Jenny McCarthy's Cure for Autism - Do You Believe It?

funkadelica 2008/10/01 19:06:55
Yes, Jenny McCarthy's got the cure!
No, McCarthy just thinks she has the cure.
I think Jenny McCarthy...
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Jenny McCarthy has found a cure for her autistic son, Evan. McCarthy states Evan has been taking b-12 shots and has been put on a special diet. While on Oprah, Jenny McCarthy defends the treatment by saying that God has sent her this message of a cure for autism. Parents believe Jenny McCarthy is giving them false hope for a cure for their autistic children.

Autism is a developmental disorder; delayed language development, having a difficult time interacting with others, and a preference to be alone are some symptoms of autism. As many as 1 in 150 people are diagnosed with autism. Autism is thought to be passed down by genetics, but there is no exact cause.

Do you think Jenny McCarthy's treatment can cure autism?
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  • sandcrab June 2008/10/02 00:44:43
    June, apology accepted. I didn't mean to come down on you so hard, but the illness is so personal to me. I just love her so much and wish that I could give her something from my body to make her healthy. She's a beautiful, loving young woman--and you know mothers...we do go to battle for our children (smile)!! It sounds like you just didn't know enough about it, but if your curious you could read about it at http://www.autismspeaks.org/.
  • June sandcrab 2008/10/02 00:54:24
    I just can't apologize enough, i feel embarrassed because it was never my intention to offend. I'm pretty sure we are really close to treating this issue, I'm pretty sure there are lots of groundbreaking discoveries on this but its only a matter of time to make it work. My best wishes to you and your family, and god bless you all. :-)
  • sandcrab June 2008/10/02 01:01:48
    Thank you June. Also, may God bless you and your family. Stop beating yourself up though, it was an honest mistake. I've put my foot in my mouth a bunch of times. None of us are perfect here, but we learn from each other and that's what is important.
  • Ashtyn June 2008/10/02 04:38:06
    Uhm, I'm not sure what homosexuality has to do with autism. Homosexuality isn't a disease, nor is it a choice. There is nothing in the original Bible (try reading the Greek/Hebrew version) to say it is bad. In fact, it's not even mentioned, at all. You thinking it is repugnant is pure prejudice, and labeling it as a disease is offensive.

    It takes away from a true discussion on autism.
  • June Ashtyn 2008/10/02 16:12:52
    S.T.F.U. Ashtyn
  • June June 2008/10/02 00:35:49 (edited)
    Stupid post, i'm sorry , please do not rave

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