John Cena vs. Aj Styles. Who would win? Describe the match.

BBoy legacy 2010/07/21 02:48:02
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John Cena
5 votes
Aj. Styles
2 votes
not who you want to win, who you think would win?

My guess is Cena....
They would go at it for like 15 minutes....
Aj would keep kicking cena... go for many pinfall covers... maybe try to cheat.....
Cena throws him out the ring many times smashes him on the ground with his fists... chokes him...
Aj DDTS cena...
he goes for the 450 frog splash..... but just right before he lands it... cena somehow puts him on STF postion and makes him TAP OUT!!!! covers cheat 450 frog splash lands cena stf postion tap covers cheat 450 frog splash lands cena stf postion tap
then they shake hands 450 frog splash lands cena stf postion tap shake hands
but Cena Attitude Adjustments him. lands cena stf postion tap shake hands cena attitude adjustments

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  • mrs awesome face 2010/07/30 06:01:48
    Aj. Styles
    mrs awesome face
    if you want to know who is better, AJ Styles all the way.
    aj styles aj styles
  • BBoy le... mrs awe... 2010/07/31 23:30:11
    BBoy legacy
    I will bet you ANYTHING!!! Cena would dominate that youngster
  • mrs awe... BBoy le... 2010/08/02 18:16:33
    mrs awesome face
    AJ Styles is the better wrestler.
    Cena is the better entertainer
  • BBoy le... mrs awe... 2010/08/03 18:59:17
    BBoy legacy
    you have your thoughts...
    John Cena vs. Aj Styles... good match but... the champ would come out with the win
  • mrs awe... BBoy le... 2010/08/03 21:26:30
    mrs awesome face
    1. cena isnt the champ.
    2. in a wrestlng match AJ Styles would win.
    3. it is my opinion
  • BBoy le... mrs awe... 2010/08/04 00:44:35
    BBoy legacy
    3. showed that your a moron
  • mrs awe... BBoy le... 2010/08/05 15:49:18
    mrs awesome face
    ummm okay?
  • BBoy le... mrs awe... 2010/08/05 19:07:42
    BBoy legacy
    I havent really seen Styles wreslte... I'll google him oneday
  • mrs awe... BBoy le... 2010/08/06 03:27:42
    mrs awesome face
    well in my opinion hes probablly one of the best today.
    thats just me.
  • BBoy le... mrs awe... 2010/08/06 20:14:47 (edited)
    BBoy legacy
    JUST YOU!!!

    cena -----------------------------...

    those are probably thier ratings
  • mrs awe... BBoy le... 2010/08/07 05:50:38
    mrs awesome face
    that makes no sense.
    your using dashes for ratings?

    why dont you go look up some Aj Styles matchs then come back. you said yourelf you havent seen AJ wrestle.
    how could you rate him when you dont even know him?

    your a cena mark is what you are
  • BBoy le... mrs awe... 2010/08/10 19:54:59
    BBoy legacy
    no.. Im just predicting the ratings...
  • The Ruby 2010/07/23 20:03:54
    John Cena
    The Ruby
    I would chose John Cena because I hardly watch Aj Styles!
    The match would go like this (I think):
    John cena will punch himuntil Aj gets to the turnbunackle (I know, I can't spell it) then he grabs his hand and push him away. Aj bumps into the other set of ropes, until John shoulderblocks him and Aj is in the mat. John will do a submission, yet Aj finds a way to escape. Now it's Aj time to be victorious, so he beats Cena. Yet with the audience chanting of "Cena, Cena!" John will recapture his momentarum and do an aditude adjustment, "1, 2, 3! *bell rings*" the referee counts and John Cena is the winner. Then John does the 'You can't see me' thing to Aj and attepts the five knunkle shuffle. His music is on, and he stands on a turnbunackle to admire the audience.
    I believe it would be a 10 minute match.
  • BBoy legacy 2010/07/22 00:53:42
    John Cena
    BBoy legacy
    He always finds a way to win.... fair and sqaure
  • Superman 2010/07/21 15:55:56
    John Cena
    Assuming that match would take place in WWE its going to be Cena.

    I think it would be a back and forth match with a surprising amount of underdog (and anti-Cena) support for the smaller styles. He'd use kicks and speed to try and keep Cena off balance and out of range for an AA. Styles would work hard and finally find a spot to land the Styles Clash, shocking everyone that that wasn't countered. Cena kicks out at two and a half. Styles goes fro a top rope but gets caught in an STF (to prove Cena can "wrestle too"). Styles graze a rope and gets the hold broken. Weary Styles uses more speed to bring Cena to a knee and attempts another Styles Clash - only to get countered but Cenas strength into an AA. Pinfall win and a handshake between the two.
  • Moonwalkin' Enigma 2010/07/21 06:20:19
    Aj. Styles
    Moonwalkin' Enigma
    I want somebody different to be top dog. Those kids won't be able to save Cena.
  • Troma 2010/07/21 05:18:48
    John Cena
    i vote foe john cena because i don't care about Aj Styles AJ is butthead asshole

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