Is rock dead?

johnnybennett1 2012/01/06 22:52:04
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No. “Johnny Bennett is a talented singer songwriter, and 'Gone Missing' is a
superbly cool record that, in a perfect world, should see responsible grownups
making it the soundtrack to their late summer evenings on the patio, whilst
having interesting conversations about Johnny being a more organic version of Beck,
or a modern day mixture of the best of Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Paul Weller:
unfortunately this isn't always the case, and as such Johnny Bennett has
struggled to find a record company to distribute the album, which would have
been our loss completely. Fortunately for the world, Johnny has recently signed
a new deal that will see this album re-released in conjunction with his debut,
'Violet Hush'. If you want to enjoy and support real talent, seek this man out
- your life will be better for it.” Jamie Richards - UBER ROCK

Read More: http://itunes.apple.com/au/album/blurred-lines/id4...

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