Jeopardy Song Plays On...

While I'm waiting for a script to run I figured I'd come drop by and post a blog. Wee! Fun.

Yesterday was my very first time ever in front of professional moving cameras with lights and cookies and splashes, etc. It was really kind of neat and surreal waiting for them to get the lighting and angles just right.

One thing I noticed, however, from my adventure, was that I really really need to work on my speech. While I'm not necessarily an "um" type of person, I have picked up the habit of saying "sort of" and "kind of" from other people I've interviewed. On top of those great verbal fillers, I also realized something that's even worse than "um" which is that I end nearly EVERY SINGLE paragraph with "so...".


So what? It was really beginning to get to me and I hope that, in the end, they're able to edit some of them out.

Other than that, it was a lot of fun to sit there while the camera rolls and answer a bunch of questions and see and hear the reactions regarding my answers.

Later I was talking to a friend of mine, telling her my experience, and she began talking about her first time ever on camera, which is when she starred in Lifetimes documentary, "Karaoke Superstars". She told me that after she got accustomed to the cameras around, she found that she began to get a bit camera hungry, which sounds very common.

Oh! My script just finished. Tootles!

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  • Tabby 2007/02/23 02:33:56
    LOL you'll be able to see it on the Season 6 DVDs! I'll post some pics though.
  • Fef 2007/02/20 07:25:17
    Tabby, we want to see the video! I hope you don't get camera hungry and run off to Hollywood seeking fame and fortune.

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