Is there REALLY a Titanic 2 coming out where Jack is found and dethawed?????

Ashley Greene 2010/09/26 19:43:49
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  • myRockINtheStorm 2013/08/10 05:06:28
    The video you're referring to is on youtube and no it isn't real. The guy just compiled different scenes from other movies to make it look real. In fact he said in the description that it wasn't real, yet people never read the descriptions on the videos and as a result this thing has taken on a life of it's own. I think it would have made a good movie but I seem to be in the minority on this one.
  • emma myRockI... 2015/03/01 03:16:03
    That's not true because they made movie posters that sat titanic two jack is back on it and jack, frozen, sticking his head out of the water. I think they just realized it was dumb and pointless, plus it would ruin the ending of the first one and this had nothing to even do with the titanic
  • LeoFan! 2010/10/29 19:13:23
    uhm i dont think so i think its way older then that.
  • Shawna 2010/09/29 09:53:11
  • ++evanescence++ 2010/09/28 23:00:36
    hell i hope not. It would just ruin the emotion of the first film for me.
  • Anonymousforobvious 2010/09/28 18:55:48
    yeah there is, after jack gets dethawed, the ship comes back and goes after rose.
  • Ashley Greene 2010/09/27 04:13:01
    Ashley Greene
    Well I went on youtube and looked up the first movie and saw trailers for the sequeal. And then I googled it and got confused. Some say that it's ture and other say it's fake. So I just wanna know whats what
  • sam 2010/09/27 00:22:57
    ahhhh i hope so sorry if i am overreacting but i loved the first movie and if theres a second one coming out i would be thrilled, but they are most likley right it would be a bit late for a sequel
  • julia sam 2011/10/19 02:53:40 (edited)
    there is a part 2 of titanic i use to have it taped on my t.v but never seen it so i don't know if jack dawson comes back or not. i went on you tube an seen 2 different videos so i don't know if its true i hope is true about jack it wa sad when he died and how he died please some one that watch part two please tell me thank u. titanic jack dawson
  • magic_is_might BN-0 2010/09/26 22:45:33
  • xxXXDarkAngelXXxx 2010/09/26 20:27:11
    i doubt it. about, what, 10 years later they make a sequel? Ha. don't make me laugh.
  • Grim Mu... xxXXDar... 2010/09/26 23:02:50
    Grim Muscari
    actually about 13 years.
  • xxXXDar... Grim Mu... 2010/10/09 15:36:38
  • Grim Mu... xxXXDar... 2010/10/09 16:11:13
    Grim Muscari
    I'm pretty sure it came out in 1997
  • xxXXDar... Grim Mu... 2010/10/09 17:41:29
    oh, the year i was born:)

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