John Hughes Dies: Which Breakfast Club character are you most like?

socallocal 2009/08/06 22:34:51
Andrew Clark
Claire Standish
John Bender
Allison Reynolds
Brian Johnson
Carl Reed
The Breakfast Club character I am most like is...
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John Hughes, the writer and director of The Breakfast Club, has died at the age of 59. The Breakfast Club is a classic movie and one of John Hughes' most popular films ever released. Which of The Breakfast Club characters are you most like?

Andrew Clark: Andrew is the athlete who gets detention for taping another students buttocks together. He is ashamed for being in detention, and hates his father for pushing him so hard.

Claire Standish: Claire is the princess of the Breakfast Club group. Claire gets detention for skipping school to go to the mall and is used to being pampered and sheltered.

John Bender: John is the criminal of the group. John lands detention for pulling the fire alarm. John is also a victim of child abuse at home, from his father.

Allison Reynolds: Allison is the loner of the group and is in detention because she was bored and no where else to go. Allison is socially isolated and claims to have no friends.

Brian Johnson: Brian is the smart guy or "brain" of the group. Brian gets detention for bringing a flare gun to school. He is the child that is pressured by his parents to be a perfect student, with A's in every subject.

Carl Reed: Carl is the school janitor who claims to be the eyes and ears of the school, who knows everything that goes on around the school.
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  • TheReverend 2009/08/07 05:20:06
    John Bender
    He was f*ckin harsh! But John Hughes is the real hero. R.I.P. buddy
    john bender fckin harsh john hughes real hero buddy
  • Miranda Kaye♥ 2009/08/07 04:01:32
    Claire Standish
    Miranda Kaye♥
    I think Im most like her, but less stuck up and snobby...
  • Denise 2009/08/07 03:59:35
    John Bender
    This was Judd Nelson's shining moment.
  • omega 2009/08/07 03:54:34
    The Breakfast Club character I am most like is...
    all of the above except carl reed
  • Lady 2009/08/07 03:20:35
    Allison Reynolds
    just like her allison reynolds
  • Grissom 2009/08/07 03:00:35
    Andrew Clark
  • justimike 2009/08/07 01:32:01
    The Breakfast Club character I am most like is...
    Bender and Allison mixed together lol, one the best movies ever!
  • ×Micro× 2009/08/07 01:19:37
    The Breakfast Club character I am most like is...
    I'm like Allison and Brian. Although I have friends and I don't bring flare guns to school...
  • * 2009/08/07 01:17:22
    Andrew Clark
  • Ophelia Violet [clock girl ... 2009/08/07 00:44:31
    Brian Johnson
    Ophelia Violet [clock girl <3]~In Time We Trust
    I love love love this movie.............. and Im just like Brian I hate to admit it
  • sultrysista13 2009/08/07 00:38:18
    Brian Johnson
    with a little bender
  • RO 2009/08/07 00:23:12
    John Bender
    I'm still in love with Judd Nelson...
  • Shonny 2009/08/07 00:15:57
    Claire Standish
    Claire Standish, John Bender and Allison Reynolds were my favs. I watched the Breakfast club so much in the 80s I knew every word by heart. My most impressionable years, pre-teen.
  • Michelle2005 2009/08/07 00:07:22
    Claire Standish
    I hate to admit it, but in high school I was a lot like Claire. Thankfully, I've matured since then :)
  • Mrs. Emmett Cullen 2009/08/06 23:49:54
    The Breakfast Club character I am most like is...
    Mrs. Emmett Cullen
    i have a little bit of all of them in me, i am cute and get watever i want, i am quiet, and then when u least expect it, u r like where the hell did that come from, i am a straight a student, and i am a rebel, who loves baseball! i love this movie and so many others, i wish i was n the 80's! the best decade ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! john hughes will be missed! a big part of the 80's has left us!
  • Gregaj7 2009/08/06 23:14:32
    The Breakfast Club character I am most like is...
    Never saw the movie, as I wasn't interested.
  • NewRomeIsBurning 2009/08/06 23:08:13
    The Breakfast Club character I am most like is...
    I was a mix of Allison and Brian and John back in the day.
  • roxygirl678 2009/08/06 23:00:57
    Allison Reynolds
    i'm a bit of allison and claire
  • Lee The Hybrid Snowflake 2009/08/06 22:54:40
    John Bender
    Lee The Hybrid Snowflake
    Sadly, we have a lot in common!
  • Sister Jean 2009/08/06 22:48:37
    John Bender
    Sister Jean
    he was so young a big loss to good films and he understood kids john bender young loss films understood kids
  • gillaho... Sister ... 2009/08/08 17:03:39
    that picture is so wrong, kinda funny though
  • Sister ... gillaho... 2009/08/08 17:05:08
    Sister Jean
    oops thanks I removed it I did not see MJ there
  • gillaho... Sister ... 2009/08/08 17:10:51
    no problem, like i said its kinda funny but i don't believe that mj did all those things he was accused of
  • Sister ... gillaho... 2009/08/08 17:12:08
    Sister Jean
    I don't either.....notice how silent his accusers are took the $$$$$ and ran
  • gillaho... Sister ... 2009/08/08 17:28:55
    and both were single mom's whose ex husbands said they were money hungry ______. fill in the blank with word of your choice.
  • Sister ... gillaho... 2009/08/08 17:31:26
    Sister Jean
    I did a long time ago and I am sad cuzzz MJ died so young
  • gillaho... Sister ... 2009/08/09 19:55:16
    yeah, i was looking forward to getting to see one of his new concerts on pay per view or something.

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