Justin bieber tweeted "I hate anime", do you love anime?

Lily loves minions 2013/05/18 08:49:10
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  • sophia 2014/03/28 15:15:47
    Yes because anime is cute :3
    Yes! I love anime and could definatelly not be able to imagine my life withought it! (I've liked it ever since i was 3 years old!!!) That's not only because most of it is cute but because I LOVE WATCHING DEMONS! And stuff like sword fighting like in hakuouki and how they make life so nice like in k-on or non non biyori but i have to say that i don't know if i'll EVER watch something like LUCKY STAR or NARUTO! because i'm not into stuff like that! ^w^
  • KyoKinjirou 2013/10/17 22:47:11 (edited)
    Yes because anime is cute :3
    Anime shows you what is true meaning of Friendship,Love and teach everything ( If you want to win,you have to fight for it ( Eren Jaeger ,Shingeki No Kyojin ) / Even i can meet you ,agains 7 billion to 1 odds , Even if you cant walk or stand ,I WILL MARRY YOU ( Hinata Hideki ,Angel Beats )

    True Love
    True Friendship
    IF bieber hates anime,that mean he hates asian like myself

  • sebastian.smith.587606 2013/09/03 13:31:38
    Yes because anime is cute :3
    *writing his name in the Death Note* *followed by a horribly graphic description of his death, involving rabid chipmunks*

    ...I really love anime, ok?
  • Souless In The Abyss 2013/08/28 15:39:51
    Yes because anime is cute :3
    Souless In The Abyss
    Die Justin... justin bieber dead gif
  • Abby 2013/08/28 02:40:10
    No :(
    Not a lot, but there's nothing wrong with it.
  • Kezzi Morris 2013/08/18 14:17:48
    Yes because anime is cute :3
    Kezzi Morris
    It's cute
  • daniel.stephens.9849 2013/08/05 03:11:03
    Yes because anime is cute :3
    I don't understand how you can hate anime c: Anime  D
  • Skunky 2013/07/19 19:11:45
    No :(
    i agree with Bieber.
  • ✪Selena Gomez✪ 2013/07/19 17:18:30
    Yes because anime is cute :3
    ✪Selena Gomez✪
    yes i so love anime.. i can't imagine my life without anime :p anime picture
    male anime picture
  • BriBunny /(^x^)\ 2013/06/14 03:01:26
    Yes because anime is cute :3
    BriBunny /(^x^)\
    Asdfghjkl Crona <3 !!!!! I fricken love anime! Soul Eater is the bomb
  • EternallyDevoid 2013/05/31 20:14:06
    No :(
    Never thought that little twerp and I would have anything in common. I'm almost tempted to give anime yet another try, just to change this.
  • macy 2013/05/27 23:53:27
    Yes because anime is cute :3
  • cocktailsquid 2013/05/27 21:23:09 (edited)
    Yes because anime is cute :3
    I love anime. I find what I watch of it to be more fulfilling, more creative, and better written than almost any of the live action (for lack of a better phrase) show on television right now.

    The thing is though, I don't see why I should care enough about what Justin Bieber has to say to get upset. He thinks anime sucks? And?
  • Big Battles 2013/05/27 18:24:27
    Yes because anime is cute :3
    Big Battles
  • Nothing 2013/05/27 17:40:15
    Yes because anime is cute :3
    Has he seen his ugly face as if someone pooped him out!? Anime are one billion times better than this spoiled brat! Who the hell is this gay guy to judge anime!? He rants on everything that we all love, he deserves to be hated. He wants people to stop booing him while he throws sh*t at everyone!? He SHOULD be prepared for honest opinion about him! That's not hate or jealousy, THAT'S FACT ABOUT HIM!! He's not a baby anymore!
    people booing throws sht prepared honest opinion hate jealousy baby
    Every time I hear another justina bieber news, I get So DAMN ANGRY!!
    No matter how much this diease sh*ts at us people but Anime(respectfully capital A) WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST!!!
    justina bieber news damn angry diease shts people animerespectfully capital
    justina has no rights to judge anyone!! NO RIGHTS AT ALL!!! BOO!!!! YOUR FIFTEEN MINUTES OF FAME ARE OVER!!!
    people animerespectfully capital justina rights judge rights boo minutes fame
  • mangafan123 2013/05/27 17:16:05
    Yes because anime is cute :3
    One more reason to hate Justin bieber...
  • sakurano himeka 2013/05/27 07:24:13
    Yes because anime is cute :3
    sakurano himeka
    hell no anime is awesome
  • Tobi 2013/05/19 15:31:57 (edited)
    Yes because anime is cute :3

    https140 photobucket comu

    Though I don't think Bieber (although clearly not likeable) actually said that, his haters falsely informed that in order to get him even more hated
  • Lily lo... Tobi 2013/09/06 11:44:55
    Lily loves minions
  • Sachikø-the-shy-kunøichi 2013/05/19 08:01:57
    Yes because anime is cute :3
    I like Justin Bieber :3
  • The Amazin' Guru of Chibis 2013/05/18 22:04:57
    Yes because anime is cute :3
    The Amazin' Guru of Chibis
    Well I hate Justin Bieber, so....
  • stranger 2013/05/18 21:09:32
    No :(
    and it annoys me when my nieces post stuff on anime and thats all they ever post. in fact i have hidden all their feeds because their anime and self potrait uploads where getting on my nerves
  • cocktai... stranger 2013/05/27 21:28:15
    I get tired of my aunt's political posts and my brother's musician posts. I see social media like a magazine. Read what you like, skip the rest. I have never understood why people get upset with other for posting what they want to post on their own profiles (unless it is something actually offensive -- not just something you don't like). I support your right to look or not look at whatever you want, but I hope you didn't complain, like your annoyance was more important than her right to post to her interests.
  • stranger cocktai... 2013/05/27 22:18:57
    no i didn't complain to her or facebook, i just removed myself from being able to see the posts
  • cocktai... stranger 2013/05/27 22:21:29
    That's fair. I've been on the side that your niece is on, but my family weren't that nice.
  • BigKwell 2013/05/18 18:03:05
    Yes because anime is cute :3
    That's okay if Justin doesn't like anime - I don't like Justin anyway!
  • freakoutnow... cuz mom's here 2013/05/18 17:52:57
    No :(
    freakoutnow... cuz mom's here
    But I like some of it.
  • MyDaydream90 2013/05/18 17:36:28
    No :(
    I'm not into it at all.
  • Milodic_Mellodi 2013/05/18 17:25:38
  • Audreyhepburnaddict 2013/05/18 15:56:26
    Yes because anime is cute :3
    He just An a$$!
  • Chubby Bunny 2013/05/18 15:52:13
    Yes because anime is cute :3
    Chubby Bunny
    I wouldn't say love but I definitely like it! It's cute!http://25.media.tumblr.c...
  • Lordoftheringsrox 2013/05/18 15:19:57
    No :(
    I don't. I never could get into it, but my friend really likes it.
  • wcpjams 2013/05/18 15:13:59
    No :(
    I wouldn't say I hate it, but I definitely don't care for it.
  • ilikechickensandcows :3 2013/05/18 15:04:21
    Yes because anime is cute :3
    ilikechickensandcows :3
    I LOVE ANIME!!!!!
  • CG 2013/05/18 14:47:35 (edited)
  • Michael Myers 2013/05/18 14:34:20
    Yes because anime is cute :3
    Michael Myers
    KILL HIM!!!!

    kill justin beiber

    Death Note!!! <3

    death note
  • Tobi Michael... 2013/05/19 15:40:09 (edited)
  • Lily lo... Tobi 2013/08/28 14:52:07
    Lily loves minions
  • Big Bat... Michael... 2013/05/27 18:24:55
    Big Battles
    but... its not a her ._.
  • Michael... Big Bat... 2013/05/27 19:37:37
    Michael Myers
    That is what you think...

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