John Hughes Dies: Which Breakfast Club character are you most like?

socallocal 2009/08/06 22:34:51
Andrew Clark
Claire Standish
John Bender
Allison Reynolds
Brian Johnson
Carl Reed
The Breakfast Club character I am most like is...
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John Hughes, the writer and director of The Breakfast Club, has died at the age of 59. The Breakfast Club is a classic movie and one of John Hughes' most popular films ever released. Which of The Breakfast Club characters are you most like?

Andrew Clark: Andrew is the athlete who gets detention for taping another students buttocks together. He is ashamed for being in detention, and hates his father for pushing him so hard.

Claire Standish: Claire is the princess of the Breakfast Club group. Claire gets detention for skipping school to go to the mall and is used to being pampered and sheltered.

John Bender: John is the criminal of the group. John lands detention for pulling the fire alarm. John is also a victim of child abuse at home, from his father.

Allison Reynolds: Allison is the loner of the group and is in detention because she was bored and no where else to go. Allison is socially isolated and claims to have no friends.

Brian Johnson: Brian is the smart guy or "brain" of the group. Brian gets detention for bringing a flare gun to school. He is the child that is pressured by his parents to be a perfect student, with A's in every subject.

Carl Reed: Carl is the school janitor who claims to be the eyes and ears of the school, who knows everything that goes on around the school.
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  • Ashley Silva 2010/08/15 20:42:05
    The Breakfast Club character I am most like is...
    Ashley Silva
    John Bender
  • cingular 2009/09/07 02:48:35
    The Breakfast Club character I am most like is...
    all of the main ones
  • Kristy 2009/08/31 19:44:55
    Allison Reynolds
    I'm an outcast! And proud of it!
  • Ashe 2009/08/31 06:23:04
    Allison Reynolds
    i loved standing out in the crowd in high school!
  • ShiGaaKaRo101 2009/08/09 14:02:35
    Allison Reynolds
    i tend to be the socail outcast
  • hallie 2009/08/09 03:52:59
    Claire Standish
    i just picked a randon girl i havent even seen or head of this movie or tv show what it about
  • Polaris 1 hallie 2009/08/09 04:57:16
    Polaris 1

    Claire Standish is the redhead wearing the pink top, classy, good dancer.
  • hallie Polaris 1 2009/08/09 13:22:53
    k when did this come out like 1983 or what? im just woundering and i still have no idea who these people r and u dont have to tell me.
  • kaτo gaτo hallie 2009/08/11 01:11:21
    kaτo gaτo
    the breakfast club is like one of the greatest movies ever!! it's a pretty much a classic...
  • hallie kaτo gaτo 2009/08/11 01:28:38
    o when did it come out and how old r u
  • kaτo gaτo hallie 2009/08/14 23:55:59
    kaτo gaτo
    it came out in 1985 and i'm 16
  • hallie kaτo gaτo 2009/08/16 00:42:02
    yea u know and sooooo
  • Polaris 1 2009/08/09 03:18:41
    John Bender
    Polaris 1
    Growing up I was always fighting with uptown jocks like Andrew Clark. And my dad wasn't against having a few beers, and then getting pissed off at me for some reason. I wasn't as antisocial as Bender though, I generally believed that all situations had a silver lining, a lesson to be learned. reason antisocial bender generally believed situations silver lining lesson learned
  • drakan 2009/08/09 02:25:18
    John Bender
    Allison, with some Bender. :] I don't lookit, or act like it, but I am in RL. :P
  • jessica 2009/08/09 00:23:11
    John Bender
    of course the criminal! and i love the nerd...he cracks me up john bender criminal love nerd cracks
  • Chaotixa 2009/08/08 20:38:41
    John Bender
    soo sexy... thats why ;P john bender soo sexy john bender soo sexy john bender soo sexy john bender soo sexy
  • gillahooley 2009/08/08 17:02:58
    Allison Reynolds
    mostly because i kept to myself like her, wasn't quite a weird though
  • angelfreak84 2009/08/08 16:46:24
    The Breakfast Club character I am most like is...
    Well, in highschool I was a combination of a few. I never identified with the Andrew Clark character. From the descriptions given I guess I was most like the Allison character, but got into more trouble and had somewhat more of the personality of John Bender. But I was a student like Brian. Kind of an odd mix of personalities, but that's what I get for growing up in the inner city public school system I guess.
  • linda 2009/08/08 15:25:20
    Allison Reynolds
    she was such a weirdo! as am i! xD
  • Terry J Vey 2009/08/08 06:51:45
    Allison Reynolds
    Terry J Vey
    This girl was funny!
  • Patty 2009/08/08 05:20:29
    Carl Reed
    aka AWESOME
  • ♥Nicole A♥ 2009/08/08 04:22:36
    John Bender
    ♥Nicole A♥
    The one mistreated and seems bad but really isnt. Misunderstood!
  • lazy 2009/08/08 04:22:19
    The Breakfast Club character I am most like is...
    I honestly can't say I'm like any of them. Mostly Allison Reynolds, except I would never go to detention out of boredom. And I'm not THAT strange. xD Plus I have a group of seriously close friends. (:
  • Dillio 2009/08/08 01:54:57
    The Breakfast Club character I am most like is...
    never herd of it
  • allissonn. 2009/08/08 00:38:55 (edited)
    Claire Standish
    So I guess I have the basketcase name, but Im nothing like her.
    Claire is pretty much me, except Im not that caged up or snobby.
  • megan 2009/08/07 19:51:28
    Allison Reynolds
    I'm always the weird one.
  • Мередит Энн 2009/08/07 19:47:17
    Allison Reynolds
    Мередит Энн
    i love this movie.
    its probably one of my all time favorites.
  • Ronbo 2009/08/07 19:37:49 (edited)
    Allison Reynolds
    got to choose odd girl out. choose odd girl
  • ~Black Rose~ 2009/08/07 18:54:07
    Allison Reynolds
    ~Black Rose~
    I'm the weird one! Always have been always will be
  • nancydoodle 2009/08/07 18:43:47
    Allison Reynolds
    I'm mostly like "the basket case" lol like I'm a shy and quiet like she is and I do get easily bored as well so i find lots of things to do^ ^. And breakfast club was an awsome movie it's sad to lose a great director.
  • susan BN-0 2009/08/07 17:07:52
    Allison Reynolds
    susan BN-0
    shy and easily bored.
  • Chey 2009/08/07 16:57:44
    Allison Reynolds
    I would totally do something like go to detention because i was bored. I'm not as socially inept as she is but i tend to be the awkward quiet person of the group.
  • ɹǝuuɐʇ ˙q 2009/08/07 15:37:12
    Andrew Clark
    ɹǝuuɐʇ ˙q
    of course.
  • JerryMcGuire 2009/08/07 15:13:44
    Allison Reynolds
    I am prone to dandruff.
  • David Villa 2009/08/07 14:38:30
    The Breakfast Club character I am most like is...
    David Villa
    omg hes dead!
    I loved Home Alone 1 and 2
    RIP Hughes
  • Bubble 2009/08/07 13:54:42
    Carl Reed
    exceptt i'm not a janitor
  • Red high priestess in Nyx I... 2009/08/07 13:46:35
    Allison Reynolds
    Red high priestess in Nyx I trust
    Tho I would never of choosen to spend my time in detension, unless I had to and I never get into trouble. I am an angel!
  • Jeff 2009/08/07 07:43:54
    The Breakfast Club character I am most like is...
    15 years ago, I'd have been Andrew. Now, I'm more like a combination of Brian (not as much parental pressure though) and John (just the attitude) if that is even possible!
  • Doc Ock 2009/08/07 07:43:02 (edited)
    John Bender
    Doc Ock
    A criminal just waiting to come out. criminal waiting
  • Rεvolution 2009/08/07 06:08:22
    Brian Johnson
    Definitely. Im the smart one in my clique

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