Jay-Z and Beyonce-- Do you think their marriage will last?

Gossip 2008/04/03 01:22:15
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Let the countdown to music's biggest wedding begin!! The State of New York is saying that a Jay-Z and Beyonce have applied for a wedding license April 1 (no April fool's joke).

The 26-year-old singer has been with the 38 year-old rapper/mogul since they met in 2002 working on her record "Crazy in Love." Now it is finally time for wedding bells and many wonder if this will last. Celebrities are famous for "breaking-up" and "divorcing" after a certain relationship or marriage, but will this marriage end up bitter also?
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  • Bubblez 2008/07/23 17:20:06
    They will not even last for one year !
    i think they been together too long and it seems their relationship is artifical and so fake now....they been ridin it too long and it's time for them to see other people
  • brandon 2008/06/10 17:20:28
    Definitely, because they are "Crazy In Love" !
  • dogs voice 2008/04/11 16:24:36
    Absolutely NOT.... they are celebrities after all !
    dogs voice
    He'll get caught doin' his "thang" with someone else and that will be the end of it for him. Nature of the beast.
  • jessy 2008/04/03 16:22:34
    Definitely, because they are "Crazy In Love" !
    i hope they last a very long time. they make the cutest couple!
  • SAM 2008/04/03 02:11:47
    Definitely, because they are "Crazy In Love" !
    Hopefully it lasts--- if not. I am on the waiting list of Beyonce!!

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