Is Ron Paul right when he portrays the U.S. as a country with “no loot left to divvy up”?

L.A. Times 2012/11/15 21:54:00
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Libertarian icon and three-time presidential hopeful Ron Paul delivered his final address on the House floor Wednesday, admitting that while he sees little progress in favor of his defined cause of freedom, he sees a chance the tide can turn as he steps away from Congress.

Paul painted a portrait of a country with “no loot left to divvy up,” approaching a fiscal cliff “much bigger” than the one looming Jan. 1 and impending authoritarianism. Doom accompanied gloom in spades, with Paul’s frustration with his inability to stem what he sees as the constriction of freedom evident as he spoke.

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  • Civic Minded 2012/11/17 05:53:29
    Civic Minded
    All those who want to "stick it to the rich" need to understand that there is not enough money that can be confiscated to satisfy the irresponsible overspending being done by a congress and president that keep raising the spending authorization without any budget and think that printing more money will bail us out. We are witnessing the destruction of our constitution and our liberty. Class warfare is simply a means to divide and conquer. Wake up!!!

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  • Studied 2012/11/28 01:45:28
    He hit the nail on the head.
  • gimini210 2012/11/21 19:24:21
    16+ trillion alone should tell Americans we can not afford 2.3 trillion welfare programs, along with 2.5 trillion needed to run the federal government, and this is before they add on the cost of Obamacare and all its employees and agencies, not to mention the new federally paid for army they are building that is said to do what the National Guard does. So when do we wake up? After congress sinks us 2.5 trillion deeper in debt? You could tax the rich 100% of their income and we still would not have enough to pay our debts and make our nations yearly bills. We have the government planning on shelling out billions on green energy, you remember green energy? The ones who keep going bankrupt on our dime, more money to the FHA for more bad loans to people who can't pay them and already had one or more foreclosures. All the perks for federal employees and the unions, just when do we who have to foot the bill for entitlements and BS put our foot down and protest for real? Just how would the government function if we all said we would not work any more to end up giving our money away on failed government programs?
  • flrdsgns 2012/11/20 15:30:42
    No, Ron Paul has joined Donald Trump in the land of the loons...
  • Pat 2012/11/19 23:24:01
    Plenty of fatcats yet for Obama & company to loot!

    We're all in this together, & the unemployed & welfare rolls are rising daily.
  • Leslie Goudy 2012/11/19 22:40:04
    Leslie Goudy
    Until we have a truly free market again without Karl Marx's Fist holding Adam Smith's invisble hand we will have no new markets and looming hyperinflation that the Keynesians refuse to face
  • Paige 2012/11/19 21:59:34
    The middle class is about gone and have turned into working poor.
  • Mr.Reasonable 2012/11/19 21:17:14
    Ron Paul has been right all along. History already shows this, yet he was completely ignored, AGAIN.. Ask yourself, how could this be.. Then do some searching for answers on youtube, and you will have some exposure to the truth.
  • Gregaj7 2012/11/19 21:09:19
    Except human chattle.
  • john.newell.771 2012/11/19 20:50:56
    Get it in gold or silver. Our currency is going the way of one of Obama's buddies in Zimbabwe:
    gold silver currency obamas buddies zimbabwe
  • Prophet 2012/11/19 18:04:13
    One thing I do not understand here on SodaHead. Most here appear to be more conservative in their ideas and comments are reflecting this. So how did Obummer get elected?
  • jscotece Prophet 2012/11/19 18:59:52
    e didn't ,it is being reviewed as fraud but as all things obamanation nothing will come of it ,he has the Bilderbergs behind him .You could as well ask how an ILLEGAL traitor is still in office and the leader of ourcountry. I say HE IS NOT MY PRESIDENT!
  • Prophet jscotece 2012/11/20 05:49:47
    Thank you!
  • EvilMonkey 2012/11/19 17:28:15
    The government doesn't have more loot to divy up. The private holdings of the American people run into the hundreds of trillions of dollars of property and resources. The Federal Government hold trillions in hard assets as well. Much of what the US government holds should be liquidated as it is unconstitutional for it to hold property beyond the needs of military bases and administrative buildings. Only about 6.5 trillion of our debt is owed someone other than the Federal Government itself. Almost 9.5 trillion is owed to itself ie. The Social Security Trust Fund. In reallity the Fed. Gov. could forgive itself most of its debt to itself.
  • DizziNY EvilMonkey 2012/11/19 22:58:21
    Ah em, have you ever heard of a private bank called The Federal Reserve?
  • ol_crank_arm 2012/11/19 17:09:09
    In FACT ... there is no 'loot' at all. Banknote Plantation Scrip is worthless. The Labor Department published a chart not long ago, showing that the American banknote has depreciated to 7 cents of its 1912 real value (ten grams of copper). It also mentioned that all OTHER banknotes in the world have declined as much or MORE! THE ENTIRE WORLD'S MONETARY SCHEME IS A GIGANTIC CON GAME TO STEAL EVERYONE'S LABOR.
  • Sister Jean 2012/11/19 16:06:33
    Sister Jean
    cept for millionaire and billionaires
  • doomsqu... Sister ... 2012/11/19 16:08:26
    glad you haven't been chased away
  • Sister ... doomsqu... 2012/11/19 16:09:34
  • EvilMonkey Sister ... 2012/11/19 17:33:49
    As a percentage of wealth, not income, do you know who was hurt the worst in this recession? Those millionaires and billionaires. People who risk much, either gain or lose much.
  • Sister ... EvilMonkey 2012/11/19 17:34:54
    Sister Jean
    but they can still install elevators for their cars
  • EvilMonkey Sister ... 2012/11/21 16:16:07
    Bet somebody got paid to build it, someone else to install it. How many jobs are created by the poor.
  • doomsquirrel 2012/11/19 16:03:40
  • doomsqu... doomsqu... 2012/11/19 16:16:56 (edited)
  • chucky 2012/11/19 15:53:02
    I think the only way Obama can spread the wealth is to tax more and more.
  • 00P 2012/11/19 13:09:28
    And he is also a selfish man! Ron Paul knew our country was at a breaking point, yet he would not tell his supporters after losing to vote for Mitt Romney if anything we could have had this health care repealed....I will never forgive him for that!!!!!
    Typical politician in it for themselves and not for the good of the people!!!!
  • dickjones 00P 2012/11/19 13:31:24
    I agree. He could have helped defeat Obama. That is if there wasn't too much voter fraud.
  • 00P dickjones 2012/11/19 13:42:01
    True....did you see this hearing?
    It's an eye opener for sure.
  • dickjones 00P 2012/11/19 13:57:16
    Yes it is an eye opener for sure. I don't trust any kind of electronic voting. When I voted it was a paper ballot. I hear some people were allowed to vote by email! I sure hope that is not true. That is a risky path to go down.
  • EvilMonkey dickjones 2012/11/19 17:37:12
    I vote absentee so I at least have a physical ballot thats harder to destroy than computer data.
  • DizziNY 00P 2012/11/19 22:59:14 (edited)
    If you embed it, it's easier for people to see :)

  • motownk... 00P 2012/11/19 17:02:25
    You hit the nail on the head when it comes to Ron Paul and the rest of the GOP! The GOP are only out for themselves and their rich cronies.
  • Næthan ... motownk... 2012/11/19 20:36:59
    Næthan Æterna
    Ron Paul isn't GOP, just so you know.
  • EvilMonkey Næthan ... 2012/11/21 16:25:10
    Ron Paul is in the GOP. Has been in the GOP since before I was born.
  • Næthan ... EvilMonkey 2012/11/21 17:28:52
    Næthan Æterna
    He runs with the GOP, but he is a strict Constitutionalist/Libertarian Party. In order to continue to be re-elected, he has to play part of the broken left/right paradigm.
  • motownk... Næthan ... 2012/11/21 18:46:06
    What part of fantasy land are you living in?
  • Næthan ... motownk... 2012/11/21 19:01:54 (edited)
    Næthan Æterna
    What's that supposed to mean? Everything I said above is absolutely true. Don't believe me? look it up.
  • jimrthy... 00P 2012/11/19 19:13:22
    jimrthy BN-0
    Mittens and his followers dumped all over us during the primaries. They demonstrated very plainly that they didn't want our votes. Most of us would not have voted for him even if Dr. Paul had sold out his beliefs and asked us to.

    If republicans had been truly interested in replacing Obama, they should have nominated someone who was significantly different.
  • Næthan ... 00P 2012/11/19 20:34:55
    Næthan Æterna
    It was a game of Partisan Politics and Mitt Romney lost. Don't blame anyone else because of it, the GOP nominated one of the weakest "moderates" they possibly could have. Ron Paul is not GOP, he is Libertarian/Constitutionalist and nothing, I repeat nothing would have been better for America if the GOP and the Liberals weren't playing party politics.

    You really should be blaming the broke-ass two party system for failing, not Ron Paul.
  • T Bevan 2012/11/19 12:23:49 (edited)
    T Bevan
    Most all the moochers have taken it all....

    hog at the trough

    fat at walmart fat at walmart
  • Margaret Jacobson 2012/11/19 10:02:40
    Margaret Jacobson
    The only money I know of now days is take all the people's food stamps , rental assistance, energy assistance ,free cell phones.....keep all that money (don't pay that money out). Then after about 2 years ....a lot less debt??
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