Is slipknot satanic???

TeMpEr MeNtAl SuiCiDe. 2008/02/12 00:33:22
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  • Aries 2014/03/28 07:13:35
  • Joseph Wilson 2013/01/14 19:15:37
  • AndreAngel12 2013/01/05 00:00:42
  • maysh 666 2012/02/06 08:19:14
    maysh 666
    im a massive Slipknot fan...i believe them to be satanists...but Anton LeVay satanists.
  • maysh 666 maysh 666 2012/02/06 08:22:26
    maysh 666
    True satanists never admit that they are satanists to outsiders..
  • disposa... maysh 666 2014/02/28 12:57:57
    disposable teen
    No there is no "true satanist" theres just theistic and atheistic. And one of the satanic laws is that if some one asks then you say you are. But not to go out and say it without there consent.
  • Marcio Filipe 2011/04/14 16:31:19
    Marcio Filipe
    even if they are satanic. they are awesome. SATANIS is just a way for catholics reforce their faith <.<
  • Ian Moone 2011/03/05 00:35:31 (edited)
    Ian Moone
    no theyre not!!!!!!! my mother says they are satanic along with my sister after they saw their new album "all hope is gone", my mother says that 9 pointed star is a satanic symbol and my sister looks at their masks the wrong way. my mother says jone's mask is like "hellraiser's" and jordison's mask is a mcokery of christ's image....I HONESTLY DONT CARE!!!!!! SLIPKNOT IS AN AMZIN BAND AND PEOPLE GOT TO STOP PERSECUTIN EM AND ACCEPT THEM INTO THE WORLD BECAUSE THEY AINT LEAVIN!!!! THEY ARE DETERMINED!!!! besides in a one-on-one interview, Joey said they aren't satnic so all yall overreactive people who sayin yes they are satnic, SUCK IT!!!
  • david 2009/11/15 23:46:33
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  • Jess 2009/10/16 12:04:47
    This is just stupid, even if they are satanic, does it matter? there musics fucking awesome and that's all that matters.
  • Scott Prian 2009/09/29 21:49:45
    Scott Prian
    LOL satanic. haha il show you some epic black metal if you wanna hear some real satanic music.

    Fun Fact: satanists are against hurting animals and child abuse, they are often mistaken to believers in Satan and warship him.
  • dylan the juggalo 2009/07/16 23:38:09
    dylan the juggalo
    slipknot is not satanic there nuts tho
  • yacobie 2009/06/10 09:45:36
    no they arent
    and the deal with the whole if your 555 then im 666 is to do with non conforming and not going with the mainstream cos a heeretic in old days was a non christian in a christian society i think so the heretic anthem is just a song to unite all the heretics and ppl who trun against the mainstream
    so yeah they arent satanic :)
    besdies about there masks they are all based off other things
  • Cinder 2009/06/09 17:55:23
    Noooo! But I dont like the mask that has the long nose. It scares me =*(
  • Lacey Smile 2009/06/03 02:08:25
    Lacey Smile
    um...Well that's a great question -_-'
  • Daxxanna 2009/05/02 15:03:42
    NO! Slipknot is really good and they are amazing!! slipknot
  • zoemcrlover 2008/08/14 20:23:45
  • Robertswifey 2008/06/01 05:39:35
    I don't know very much about them, but my husband is a H U G E fan and he swears they aren't, and I believe him :)
  • Kevin92091 2008/05/25 05:36:33
    hell no there not. there symbol isn't satanic (if your a ancient history buff, like me, you'll know it's an ancient druidic symbol). there music isn't satanic. there masks aren't. there are creepy though.
  • ŋąŧђąŋ 2008/04/08 06:38:00
    When they put on the masks, they become a "less human" type of band. They base their music on lesser humane things but are in no way satanic. August 2008 NEW SLIPKNOT :)
  • ChickenNoodleSoup 2008/04/08 05:39:16
    Dont we all have our own satan inside of us...lol
    sexy demon angel

    they're just a group of crazy people.............I've heard they said Ozzy Osbourne is satan worshipper cause he drank blood during his concert. Damn those people.............it was a cranberry juice!!!
  • Ian Moone Chicken... 2011/03/05 00:37:25
    Ian Moone
    omg youre like.....a dark angel....lol you speak what i think them people got to get a grip!
  • Soms Cougli 2008/04/08 04:37:34
    Soms Cougli
    Nahh!! They're heaps good!

    Peace x
  • Lyssa 2008/04/08 04:06:21
    They're musicians. They make music. The end.
  • Dani 2008/04/07 22:00:51
    It's a yes and no situation. They project a satanic image, but they themselves are not satanic. And the image is not so much about satan as it is about trying to embody the very spirit of the music they play if that makes any sense to you. :)
  • Mollybdamned American Atheist 2008/04/06 21:44:44
    Mollybdamned American Atheist
    No, they are nuts.
  • Rose(The Threat Is Real) 2008/04/06 06:28:16
    Rose(The Threat Is Real)
    their lyrics have meaning and some are just sic and thats how i like it
  • LoXx 2008/03/11 03:33:47
    Only a real idiot would be ignorant enough not to understand the difference between real Satanists and gimmicks that just appeal to people with darker personalities.
  • ►Cesar◄ 2008/02/14 03:14:17
    Nobody know unless you havew asked them

    so who knows
  • Rose(Th... ►Cesar◄ 2008/04/06 21:43:12
    Rose(The Threat Is Real)
    good point no one knows the intentions of others, unless your psychic o.O
  • ►Cesar◄ Rose(Th... 2008/04/07 21:44:42
    Plus even if they are satanic and you listen to them
    if you really have god on your heart you will not turn to satanism
  • Rose(Th... ►Cesar◄ 2008/04/08 03:14:12
    Rose(The Threat Is Real)
    yeah thats true
  • ►Cesar◄ Rose(Th... 2008/04/08 04:01:41
    and he is in mine
  • blueautumn 2008/02/12 22:38:59
    They're not satanic but im not sure that they're very religious at all.. the whole "if you're 555 im 666" thing!! but no.... i don't think that they're satanic at all!!
  • Cassie 2008/02/12 02:03:44
    Haha! They're just crazy..
  • Katy 2008/02/12 01:10:14
    I don't think their satanic. They just have dark music, I imagine its because they like that kind of music.
  • TeMpEr ... Katy 2008/02/12 01:13:33
    TeMpEr MeNtAl SuiCiDe.
    im glad they write the dark music....
    Becouse for some reason it makes me feal better,even though it probably shouldnt.
  • Katy TeMpEr ... 2008/02/12 01:36:49
    Yeah, I'm the same with sorta dark music.
  • TeMpEr ... Katy 2008/02/12 01:38:55
    TeMpEr MeNtAl SuiCiDe.
    finally someone like me,im the person every one screws with so,the dark music helps me release my anger on my guitar,and the lyrics i write.
  • Katy TeMpEr ... 2008/02/12 02:02:35
    Yeah, I get what you mean. I don't play guitar, but I can see how it would be cathartic.

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