It's Been 35 Years Since Elvis Presley Died: Do You Miss the King of Rock and Roll?

The Big Question 2012/08/17 00:21:32
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  • Kary 2012/11/05 23:56:08
    I see him in my mind.
    Hes gorgeous.
  • 50 shad... Kary 2012/11/06 15:34:34
    50 shades of George.
    When I was a teenager, my best mate was the dead spit of him, needless to say I didn't stand a chance with the girls....but on the up side i could sing and take him off so it was not all bad lol x
  • Kary 50 shad... 2012/11/06 21:32:55
    Really!, sounds like fun, Elvis looks, Elvis voice.
    What more could the girls have asked for.
  • 50 shad... Kary 2012/11/07 12:51:46
    50 shades of George.
    lol...he looked like him...but could not sing a note lol xxx
  • ghostrider 2012/09/10 02:18:04
    Not any more ... but he was truly great in his heyday ... great talent ... a shame he couldn't "hack it".
  • JessDeCristo 2012/09/09 12:50:29 (edited)
  • 50 shades of George. 2012/08/28 12:54:36
    50 shades of George.
    I grew up with Elvis, Buddy Holly and the likes, i loved all there music, still get to hear it so I dont miss the music but as for the stars such as Elvis, on a personal note I dont think you can miss someone that is not involved directly in your life......I do miss my Mum though xxx
  • RS 2012/08/20 01:04:58
    I miss all great artists that have since moved on...Elvis, John Wayne, Sinatra. However, I do accept they are gone.
  • Cricket 2012/08/19 00:09:21
    My sister was a fan of his, which meant I was also! She was 9 years older...she was The Best!
  • Quazimoto 2012/08/18 19:48:15
    Life goes on.......
  • Leo 2012/08/18 18:43:23
    Never was a big fan. I mostly remember all the histeria after he died - very similar to the Michael Jackson craziness.
  • burningsnowman 2012/08/18 16:30:21 (edited)
    I love Elvis! I was born exactly 11 years after he died though.
  • Tin Man 2012/08/18 14:07:50 (edited)
    Tin Man
    But I still enjoy his music and some of his old movies, from time to time. enjoy music movies
  • DebraDeJonge 2012/08/18 13:35:06
    While I'm sorry that he passed away, I never was a big fan to begin with. I like some of his songs, but I'm in no way a 'fan'. Still, God rest his soul.
  • 2sly 2012/08/18 09:46:07
    I remember the day he died. I was driving a Big Rig Truck to Cali and were I was at I could only pick up AM on the radio, it was a station in Chicago when the anouncment came across the air waves that he died I was quite sad. I grew up with with Elvis's music and movies.
  • HillaryLover 2012/08/18 07:55:45
    Although I am foremost a fan of Frank Sinatra, he was ofa different music genre. Elvis was/is peerless as a rock and roll icon. He was/is indeed the King and, he was a better singer than his critics would admit to.
  • Raphy 2012/08/18 03:37:53
    Don't know him like that. His family should miss him.
  • Texas Gal 2012/08/18 01:02:15
    Texas Gal
    I still enjoy his music - and guess you could say I miss him. He was just another of many who had an addiction that led to an early death. I can see where that is so easy to happen in a profession like his. The long hours - take something to help you sleep, then take something to help you wake up - it becomes a vicious cycle - and then it doesn't help matters that the managers just do whatever it takes to keep them going -- not really concerned about their health. His passing away, at what to me was a very young age, was sad.
  • mikeeonly 2012/08/17 23:58:01
    he was one in a million
  • ttfndude 2012/08/17 23:38:26
    there was plenty more that he had left in the tank and I believe if he would have lived he would have been better handled in the coming years....especially the 80's
  • JaguarSocialist 2012/08/17 20:46:25
  • EDWARD G 2012/08/17 20:42:42
  • ed 2012/08/17 20:32:33
    I miss that era when he was doing movies and his live concerts even if I was not able to see him live in concert.
  • Centrist_Bill 2012/08/17 20:26:17
    Do I like his music?? YES. Do I like the man?? No. Why?? He was nothing more than a dope fiend that died due to it.
  • bluemoon 2012/08/17 20:10:29
    Yes we miss him,it was a great shock we were all at home looking at the tv,and then there was the breaking news....they told on tv that Elvis was dead,we loved him the whole family we play all his music at home,my father and mother they were from his age.they both gone now also1
  • Mikey 2012/08/17 20:01:57
    God, no. I think women like Elvis more or less because he's a sex symbol. I don't see the talent that justifies the hype.
  • Jack 2012/08/17 19:35:28
    Unsure. Elvis is probably my favourite singer, but looking at the way he was going, he might have ended up as a complete joke. At least he departed with some dignity left.
  • -(*PeacE4LovE*)- 2012/08/17 19:33:12 (edited)
    Respect for Elvis Presley abc

    " My Elder Brother , still Sing his songs in University Functions - Specially "HIS" song " In The Ghetto" ...<<<
  • Dawn Jacquelyn 2012/08/17 19:32:53
    Dawn Jacquelyn
    Yes, but I miss Michael Jackson more.
  • capoeirakid 2012/08/17 19:08:46 (edited)
    Big time. I'm a big Elvis fan. Yesterday, for the 35th anniversary of his death, Turner Classic Movies aired 24 hours of his movies on their TV channel. Unfortunately, I didn't catch any of them. I really wish I had, though. If I had remembered that it was August 16th, I would have. I wish I could have seen him in concert at least once. elvis
    elvis 2
  • Jen 2012/08/17 19:05:15
    Because his music & legacy live on!
  • capoeir... Jen 2012/08/17 19:15:31
    True. If it weren't true, I'd have no idea who we was. But I just wish I could have seen him in concert just once. But I was born 18 years too late for that.
  • Jen capoeir... 2012/08/18 18:51:34
    My grandmother had Elvis' autograph once upon a time. But she threw it away after she became a Christian.
  • capoeir... Jen 2012/08/22 17:54:40
    I don't understand. Did she feel he was a false idol? I don't get it because I'm a Christian and I love Elvis. And I could see why she wouldn't want to sell it, but she could have even given it away to an Elvis collector who would really appreciate it.
  • angel face 2012/08/17 18:53:45
    angel face
    But I miss Michael Jackson more
  • Jen angel face 2012/08/17 19:06:38
    ...as well I do miss Whitney Houston
  • Ayushee 2012/08/17 18:28:33 (edited)
    Very much,he is one of my fav artist of all time and one of my dream men........RIP...:( elvis elv presley pres
  • DebraDe... Ayushee 2012/08/18 13:36:26
    Now that's the Elvis I'd like to remember, not the Las Vegas, fat, doped up Elvis.
  • Ayushee DebraDe... 2012/08/18 19:01:19
    That's not fair.
  • capoeir... Ayushee 2012/08/22 17:56:52 (edited)
    Agreed. He always had the same kind soul. The one thing I didn't like about him when he was older was that he was not living a healthy lifestyle. He might have lived longer to put more beautiful music into this world.

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