Is Rihanna a Real Artist?

Fergie 2012/08/29 19:00:00
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British post-punk band The Vaccines made headlines recently when guitarist Freddie Cowan claimed Rihanna isn't a real artist. His argument, as stated to Digital Spy, was "she has 15 writers, 15 songwriters and 15 producers all fighting for space on her albums and she's the face of it."

This sounds like the classic debate about whether pop artists have any credibility if they don't write their own songs, but what do you think? Do you consider Rihanna an artist?

NME.COM reports:
The Vaccines have hit out at Rihanna for failing to write her own music.
nme reports guitarist freddie cowan raps coldplay band earth

Read More: http://www.nme.com/news/the-vaccines/65790

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  • meshell meshell 2012/08/30 22:48:54
    All these women are attractive, all have gorgeous bodys. they can all sing, But If pictures and videoclips didnt come out with them showing some titty or what they had for breakfast I doubt they would be where they are now..For the female singers, The sex side of it sells.
    Ke$ha nnn
    Avril 24rf
    Kylie 35yju87
    Brittany etj u
    Gaga eyth ty
    Pussycat Dolls rghh
    Katie erth6b7u
  • Lucy Pannell 2012/08/30 21:56:24
    No, because...
    Lucy Pannell
    an artist creates... she entertains...
  • Sperry23 2012/08/30 21:55:15
    Yes, because...
    Yes, she is. Just not a very good one IMHO.
  • BloodyWounds 2012/08/30 21:49:13 (edited)
    No, because...
    She's a terrible artist that brainwashes kids today. Bring the Metal to the children!!!! \m/
  • Shadow_Wolf 2012/08/30 21:47:35
    Yes, because...
    She creates something and many people enjoy it
  • meshell Shadow_... 2012/08/30 21:58:42
    No others create it for her she just gets up sings n struts her stuff.
  • Shadow_... meshell 2012/08/31 23:15:02
    She creates the sound, lots of famous singer haven't or don't write they're song. Look up a list you'd be surprised. To me you just generally seem like a hater.
  • meshell Shadow_... 2012/09/01 00:21:21
    NO no not a hater. just pointing out the obvious. Have you heard her without music, just her. look up Take a Bow, Riri sings it with no music. I've heard better singers in public shower blocks. You take the music and backup sounds and vocals, from most of them and you'll be suprised at how many really cant sing that well. I bid you a good day
  • Shadow_... meshell 2012/09/02 02:42:06
  • meshell Shadow_... 2012/09/02 12:53:17
    wow well thought up reply, Done Well.
  • Shadow_... meshell 2012/09/03 03:29:57
    You said you were done. No reason for me to pursue a conversation with you any further you.
  • meshell Shadow_... 2012/09/03 03:36:23
    i said i bit you a good day, now in America im assuming you speak english. How does that translate to I am done.
  • Shadow_... meshell 2012/09/03 03:43:09
    GOOD DAY is something they would say in the UK as goodbye. Goodbye means just that goodbye, when you say goodbye you no longer wish to speak or are leaving. TRANSLATION YOU'RE DONE HERE YOU ARE GOING SOMEWHERE ELSE
  • meshell Shadow_... 2012/09/03 08:45:54
    WELL I'M NOT IN THE UK. I said i bid you a good day, that didnt mean I'm off never to return.
  • Shadow_... meshell 2012/09/03 23:43:15
    IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU'RE IN THE UK. Traditional in any English language bidding someone a good day is GOOD BYE. Go now and look up I bid you a good day. YOU'LL BE SURPRISED TO FIND OUT IT MEANS GOODBYE
  • meshell Shadow_... 2012/09/04 01:16:32
    You have attitude don't you.
  • Shadow_... meshell 2012/09/04 10:32:11
    Yeah towards people who are too stupid to listen.
  • meshell Shadow_... 2012/09/04 11:16:48
    hey you keep biting, so i'll play along.
  • Shadow_... meshell 2012/09/04 23:42:04 (edited)
  • meshell Shadow_... 2012/09/04 23:49:34
    If i wanted to be a troll I would be, there is no wanna be, but not with me sunshine. Cross my bridge sugar and i will go all troll on your arse. If your not liking the responses , dont reply. It isnt NECESSARY to have the last say.Pfffft what am i talking about. your American, you need the last say dont you. lol
  • Shadow_... meshell 2012/09/05 01:33:19 (edited)
    Trust me I'm not you average American. Most of the people of my country disgust me. I'm off to Canada when I get the chance. Maybe even Russia, I'll live in the wilderness. I do however reply because it's respectful (ftw on the internet). I'm not done with a conversation until were both done or the other gives.
  • meshell Shadow_... 2012/09/05 02:02:02
    well my friend, best we start being civil if this convo is going to continue. For starters thank you for replying if it is because its the respectful thing to do. :)
    I feel the same about here but Im not about to leave this beautiful land. I have always set myself apart from others, not because i feel i'm better, or lesser than them. but because i dont understand people I grew up wondering why people couldnt see the things i saw, if they could they sure as hell wouldnt be the arses they were. There are 3 main things of concistancy in my life. My love for this planet and the animals, my love for my family, and my dislike of society.. one on one generally, most people are bloody good people, but as a whole we are the scurge of the earth. Now to get the issue out of the way, I dont like Riri as a rolemodel or a singer. But thats my opinion, many love her.. Im old school in my music, and my morals so anyone strutting their stuff in not much of anything really doesnt appeal in any way to me. Madonna, Brittany, Beyonce, Katie P, Kylie Monogue(cant stand her). If your music is good enough to sell why lower yourself to the trashy standard of Gaga and others.(dont mine Gaga's vioce though). I do hope this convo can change courses. You really dont strike me as a typical douchbag. :)
  • Shadow_... meshell 2012/09/05 18:13:46
    Yeah see I don't listen to Rihana often (only time is when other people are), however I'll say that her music sucks sometimes, but I can't say that someone has a bad taste in music for listening to her and I can't call her a terrible artist just because she's not for me. Everyone's style is different, so what I will say to them is that I don't like the artist or group and I might say they suck, but I won't tell you to stop listening. My life is for the planet just as you sort of said. As for the people, if they can't be moved or changed by my words, hopefully they'll change once they see the damages that have been (sadly the never do till it's too late). So I just say screw 'em, bur we'll all have to deal with the problems they cause sooner or later.
  • meshell Shadow_... 2012/09/05 22:28:50
    even when it is too late, people still don't listen. Someone always knows better. The ancestors would be pissed. I worked out yesterday while convesing with another that we are called decendants for a reason, DECENDant The further down the generations go, the lower we get. LOL. We will eventually destroy ourselves. If good old Mother doesn't do it for us. A lot of natural disasters happening of late. Mother Nature culling. LOL
  • Shadow_... meshell 2012/09/05 23:15:08
    Awh that Decendant joke is soo true
  • meshell Shadow_... 2012/09/05 23:18:21
    Thanks, Its not a joke though, lol Its true,
  • Beatlefish 2012/08/30 21:27:38
    No, because...
    Freddie has it summed up pretty good.
  • Aspect of B 2012/08/30 21:08:33
    No, because...
    Aspect of B


    A person who produces paintings or drawings as a profession or hobby.
    A person who practices any of the various creative arts, such as a sculptor, novelist, poet, or filmmaker.

    Rihanna does none of these things and is, ergo, not an artist.
  • Shadow_... Aspect ... 2012/08/30 21:48:12
    Not that type of artist -___________-
  • TessHM Shadow_... 2012/08/31 11:54:00
    Those are the only types of artists.
  • Shadow_... TessHM 2012/08/31 23:16:19 (edited)
  • TessHM Shadow_... 2012/09/01 01:21:10
    Yes, musical artists.
    She'd probably be an artist if she could actually sing.
  • Aspect ... Shadow_... 2012/08/31 16:17:43
    Aspect of B
    Tell me about the other type.
  • Shadow_... Aspect ... 2012/08/31 23:17:26 (edited)
    Same goes to you ^^^2
  • TessHM Shadow_... 2012/09/01 01:21:45
    Are you even trying to make sense at this point?
  • Shadow_... TessHM 2012/09/02 02:43:53
    Same goes to him because he asked the same question as you. The other type is musical artist. Are you actually paying attention?
  • Aspect ... Shadow_... 2012/09/02 19:18:58
    Aspect of B
    4. a person who works in one of the performing arts, as an actor, musician, or singer; a public performer: a mime artist; an artist of the dance.

    Is that perhaps what you meant?

    Because she doesn't do those things either.
  • Shadow_... Aspect ... 2012/09/03 03:34:04
  • Aspect ... Shadow_... 2012/09/06 02:38:02
    Aspect of B
    Actually, this 'fourth' definition, which I found in a completely different source, is, in fact, newer. One thing I don't consider myself to be an expert in is etymology, though if you were to research that particular usage of the word, I think you'll find it came to become popular around the time of the latter half of the 20th century. Meaning that the reason people are able to call Rihanna an 'artist' even though she creates no art is exactly because of people calling Rihanna an artist, ie, it's essentially a moot point.

    Look, if you want to talk about an individual's talents, that's fine. I'm empathetic of varying opinions, including your own. I have no problem with you disagreeing with me; it's presumptuous to think that I am correct in something as baseless as whether one can be truly considered better or worse at something than somebody--anybody--else. But if you want to throw a tantrum about words, I'd suggest you don't do it with me.
  • Shadow_... Aspect ... 2012/09/06 04:51:16
    Well maybe if you weren't such a prick about words to begin with there wouldn't be a problem. You should obviously know the modern use of the word artist if you have or even use a computer. Actually a television for that matter.

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