Ja Rule Pleads Guilty to Tax Evasion: Are You Shocked?

Kira 2011/03/23 00:45:58
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Who knew that Ja Rule was evading his taxes??! Seriously...why would you even need to evade your taxes if you're as rich as Ja Rule. Stupid move, Ja. For real.

Are you shocked or not really?

Read More: http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/03/22/us-jarul...

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  • Phil 2011/03/24 00:40:51
    Not Really
    A rapper doing something less then legal. That never happens lmao.
  • ~Goddess of Passion*Pain*Pl... 2011/03/23 20:21:58
    ~Goddess of Passion*Pain*Pleasure~
    I would have thought that he was smarter then that..........but then again some people enjoy that money too much and don't want to pay up.
  • creativeinnovations27 2011/03/23 03:53:12
    Not Really
    he should follow Lil Wayne's example, who just paid all of his back taxes: if they don't try to nail you with drugs and hoes, they always come at you with the government debt tab!
  • tomas 2011/03/23 03:05:23
    Not Really
    Must be a Democrat.
  • creativ... tomas 2011/03/23 03:53:48
    yeah Ja voted for Obama, so he thinks the I.R.S. will overlook that....
  • AngeladelosSantos 2011/03/23 01:02:05
    WOW!!!!! My favorite rapper did that? I'm hmm not cool at all. I'm glad he pleated guilty though? :)
    I am shocked totally that he even evaded his taxes
  • creativ... Angelad... 2011/03/23 03:54:24
    you mean "pled", yes, I feel like he should've paid up too
  • Melian Nienor 2011/03/23 00:50:06 (edited)
    Not Really
    Melian Nienor
    Nothing surprises me anymore..
  • Shelby 2011/03/23 00:48:24
    Not Really
    why would i be? they seem to think they can get away with anything
  • creativ... Shelby 2011/03/23 03:54:55
    not true, Ja isn't really typical, even though he is urban
  • Shelby creativ... 2011/04/01 04:58:45
    oh i didn't mean of urban musicians i meant in general.

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