Is Taylor Swift a secret member of the Illuminati?

tncdel 2013/03/05 02:29:09
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  • Car1u5~PWCM~JLA 2013/03/05 20:39:50
    Comment as you wish.
  • Shifting Piece 2013/03/05 03:02:16
    Comment as you wish.
    Shifting Piece
    The Illuminati is not real.
  • tncdel Shiftin... 2013/03/05 03:06:59
    So JFK and Ike was just paranoid you think? DUH!

  • bimbo tncdel 2013/07/19 22:56:25
    Thanks for the video!
  • Swordfish 2013/03/05 02:57:54
    Comment as you wish.
    I'm sure she would be, if the Illuminati EXISTED!

    ohhh regular show
  • ur XLNC-PWCM 2013/03/05 02:46:40
    Comment as you wish.
    ur XLNC-PWCM
    I have no idea, but I do know that this gorgeous creature is very appealing as eye-candy alone. AND she sings. Is she a nice person?
  • tncdel ur XLNC... 2013/03/05 03:08:21
    Don't know. I heard a couple songs by her that were decent.
  • jflip 2013/03/05 02:39:31
    Comment as you wish.
    Everyone is in the Illuminati.
  • tncdel jflip 2013/03/05 03:09:03
    If you think it's a joke, then you need to extract your head from your butt.
  • jflip tncdel 2013/03/05 03:17:21
    No, it is a joke. If the Illuminati carries such power as many claim it does, the only sensible action would be to join. The Illuminati is empowered by human pessimism, and possesses no more harm than your rather unnecessary question on the matter.
  • tncdel jflip 2013/03/05 03:51:45
    If this is your alternative solution to facing reality, who am I to criticize, right?

    head up ass
  • jflip tncdel 2013/03/05 06:55:00
    Alternative? Your solution to reality is the awareness of an existence that isn't even aware of you. I'd rather have my head in my ass, than where ever you are putting yours. Well... life isn't logic for some people, some people just wish to force their empty and base delusions of the world upon others. Also, unlike you, I don't need media to express another's lack of intelligence on a matter.
  • ur XLNC... tncdel 2013/03/06 02:10:41
    ur XLNC-PWCM
    He's 18 and evidently one of the recent products of our dying educational system.
  • ur XLNC... tncdel 2013/03/06 02:09:38
    ur XLNC-PWCM
    One thing that has bothered me, for quite some time now, is WHO is actually running things in the groups like the Illuminati. I have a difficult time believing that the effort is multi-generational. I can believe the fervor and dedication can be handed down 1 or 2 generations.....but not for the number of generations necessary to pull it off. That leaves me with one other possibility and that is that those at the top of this heap LIVE very long lives. The Sumerian's have an interesting story on long-lived people!
  • Green is a color 2013/03/05 02:36:36
    Comment as you wish.
    Green is a color
    Yes. Everyone is!
  • tncdel Green i... 2013/03/05 02:38:27
    Not I.

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