Is there enough transparency in this settlement agreement?

L.A. Times 2013/01/07 16:14:16
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  • Samantha Green 2013/01/10 13:24:21
    Samantha Green
    Just yes
  • pantagruella 2013/01/08 15:16:38
    I think so but there's more opacity. I used to love making OHP transparencies.
  • waterlady 2013/01/08 06:03:19
    I don't know what you are talking about.
  • libertybelle 2013/01/08 04:42:41
    Transparency? What's that..I think I remember what it means but I haven't seen any in so long I just can't remember. What is clear as cellophane to me is that we all get to pay higher taxes while Obama spends us into oblivion..with not spending cut in sight..and now Pelosi has made it clear that now they want even more in taxes..and want to repeal the 22nd amendment to give Obama a 2nd term and in the meantime..unconstitutionally use the 14th amendment so Obama can do whatever the doublehockeysticks he wants to do...now that is "transparent".
  • Doc Freeman BTO-T-TB~pwcmjla~ 2013/01/08 03:15:13
    Doc Freeman BTO-T-TB~pwcmjla~
    When it comes to Obama or his administration there has never been and never will be any transparency, since it would uncover all the wrong doings that have gone on like Fast and Furious, Libya, Border Patrolman Terry death, money given to the many Muslim countries, money given to Kenya, loans or grants given to Obama’s big donors, etc.
  • Patriot Unit 2013/01/07 18:56:03
    Patriot Unit
    Not at all, it fixed nothing. All it did was give Obama a that-a-boy. To bolster his Ego. Besides we should not be talking to the president about taxes, that is not his job. We should be holding that pick pocket running the Senate to account. And if the Republicans has an sense they would force the house to do its job also. And not give an inch on anything that raises taxes, as they should have done this time. And they should not give Obama a blank check on the debt. As far as I am concerned we might as well go over the cliff and work on the real things that are dragging this country to ruin. A very good start is to get rid of Harry the Reid, and his party of thieves who run the Senate.
  • Jackie 2013/01/07 17:43:02
    If you are talking about the fiscal cliff settlement.It is atrocious.
  • Kyle 2013/01/07 16:58:37
    no cause nobody has no clue what you are talking about

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