Just finished "2001: A Space Odyssey" *spoilers*

jacob crim 2012/05/06 02:58:36
I am pretty bummed out right now. I was very stoked to watch this film because to my knowledge it was the first legit modern thinking man's sci fi. If anything to me it was a test of patience. Slow movies are nothing new to me, hell I think "There Will Be Blood" was very slow and it was my favorite film of the decade. But THIS, this was brutal. When I popped the bluray in and the music played with total blackness I was checking my HDMI cable to make sure the video was coming through. That alone I found odd. Then came the over long ape sequence, I loved how they evolved once the monolith appeared but did it really need to take 30 minutes to reach this point? Then we are landing on a space station for what feels like another 30 minutes, then some pointless dialog about an epidemic on the moon. When we got to the moon I thought it was going to get interesting, but it didnt really. I honestly did not intrigued until the Jupiter sequence with HAL because he was truly the only interesting character. The only downside is that HAL is only in the film for about 30 minutes. Then we are off to find the monolith for seven minutes of cinematic LSD trip.

I kind of feel jipped, sure visually it was awesome. Other than I felt nothing. The characters were not interesting, the long moments with no dialog bored me. Yes I understand its all symbolism about human evolution but I just feel like it could have been differently. I thought this would be my favorite Kubrick film going into it and afterwards it is defiantly the least of my favorite.

Moon from 2009 feels like it was heavily influenced by 2001 but its far more interesting, to the point and just as visually pleasing.
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  • c.stuartHardwick 2012/08/24 04:19:50
    Yeah, Kubric was the Gustave Flaubert of cinema. It's still a good movie, but I find myself sitting there wondering how they pay for all that space hardware.
  • ehrhornp 2012/05/07 16:04:46
    I liked 2001. Now if you want a slow movie, watch Marooned. 2001 was probably the first movie that was accurate in its vision of a future space ship.
  • Beat Magnum True Hero 2012/05/06 21:01:17
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    I can accept the visual beauty. The soundtrack is appropriate, but I've seen it several times and it still makes little sense. No, I don't think I'm intellectually challenged either. It just honestly doesn't do it for me.
  • jacob crim Beat Ma... 2012/05/06 22:23:27
    jacob crim
    I mean I get it, it is just very pretentious.
  • Rammstein 2012/05/06 21:00:59
    rolling my eyes
  • niviongo R ☮ P ☮ 12-20 2012/05/06 16:09:58
    niviongo R ☮ P ☮ 12-20
    When Kubric made this film we did not have hand calculators.
    The day lasted 24 hours; today is much less than 24.
    Its called digital generational gap. Bit then, was a piece of something tangible, not and invisible dictator of our reality as it is today.
    Clockwork Orange is less "boring" but has plenty of symbolism.
  • c.stuar... niviong... 2012/08/24 04:23:11
    Huh? The day has been getting gradually longer since the Earth formed. It certainly has gotten no shorter since 1968.
  • Gregaj7 2012/05/06 05:58:03
    Yep. Slow-movers don't do anything for me, except hit the ff button.
  • Barbara 2012/05/06 03:51:48
    Agree with you completely! At least we have Clockwork Orange Clockwork Orange
  • Simmering Frog 2012/05/06 03:39:58
    Simmering Frog
    2001 space odyssy star child

    I heard the book makes more sense. You have to respect it for the special effects, most of which hold up over 40 years later.
  • jacob crim Simmeri... 2012/05/06 11:22:27
    jacob crim
    Without a doubt it was a visual pleasure
  • Michael=Constitution & Liberty 2012/05/06 03:07:09
    Michael=Constitution & Liberty
    your summery is pot on with my feelings many years ago when I watched it.
  • jacob crim Michael... 2012/05/06 03:09:31
  • Michael... jacob crim 2012/05/06 03:15:19
    Michael=Constitution & Liberty
    Ive never watched the sequel. the first left me so empty, I honestly have had no desire.

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