Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Are New Parents, Is It Too Soon For Them to Have a Baby?

Aly1234 2013/06/16 19:58:56
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Kim Kardashian gave birth to a baby girl via c-section at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in West Hollywood. The newborn is slightly premature, and is in an incubator for now as a precaution. No name has been revealed yet, but something tells me it will start with the letter 'K'.

Kanye West Kim Kardashian

Kim was very emotional and cried when she saw her daughter for the first time and Kanye referred to the child as his "good luck charm". The couple started dating around April 2012. Only after a few months into the relationship, Kim was pregnant. There is no doubt that they will be good parents, but will the couple last? Kim is known for rushing into things. Her marriage with Kris Humphries only lasted 72 days, and she had been married once before that as well. Kanye reportedly cheated on Kim with Canadian model Leyla Ghobadi, which is being denied but could very well be true. Did the couple make a mistake in having a baby so early on into their relationship?

Some might argue that love is love and no one should judge the two for moving so fast, which is a fair point. However, is it really love? Bringing a child into the world is a serious thing, and if the claims of Kanye's infidelity are true then it seems like their daughter is destined to visit dad on the weekends.
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  • Scout 2013/07/15 16:01:52
    What a trainwreck.
  • Papillon 2013/07/14 17:06:08
  • Cold Warrior 2013/07/11 23:31:47
    Cold Warrior
    They shouldn't have been allowed to reproduce in the first place.
  • carolynb 2013/07/11 13:58:58
    They definitely can afford to have a baby and are both old enough. It is time for both of them to focus on something other than themselves for a change. This baby will be so loved. One lucky kid!!
  • Taylor 2013/07/11 12:02:32
    Oh my god you people. You don't know them personally! I think the baby will be just fine.
  • akPhilly 2013/07/10 05:27:22
    LOL, well it's too late to worry about it now, the baby's here!
    But anyway, I do think that just in general, it's a bit soon. They're not even married, & then on top of it, they're celebrities. It seems like celebrities never stay together. The celebrities that do seem to be married for a long time are the ones that are married to non-celebrities. The kid will be taken care off; if they split up, & even if Kanye was to just skip out & ignore them, they'll be fine. But if the kid's a few years old at least, it can be tough on them. Only time will tell
  • Chip Buffalo 2013/07/09 18:44:26
    Chip Buffalo
    That poor baby.
  • Joe 2013/07/09 03:42:42
    Never too soon
  • Taysha 2013/07/09 03:40:22
    Yes, definitely. As we all know, Kim Kardashian is a serious attention addict. I have no doubt she chooses romantic partners via how much fame she will attain through them, and this is just another stunt to extend her fifteen minutes of fame. If I weren't so strapped for cash, and pessimistic, I would bet money they'll break up or pull some other "shocking" thing out of the blue once this bit of news gets old.

    Sidenote: What a horrendous dress. Is this what they sell in the maternity section of designer stores?
  • JoJo The Music Man 2013/07/09 01:14:14
    JoJo The Music Man
    Too early? How about never.
  • alyssa140 2013/07/09 01:12:54
    They may have not thought this through.....
  • Holly Davis 2013/07/08 21:31:34
    Holly Davis
    She's in her thirties, if she wants kids at all nows the time to have them.
  • Cymech Dragon 2013/07/08 04:38:58
    Cymech Dragon
    They're out of their parents' house... right? Seem old enough to me...
  • Cymech ... Cymech ... 2013/07/08 04:39:39
    Cymech Dragon
    Course I meant to vote 'no' it seems. >,>
  • Andria 2013/07/08 02:58:17
    Well it's a little too late for that one.
  • Erica Z 2013/07/07 20:00:00
    Erica Z
    I'm all for people sowing their wild oats and all that, but these two should never procreate. Ever.
  • Mastermama 2013/07/07 00:26:47
    Perhaps they should have gotten to know eachother better, maybe got married 1st. I don't know. He strikes me as completely arrogant & she seems to meek. He's going to walk all over her.
  • Coastergirl99 2013/07/05 18:02:35
    To be honest I don't care. Best wishes to the baby though.
  • ThomasMSmith54 2013/07/05 09:11:22
    Call me old fashioned, but the two are not married and now have a child out of wed-lock. I don't really care who these people are, how much money they have, their status in world or anything about them. All these have put them on the world's stage view and made a statement that its ok for unmarried couples to bear children. The chain of this nation's code of moral conduct is weakened again by the rich and famous believing they can do as they please without impacting society.
  • Lydia Barber 2013/07/04 01:53:07
    Lydia Barber
    yeah because we all know how well kims marriages go...
  • Timothy Sweet 2013/07/04 00:27:23
    Timothy Sweet
    Baby no..Spawn yes.
  • Rose R. 2013/07/03 07:53:18
    Rose R.
    Those two pathetic wastes of space shouldn't have bred at all.
  • David 2013/07/02 21:35:28
    They're both plenty old enough. Why are these questions being asked?
  • myhouseinthewoods 2013/07/02 20:49:36
    dont care haha
  • Dark -N- Lovely 2013/06/30 19:03:58
    Dark -N- Lovely
    I thought it was extremely fast and a bad decision. Kim didn't even let the sheets cool down from her marriage before she got knocked up. I'm just starting to think that she is an opportunist. However, I wish them happiness because the baby is here now, can't cry over spilled milk...
  • MadMax 2013/06/30 16:31:40
  • Not A Crybaby Richard <3Fre... 2013/06/29 09:58:04
    Not A Crybaby Richard <3Freedom!
  • johnnyg 2013/06/29 05:30:48
    She can pop a brat out every 9 months until she hits menopause. She could get a show like that 31 kids and counting show, she just needs a few sets of quads to catch up.
  • LoveBug 2013/06/27 15:59:05
    And I think they need to give more consideration to the child's name..... I mean, really, North West?
  • Erica Z LoveBug 2013/07/07 20:03:32
    Erica Z
    They were trying to be 'delightfully quaint'.

    I can't stand how selfish celebrity couples are with this kind of thing - spare a thought for what the child will end up going through with this name (let alone having those two as parents! *shudder*).
  • LoveBug Erica Z 2013/07/12 17:59:22
    Agreed.... They really weren't thinking of their child at all when deciding the name. It's a shame. I wonder when someone is going to name their child South East... =/
  • Rachel 2013/06/27 08:50:25
    I Think They Should've Dated Longer and Then Got Married. Because If They Break-Up, It's Going To Be A Mess With Custody. But I'm Still Happy For Them And Their Baby. Shout Out To North West!! :)
  • Eizzy ~PWCM~JLA 2013/06/27 04:40:15
    Eizzy ~PWCM~JLA
    She got pregnant much too soon and unexpectedly; it was during all that mess with Kris Humphries. I feel with all the rocky emotions, the pressure of the media, the suspicion Kim might run off to do it all again with another man, the father being a well known singer with a bad temper, and a mother whose fame blossomed over a sex tape plus a reputation of infidelity; I fear this child will not be anything great, but just another Kardashian. I hope they stay stable and their child become a singer or something, but I have little hope in that outcome.
  • Eva Santana 2013/06/26 21:42:44
    Eva Santana
    THE KARDASHIAN CLAN needs to stop REPRODUCING for America's sake. Sad excuse for a family.
  • kim tran 2013/06/26 18:32:47
    kim tran
    I really hope they get their act together.
  • Zody Honeybee 2013/06/25 16:32:25
    Zody Honeybee
    they should give it back
  • Dickens 2013/06/25 14:45:23 (edited)
    ...ewww...don't these two low-life scumbags really need a "south" west to complete the nightmare?
  • frankie 2013/06/24 03:49:19
    i said no because i am not imterested in either one of thwem i don;t care if they have a dozen. but that is a dozen that will grow up listening to trash talk. more snobs
  • jweedinsaldana 2013/06/24 02:48:17
    They named their child North...what does that tell you??
  • David 2013/06/22 21:12:52
    Two unpleasant people getting together and having a child. What a perfect match.

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