Justin Bieber Supports Chris Brown With Graffiti, Spray Paints 'Free Breezy' on Wall: Dumbest Celeb Friendship?

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SLIDESHOW: What's the Dumbest Celebrity Friendship?

Justin Bieber / Chris Brown
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Justin Bieber / Chris Brown

Justin Bieber defended Chris Brown through graffiti art this week, spray painting "Free Breezy" on the wall after the R & B artist checked into rehab for anger management issues.
  1. Justin Bieber / Chris Brown

    Justin Bieber / Chris Brown

    Justin Bieber defended Chris Brown through graffiti art this week, spray painting "Free Breezy" on the wall after the R & B artist checked into rehab for anger management issues.

  2. Kim Kardashian / Paris Hilton

    Kim Kardashian / Paris Hilton

    Before Kim Kardashian got really popular, she was only really known as Paris Hilton's brunette friend. But gradually, Hilton's socialite status helped transform Kim into a big reality star. Thanks a lot, Paris.

  3. Dennis Rodman / Kim Jong Un

    Dennis Rodman / Kim Jong Un

    Is it just us or is it super weird that Dennis Rodman is really good friends with a North Korean dictator? Rodman and Kim Jong Un have created an odd bond, spending time together anytime they're in the same country.

  4. Snooki / JWoww

    Snooki / JWoww

    Snooki and JWoww's friendship budded during MTV's reality show "Jersey Shore" -- but these Jersey girls have proven their bond is bigger than a TV show. It's still fun to make fun of their bizarre antics, though.

  5. Donald Trump / Martha Stewart

    Donald Trump / Martha Stewart

    Donald Trump and Martha Stewart were actually in a feud together circa 2006 about the infamous "Apprentice" show. But now, that's all behind them and they're actually good friends. Still an odd pair, though.

  6. Britney Spears / Mel Gibson

    Britney Spears / Mel Gibson

    Britney Spears and Mel Gibson bonded a few years back when he invited the pop star to use his home in Costa Rica and offered her advice on life. Err... not sure if you want to take that advice, Brit Brit.

Justin Bieber Supports Chris Brown With Graffiti, Spray Paints 'Free Breezy' on Wall: Dumbest Celeb Friendship?
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Bieber and Breezy: Best friends forever! Justin Bieber and Chris Brown aren't exactly two peas in a pod, but the 19-year-old pop star publicly displayed his support for Brown this week when he spray painted "Free Breezy" on a wall in Colombia.

If you don't get the reference, Chris Brown voluntarily checked himself into rehab for anger management issues this week after getting into yet another physical fight with someone. But, apparently, the Biebs doesn't think Breezy deserves to be in rehab.

Justin Bieber and Chris Brown certainly make up a weird -- and let's admit it -- pretty dumb celebrity alliance. But is it the stupidest celebrity friendship out there?

Let's not forget that former NBA basketball player Dennis Rodman is best friends with a North Korean dictator. Or that Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian used to be socialite BFFs... while also being famous for absolutely nothing. And how about that Mel Gibson / Britney Spears bond, huh?

From Bieber and Breezy to Paris and Kim, what's the dumbest celebrity friendship of all time?

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  • Marie 2013/11/02 04:48:55 (edited)
    Donald Trump / Martha Stewart
    Beiber/Brown= Two punks trying to be badass. I can see that friendship.
    Kim/Paris Hoe's n Stulettos makin sex tapes. I can see that frienship too.
    Spears/Gibson Hey, there's nothing like Crazy and colorful pills to enspire a friendship.
    Snooki/JWow All the trash that washed up on the Jersey Shore was put in the same bag. Thats understandable.
    Rodman/Jong Un They are both funny looking and like to talk Shyt and probably need to borrow some pills from Spears&Gibson.; Plus, I think they are Fck Buddies.
    So, I pick Trump/Stewart I just can't see the connection even though they are both rich.

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  • kitazawoa 2014/07/05 14:39:18
    Donald Trump / Martha Stewart
  • melanio 2014/06/28 01:30:54
  • thanhnt 2014/05/20 04:18:09
    Justin Bieber / Chris Brown
    is one young singer his early fame was loved by many especially the youth, and I offer no exception.
  • omachichit 2014/01/20 09:06:28
  • Friv 2014/01/14 08:55:21
    Justin Bieber / Chris Brown
    how you can have performances or so? I would love to, thank you for giving me the most comfortable relaxation
  • gahe 2013/12/31 03:43:36
    Britney Spears / Mel Gibson
    thank you for sharing information on
  • AdWhois 2013/11/08 05:15:26
    Dennis Rodman / Kim Jong Un
  • Sofahead 2013/11/07 23:49:20
    Dennis Rodman / Kim Jong Un
    These really aren't "dumb" friendships as much as unlikely but this one makes one wonder what happens if there is a falling out.
    While "Breezy" is in rehab, Justin's time would be better spent on some psychiatrist's couch.
  • J.MaisOui 2013/11/06 06:36:22
    Justin Bieber / Chris Brown
    anyone who'd be friends with this 'person' is sad.. looks like he's still having some gender questions.
  • Catita J.MaisOui 2013/11/06 14:46:57
    all those "friendships" are, what a waste!
  • copperhead 2013/11/05 20:28:21
    Dennis Rodman / Kim Jong Un
    But 'Follywood' and Obama is worse!
  • cranejumper 2013/11/05 13:46:07
    Dennis Rodman / Kim Jong Un
    Now these two are a class act
  • Avi Rosen 2013/11/05 12:47:30
    Kim Kardashian / Paris Hilton
    Avi Rosen
    Dennis Rodman may be eccentric but he is far from Dumb...
    Kim and Paris 2 stupid whores can easily do for 1st place.
  • Jenna 2013/11/05 02:38:13
    Britney Spears / Mel Gibson
    Haha wtf
  • wallygator64 2013/11/05 00:07:46
    Dennis Rodman / Kim Jong Un
    I have respect for Mel Gibson and to an extent Britt,but ALL THE OTHERS suck major A--!
  • Lorin Morgan 2013/11/04 23:34:26
    Dennis Rodman / Kim Jong Un
    Lorin Morgan
    But they're both strange, I guess it sort of matches...?
  • ClintAustin26 2013/11/04 23:18:04
    Justin Bieber / Chris Brown
    I see Dennis Rodman is winning, but is he even really a celebrity anymore? I think anything involving Bieber automatically qualifies as stupidest thing ever.
  • ~Perfectionist~ 2013/11/04 21:26:55
    Kim Kardashian / Paris Hilton
    They are both attention whores, aaaaaaand famous for no reason. :3
  • Michaela★ 2013/11/04 21:12:54
    Kim Kardashian / Paris Hilton
    Such wonderful choices. I dislike almost everyone on this list.
  • The_Dude 2013/11/04 19:44:55
    Justin Bieber / Chris Brown
    Justin Bieber/Mayweather would actually take prime position.
  • meboy 2013/11/04 19:08:20
    Justin Bieber / Chris Brown
    They will ever learn
  • rezzy2reckless420 2013/11/04 18:53:47
    Snooki / JWoww
    They horrible and no I am not hating I am just remembering them from jersey shore
  • HotHead14 2013/11/04 18:24:09
    Justin Bieber / Chris Brown
    Justin Bieber doesn't think Chris Brown should go to rehab for his problems? What the hell, dude?!
  • yourbeebeegirl 2013/11/04 17:13:06
    Justin Bieber / Chris Brown
    They're both pretty dumb so this makes sense
  • Sharon 2013/11/04 10:29:13
    Dennis Rodman / Kim Jong Un
    I love graffiti, it's a culture that NY should be proud of.
  • rotten 2013/11/04 07:29:16
    Snooki / JWoww
    Can't stand those two
  • barby karring 2013/11/04 06:56:09
    Dennis Rodman / Kim Jong Un
    barby karring
    One world, One race and that being the human race; why not the friendship between them.
  • ♥Nicole A♥ 2013/11/04 02:43:36
    Britney Spears / Mel Gibson
    ♥Nicole A♥
  • tom.jays.75 2013/11/04 02:42:15
  • BooFreakedyHoo 2013/11/04 00:50:10
    Dennis Rodman / Kim Jong Un
    WTH? Yeah, the North Korean dictator sounds like such a light-hearted, fun-loving, pal. kim jong un
    kim jong un
  • Rhi-ot. 2013/11/04 00:19:16
    Justin Bieber / Chris Brown
    LOL if my friend had a problem and searched for help I would not be trying to make it sound like what they're doing is a bad idea. "Breezy" does not need to be freed. What a dumby, he just wants attention.
  • BreeMoore 2013/11/03 18:24:26
    Dennis Rodman / Kim Jong Un
    I feel like the other pairs can be chalked up to being just an annoying relationship or something along those lines,Dennis but Rodman and Kim Jong Un's friendship is just straight up WEIRD.
  • Durell 2013/11/03 18:10:34
    Dennis Rodman / Kim Jong Un
    Just, why?
  • david abe 2013/11/03 17:11:51
    Dennis Rodman / Kim Jong Un
    david abe
    Nothing beats those weirdos being weird together.The totality of weirdness is more than the sum of its parts!
  • chamchamgal 2013/11/03 15:41:16
    Justin Bieber / Chris Brown
    She just need to disappear.
  • radose16 2013/11/03 14:44:37
  • jdcaprio2000 2013/11/03 12:30:05
    Justin Bieber / Chris Brown

    he looks like a tomboy girl in this pic.
  • Stratwe... jdcapri... 2013/11/03 19:09:33
    Nah,more like a butchy lesbian that tapes down the ta-tas and neglects plucking.....I wonder if he secretley wants a REAL "pearl necklace"???
  • clay.cl... Stratwe... 2013/11/04 07:24:51
    ... too far dude
  • Kurt Chan 2013/11/03 11:18:58
    Dennis Rodman / Kim Jong Un
    Kurt Chan
    just have no idea how Rodman can be a friend of Kim Jong Un

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