  • Jersey-Gurl 2009/11/13 23:12:48 (edited)
    whats my age again - blink182

    "i took her out. it was a friday night, i wore colonge to get the feeling right"

    (WARNING: dont watch the video if you are eating or if there are young children 10 or younger in the room you are in. and dont watch the last 10 seconds if the video. it isnt censored. i warned ya.)
  • Gina 2009/11/13 23:12:10
    Join the discussion! Answer here.

    :D lol
  • Saladpants 2009/11/13 23:10:20
    "Friday night it's time to party" from Alcohol by the Millionaires
    and "Pizza party on a Friday night how would've know there'e gonna be a food fight?!" Food Fight by Be Your Own Pet

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